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Best Mattress for Back Pain – Top 10 Recommended Pain Relief

by | Aug 15, 2017 | 0 comments

There are many reasons of back pain, the most common of which is a wrong mattress. A low quality mattress can lead to a serious back pain. According to a recent study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation that 92 percent of people say a comfortable mattress is very important to a good night’s sleep.

However, there is only ONE problem. Finding a good mattress for back pain isn’t an easy job.

That’s why we’ve reviewed some of the market leading mattress brands to help people with back pain. Read our updated unbiased mattress reviews and buying guide to buy the best mattress for any back pain( upper,middle and lower back pain).

Best Mattresses for Back Pain 2017

Mattress NameBest for Reveiw

Nectar Sleep
Recommended Mattress for Back PainRead Detailed Review

Tuft & Needle
Best Mattress for Bad BacksRead Detailed Review

Cloud Elegance Gel-pro
Soft Mattress For Back PainRead Detailed Review

Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress
Latex Mattress For Back PainRead Detailed Review

Casper Sleep
Foam Mattress For Back PainRead Detailed Review

Best for Stomach Sleeper With Lower Back PainRead Detailed Review

Best For Side Sleepers With Back PainRead Detailed Review

Saatva Mattress
Best Innerspring Mattress for Back PainRead Detailed Review

How To Choose The Best Mattress For Bad Backs?

We all have a morning routine. Whether that´s hitting the snooze button for those precious few extra minutes in bed or breathing in the rich, wholesome scent of fresh coffee. It´s the little things that make mornings special. As we get older, it´s common to experience unwelcome aches in the morning, but it´s a myth that this is just part of life.

Back pain doesn´t have to be an accepted norm and there are many techniques to fight against it. Yoga, or acupuncture, have a proven track record in alleviating back pain as well as simpler methods like adopting good posture. The easiest way to treat a bad back is by sleeping right.

We spend roughly a third of our lives asleep. Having the right mattress, sleeping position and support is the first step towards sleeping better. It can even help to reduce, or completely alleviate, back pain. Just like we all have our own morning routines, we also have our own way of sleeping. That means there´s no one-size fits all approach to finding your perfect mattress.

Mattresses come in all shapes and sizes so the first thing is to do is learn the key features of each type.

Firm Vs. Soft:

When you enter the overwhelming world of a mattress showroom, the first question you´ll be asked is firm or soft. The popular myth is that if you have a bad back you need a firm mattress. The spine is naturally curved so the ideal mattress is one that helps preserve that curve. A mattress that is too firm will create pressure points. These are uncomfortable and will contribute to a bad back. Equally a mattress that is too soft will make your spine over-compensate causing muscular pain. The right support will depend on your weight as well as your sleeping position.

Flipping And Rotating:

Well used mattresses will start to show signs of wear and tear. The areas that provide most support will gradually dim. To lengthen the life span of a mattress you should rotate it or flip it once every 6 months. This means you´ll be sleeping on different areas of the mattress so you get the maximum level of support. The area that supports your lower back, for example, will be worn out quicker than the area that supports your legs. Not all mattresses need to be flipped and you may see some that are designed to deal with the rigors of long-term usage without flipping.


A mattress might seem like a hefty outlay but they´re designed to last between 10 and 20 years. The longest lasting mattresses are still the classic spring mattresses. As I mentioned above, your bed will become less effective in combating back pain over time. This is a result of general wear and tear which is particularly common on spring mattresses. Memory foam, or air-filled, mattresses may not last as long, but an old memory foam mattress will be better for your back than an old spring mattress.


Developed by NASA latex mattresses tend to be a little more expensive. For that you get one of the most comfortable night´s sleep money can buy. Latex naturally spreads support across the whole body meaning you get a firmer surface to sleep on. Similar to memory foam, a latex mattress will also adjust to your favored sleeping position.

Memory foam

These are the mattresses for the modern age. The memory foam mattress not only feels comfortable, it also conforms to your body shape, sleep position and sleeping habits. Changing your sleeping position is a difficult thing to do. Even if you do manage to fall asleep, you´ll likely revert to type when unconscious. A mattress that adapts to you will provide support in all the right places. A study carried out in 2008  found that foam mattresses, alongside waterbeds helped with back pain whilst providing a comfortable night´s sleep.

What Causes Back Pain?

Given that 8 out of 10 Americans suffer from back pain at some point in their lives it´s difficult to find a single root cause. Insufficient sleep is a common one, alongside sudden exercise. Smokers are more likely to suffer from back pain and saggy mattresses are another potential cause. In some cases back pain can be attributed to genetics. In fact, almost any type of activity, including sleeping, can cause back pain eventually.

The truth is, you will likely experience back-pain at some point. Visiting your doctor can help to isolate causes but consult your mattress first. A mattress with as little as one spring out of place can reduce support significantly. Sleeping constantly with your spine out of alignment will make your muscles work harder than they should. In the morning, the effects of this are lower back, or neck pains.

A good mattress lets your muscles take the night off. They provide good support to your shoulders and lower back, helping to keep your spine in alignment. Of course, in some cases an awkward sleeping position will be a contributor to back pain. If your sleeping position is unorthodox, it pays to invest in a good quality memory foam mattress. Most of which are available with 100 free night trials to help you decide if it works or not.

How A Good Mattress Can Relieve Your Back Pain?

The primary benefit of a good mattress is the most obvious one, a good night´s sleep. Sleep physician Dr Neile Kline tells us that a bad mattress can “negatively affect sleep”. A poor quality of sleep has a severe impact on our ability to function properly. Not least of these is the issue of back pain.

Bad sleep not only causes back pain, but also makes us feel it more. A poor quality mattress will lead to tossing and turning during the night as you struggle to find the correct position.

Given that you´re unconscious, it becomes impossible to find a sleeping posture conducive to a healthy back. As a rule of thumb, a well-rested person is less likely to feel the negative effects of muscular fatigue.

The right mattress can be a miracle cure for back pain. Softer mattresses, although comfortable in the showroom, won´t help your body to maintain a natural alignment. A study carried out in 2008 tested 28 females and 29 males who suffered from back pain. During the first 28 days of the study they slept on their own beds. After that, they switched to a memory foam, or increased support mattress. Patients reported reduced stress is the second 28 day period. They also reported significantly less back pain during this period.

A good bed then has a two-fold effect. The first is to improve the quality of your sleep. This makes you less stressed, and less likely to feel muscular aches. The second directly fights against back pain by providing support. This support helps to keep your spine aligned during the night, meaning your muscles won´t have to do any extra work. You could even find that the right mattress can encourage a good posture during waking hours.

Which Mattresses are The Best For Back Problems?

The myth is that firmer mattresses are better for reducing back pain. This led to traditional manufacturers increasing the number of coils in their mattresses to help provide that extra support. Recent studies, have found that actually medium-firm mattresses are more effective in reducing back pain. The newer foam and latex mattresses don´t operate on the same principle that firmer is better.

The advent of memory foam and latex mattresses has been hailed as a savior for those who suffer from lower back pain. Numerous studies indicate that this is the case, with clinical trials showing those with chronic back pain felt it reduce. The principle is a simple one. Memory foam is made from a single piece. This means the surface tension remains the same, unlike with coil mattresses where one loose spring spoils the bunch. A strong surface tension provides support throughout the lifespan of the mattress resulting in a happier back. If you are a heavy people and experiencing lower back pain,try this mattress specially designed for heavy people.

The main rivals to the memory foam, and latex, mattresses is the air-filled mattress. These products are no-longer strictly reserved for camping trips. Sleep Number mattresses use air filled pockets that can be adjusted to suit the sleeper´s firmness requirements. Because they are filled with air, the support won´t fade over time. Theoretically, this means that ten years into your air-filled mattress you´ll still get the same amount of support as on the first day.

The traditional orthopedic has lasted for so long for a reason. In spite of modern technologies creating materials that have changed the face of the mattress industry, the old cotton spring mattress still holds firm. The orthopedic variety, which has more springs than a regular mattress, is designed to provide better support to your spine during sleep.

Memory foam, latex and air-filled mattresses all have a lot of scientific evidence to support their claims of improved back health, but the orthopedic mattress has a trump card. Unlike modern materials, spring mattresses aerate well. This can lead to a better night´s sleep. Your body is less able to regulate its temperature during sleep. This means you may wake during the night feeling hot, or sweaty. Memory foam tends to retain heat whereas spring mattresses help to cool your body. If you´re a sweaty sleeper, you´ll want to avoid the denser materials like latex and memory foam.

Which Type Of Mattress Is Best To Relieve Back Pain During Pregnancy?

In the later stages of pregnancy standing upright can be a real pain. With hormones flying around the last thing you need is a mattress that makes your back pain even worse. During pregnancy you´re carrying extra weight which means it may be worth trading your old mattress for something a little firmer. Memory foam is able to adapt to the contours of your body, whilst also providing a little give for extra comfort. Importantly, memory foam will also provide much better support to your back during the night. An air-filled mattress can also be a great choice during pregnancy as you´ll be able to adjust the firmness during different stages.

What Is The Best Mattress To Relieve Chronic Lumbar Pain?

Chronic lumbar pain is one of the most difficult things to deal with. Not only does it ache during the day, it has the potential to keep you up at night. There´s a strong link between lumbar pain and poor quality of sleep. A 2006 study published in the American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation set out to see if the link could be reversed.

The study involved 268 patients who all had medically confirmed lumbar lower back pain. Over six months the patients filled out surveys related to their quality of sleep and their lumbar pain. The results showed a 55% increase in pain after periods of poor sleeping. This confirmed the link between a good night´s sleep and the reduction of back pain.

To find the best mattress to relieve chronic lumbar pain is about finding a mattress that provides the best quality of sleep. Memory foam mattresses are reported to show an 87% improvement in sleep quality in comparison with a traditional spring mattress. Getting a better night´s sleep is vital to alleviating chronic lumbar pain, so it may just be the memory foam mattress that is best suited to treating this problem. If you are suffering from chronic low & upper back pain from scoliosis, is recommended to check this mattress specially designed for scoliosis sufferers.

Chronic lumbar back pain is located in a specific area of the body, the lower back. Another study carried out by the Canadian Chiropractic Association looked into whether specific supports could help to reduce back pain. They tested 10 participants with no mattress, a memory foam mattress, and a mattress with additional supporting cushion. The results showed that a memory foam mattress with an inserted lumbar support yielded the best results (). In this case, the best way to relieve chronic lumbar pain is to provide additional support in the form of a Lumbar air-filled cushion.

What Mattress Firmness Is The Best For Back Pain?

Popular opinion dictates that the firmer the mattress the better it will be for your back. This has led to the invention of orthopedic mattresses. Mattresses that have more springs which, in turn, provides a much firmer feel. The reality is that mattresses that are too firm can cause problems for your back too. If you´re a side-sleeper, for example, a firm mattress will actually push your spine out of alignment.

Modern studies have found that medium firm mattresses are in fact as good, if not better, for your back than orthopedic mattresses. The principle is a simple one: that those who sleep in different positions need a mattress that can adapt. The best mattresses for adapting to your sleeping position are memory foam mattresses. If you´re a side-sleeper a memory foam mattress will contour to your shoulders whilst supporting your lower back providing better support all-round.

The final thing to consider when it comes to firm mattresses is the quality of sleep. There´s little point in having a mattress so firm that you can´t sleep on it. As I mentioned earlier, there´s an intrinsic link between a good night´s sleep and less back pain. Medium-firm mattresses will be a lot more comfortable than a rock solid orthopedic, or futon, mattress. If it helps you sleep better, it will indirectly help to reduce the impact of back pain. Medium firm mattresses are better suited to a good night´s sleep.

Right Sleep Position For Back Pain Sufferers:

One of the things that make finding the root cause of back pain such a chore is the differences in the way that we sleep. A good mattress will support all types of sleeper, but improving back pain can be as simple as changing the way you sleep.

Stomach Sleepers

Good:- The good news for stomach sleepers, or their partners, is that stomach sleeping helps to open up your airways. This means that you´re less likely to snore during the night. Unfortunately, that´s about all the positive news there is for those who opt for the face-plant position.

Bad:-Those who sleep on their stomach will want to re-evaluate their sleeping style sooner rather than later. Sleeping chest down will cause your spine to flatten. This puts extra stress on your lower-back muscles which try to keep preserve your spine´s natural curvature. Furthermore, sleeping on your stomach means you´ll twist your neck. This can cause problems in the upper neck and shoulders

Side Sleepers

Good:- If you´re a side-sleeper the good news is that you´re not alone. Side-sleeping is by far the most common way to catch some winks which isn´t surprising because it has numerous benefits. Like sleeping on your stomach, side-sleeping opens up your airways which makes breathing easier and reduces snoring.

When it comes to the back side-sleeping is far healthier than sleeping on your stomach. This is because the curved position with your legs tucked up mimics your position in the womb. It also helps to take the stress off your back and neck which no longer needs to hold your head in position.

Tucking your legs up whilst you sleep is beneficial to your back. It promotes a natural curvature of the spine which takes the stress off your back muscles. It also helps your heart to pump blood around the body. For pregnant women sleeping specifically on their left side helps to promote a healthy blood-flow for both mother and child. In short, if you can sleep on your side you probably should.

Bad:-Have you ever experienced pins and needles whilst lying on your side? This phenomenon is known as a capillary crush because stops blood getting into specific limbs resulting in a numb arm. Usually a simple adjustment can help to alleviate numbness in the limbs from side sleeping.

Back Sleeping

Good:-Those who sleep on their back tend to be the calmest sleepers. The back sleeping position distributes weight evenly across your mattress allowing blood to flow easily. That means you won´t have to move around in the night to deal with numbness. Back sleeping provides the best night´s sleep which, as I´ve mentioned in this article, is key to reducing the feeling of muscular pain.

If you´re a back sleeper suffering from a painful lower back, try sleeping with your knees a little higher. When you raise your knees the curvature of your lower back begins to disappear. Try propping a pillow underneath your legs when you´re sleeping. You may just find that this simple trick helps to get rid of your back pain.

Bad:-Sleeping on your back may give you the perfect night´s rest but it might not give your partner one. When we sleep on our backs our airways are restricted which causes difficulty in breathing. This usually manifests itself as a noisy snore. Restricted airways can also cause other anti-social sleeping habits like sleep apnea (). If you sleep comfortably on your back, it´s not recommended to change your sleeping position as this is by far the most beneficial for your back and your rest.

How To Ease Lower Back Pain?

In addition to getting the right type of mattress, 6 natural ways that you can reduce back pain include:

  • Chiropractor adjustments
  • Getting regular exercise
  • Soft tissue therapy (involves a special types of massage therapy)
  • Prolotherapy, which may involve dextrose/glucose, platelet-rich plasma and stem cell therapies
  • An anti-inflammatory diet rich in collagen
  • Natural supplements that may include Turmeric, fish oil, etc.

The Sleeping Position To Avoid:

As you´ve probably guessed, the worst sleeping position is on your stomach. It causes your back to flatten which makes your muscles work much harder. The result of course is lower back and upper neck pain. Other notable mentions are any sleeping positions that cause you to twist parts of your body. Unnatural positions may seem comfortable at the time but they make your muscles work harder to support your bones.

Best Reviewed Mattress for Back Pain & Lower Back Pain

Nectar Sleep: Best Mattress for Any Back Pain

Nectar sleep build their memory foam mattresses from 5 separate layers. The most impressive of these layers is their Lush Foam ™ which holds 5 patents. Lush foam acts as a gel layer that helps to disperse heat whilst molding to the shape of your body. After you get up, the gel returns to its original state.

When we sleep our bodies are less effective at regulating temperature. Memory foam tends to be less successful at managing this heat than traditional spring mattresses. For those of us that have woken up in the middle of the night in a hot sweat, a mattress with good airflow is very important.

A poor quality sleep can result in a stronger perception of back ache, alongside a myriad of other issues. What I like about the Nectar sleep mattress is that every layer of foam has been made to be breathable. The upper quilted layer is designed to promote airflow, whilst Tencel fabric wicks heat away.


  • Each of the 5 layers has been designed with breathability in mind. That means this mattress won´t retain heat in the same way that older memory foam mattresses did
  • Nectar sleep have 5 patents on their Lush Foam ™ layer. You won´t be able to find this technology anywhere else
  • Holds a certificate from CertiPur-US
  • The delivery service is excellent with a 365 day trial and a lifetime warranty.


  • Nectar currently offer only one level of firmness. It´s the one they believe to be the best, but won´t be suited to all sleepers
  • The memory foam is thicker and more durable than most mattresses of this type, although it does adapt slowly to your body shape
  • These mattresses are in the upper price range

What´s Great About It

Nectar sleep stands out because it uses rare technologies. Many of the features are patented which means you can´t find them anywhere else. A lifetime warranty alongside a 365 try before you buy option makes this mattress a no risk purchase.

Tuft & Needle: Best Mattress for Chronic Lower Back Pain

Tuft & Needle is the best medium firm mattress for people with lower back pain. The old-fashioned orthopedic mattress was built on the assumption that a bad back needed a firm bed. It´s been proven that this is not the case with medium-firm mattresses making a step up in the spine friendly bed market. Tuft and Needle is the latest entrant into this market place with their medium firm, adaptive foam mattresses.

Adaptive foam is fast replacing memory foam and latex as the go to material for those with back ache. It´s slightly more expensive, but for the money you get thicker foam which keeps you cool during the night.


  • The use of modern materials like adaptive foam and graphite really make this mattress standout.
  • There´s a good level of bounce with enough support for those who regularly experience back pain.
  • The bed stays cool even when your body temperature runs high.
  • All their products are manufactured in the US.
  • Environmentally friendly with a ten year warranty.


  • The US manufacture does make the product a little more expensive than some of the alternatives.
  • Some customers have reported that the bed is too bouncy
  • The edges could aren´t firm enough which means you can easily slip off the side.

What´s Great About It

The customer service team is helpful and the mattress is top quality. They offer a 100 day free trial. If you don´t like it after 100 days, they´ll pay all of the shipping costs to send it back. Provided Tuft & Needle iron out a few of the problems like the edges and bounce, this could soon be a market leader.

Cloud Elegance Gel-pro: Best Rated Soft Mattress For Back Pain

Cloud Elegance is another US based manufacturer looking to take a slice of the mattress market. The Gel-pro series is designed to mirror the beds you´d find in a premium hotel. The mattress is soft, with a lot of technology underneath to manage air-flow.
It has enough support to help keep your spine in alignment whilst being soft enough to be comfortable. The mattress is built from a series of layers including a one inch layer of air infused memory foam to help you to sleep cool.


  • Each layer has been added with the idea of transporting heat away from the mattress.
  • The air-filled layers are exceptionally comfortable
  • There´s a ten year warranty alongside a US manufacture and customer service team.
  • The gel layer provides a lot of adaptive comfort whilst helping to manage temperature.
  • Ideal for side-sleepers who are looking for a bed that is a little softer.


  • For this price you could invest in adaptive foam
  • The bed can be too soft for some
  • Some customers have suggested after a few months the mattress begins to sag a little

What´s great about it

If you´ve been testing out memory foam mattresses and found them to be a little firm then this is the product for you. Side-sleepers will find this a joy to sleep on, although for some it may be too soft.

Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress: Best Latex Mattress For Back Pain

The Ultimate dreams latex mattress is an environmentally friendly bed that responds similar to a spring mattress. Each mattress can be custom tailored to get the level of firmness just right for each user. The mattresses are manufactured in the US plus it´s made from bamboo fibers which means it´s completely bio-degradable.


  • US manufacturer with a US based customer service team
  • These mattresses are fully bio-degradable
  • Latex mattresses tend to have a better bounce than memory foam but still provide good support
  • Another advantage of latex is that it´s a natural repellent to dust-mites and micro bacteria


  • Can get a little hot in spite of the airflow features.
  • It is a little more expensive than the mattresses covered so far.
  • No trial period for customers

What´s Great About

Latex is a superb material to build mattresses from. It may be a little more expensive than memory foam, but it offers good bounce and is fully bio-degradable. For those with lower-back pain the Ultimate dreams latex mattress provides excellent support and a good night´s sleep.

Casper Sleep: Best Memory Foam Mattress For Back Pain

Casper sleep mattresses are top quality mattresses and that quality is reflected in the price. They´ve incorporated 4 separate layers of material including memory foam, adaptive foam and an open-cell springy layer. When building this mattress Casper narrowed the layers down from over 100 different configurations. The result is a breathable mattress that is springy whilst adapting to the contours of your body.


  • The open cell springy layer is unique in the mattress market place and gives the bed a comfortable feel.
  • The free 100 day trial period helps to take the risk out of the purchase./li>
  • Casper is a multi-award winning brand. They´re recommended by Forbes and the New York times among others
  • The memory foam is sophisticated plus the mattress stays cool during the night.


  • It´s a little expensive

What´s Great About It

Casper Sleep is a brand with a fantastic reputation. A year of research goes into producing these mattresses and the end result is impressive. The only criticism I have is the price.

Lessa :Best Mattress For Stomach Sleeper With Lower Back Pain

Sleeping on your stomach is one of the worst culprits for causing back pain. The Lessa tripled layered memory foam mattress is medium firm, helping to keep your spine in alignment during the night. This mattress starts with a solid base, the second layer is an adaptive memory foam topped off with a layer of aerated foam to keep you cool. The technology is advanced which is surprising given you can pick one up for less than a third of the price of its competitors.


  • Excellent layering system that you´d only expect to see on more expensive mattresses
  • The mattress is breathable unlike other memory foam mattresses which get too hot.
  • Free shipping for these US made mattresses
  • Specially designed to support those who like to sleep on their stomachs


  • It´s an expensive mattress although it does represent great value for money.
  • I´d like to see a free trial period alongside a warranty with a purchase like this.

What´s Great About It

The Lessa team have kept things simple without compromising on quality. With just three layers between you and the floor it´s amazing how comfortable this mattress is. It breathes well plus the layer of adaptive foam provides excellent support to those who suffer from back ache. If you´re a stomach sleeper, this mattress has to be your first choice, even with the price tag.

Brentwood: Best Mattress For Side Sleepers With Back Pain

Those who sleep on their side have the least chance of suffering from serious back-pain and the most chance of sleeping well. In spite of that, many of us still experience aches in the morning. The Brentwood is a reasonably firm memory foam mattress that provides decent support for side sleepers. In addition, all sizes of this mattress are available at price under $1000. There´s a 2.5 inch gel layer which helps to mold the memory foam into a shape suited to your body. It´s finished with a layer of New Zealand wool which helps to wick heat away from the body.


  • An ultra-thick gel lining that really helps the Brentwood to fit to your sleeping style
  • Specially designed for side sleepers who need extra support in the mid-rift.
  • New Zealand wool feels quality and helps to shift heat out of the mattress
  • Made in the USA and comes with a stunning 25 year warranty


  • It´s not as sophisticated as some of the other models on our list
  • Does retain heat a little more than expensive models.
  • Some have found it to be too firm

What´s Great About It

Brentwood prove that having a top quality mattress shouldn´t cost the world. It´s affordable for most people and it´s very comfortable, albeit a little firm. For those with back aches that firmness will be welcome after a brief bedding in period.

Saatva Innerspring Mattress: Best Inner-spring Mattress To Alleviate Back Pain

We´re rounding out the list with a traditional inner spring mattress. A lot of companies will try to wow their customers with memory foams and technology. Saatva prove that you can do things the old fashioned way and still get great results. They´ve produced a hybrid mattress which is mainly coiled with a memory foam specially fitted lumbar support. Sleeping with a lumbar support is one of the most effective ways of dealing with back pain. Their mattresses start quite high price wise, but they are great quality.


  • Addition of a lumbar support can really help to alleviate back pain. On top of that this mattress can be used with a reclining frame.
  • Saatva having one of the best customer ratings out there with over 15,000 5 star reviews.
  • Coil spring mattresses are the highest performers in terms of getting rid of heat
  • US based manufacturer with eco certificates and helpful customer service


  • You may want to try something different like memory foam if you´re upgrading from a coil mattress.
  • The price is surprisingly high

What´s Great About It

Saatva have invested time into producing a well-made coil spring mattress. The addition of a lumbar support will be welcomed by those with back pain whilst the spring coils help to keep sleeping temperature down.


Back pain isn’t the type of problem that the best mattress in the world is going to magically solve. On the other hand, the right type of mattress can alleviate the symptoms, get you a more restful sleep (which will help you to tolerate the pain better), and provide an outlet each night that may give you the impetus to get up the next morning so you can fight your battles all over again. We  matter mattress have tested the different mattresses and compiled the above list of best mattresses for back pain that can provide a great support for your bad back problems.

I mentioned in the introduction that there is no one-size fits all approach to sleeping, nor is there a one-size fits all mattress. The most important thing is to get good rest, so long as you´re sleeping well, everything else will fall into place. If you´re getting a good night´s sleep, with no pain, lying on your stomach, then don´t change it. Everybody´s different. If you´d like more information on sleeping and back pain feel free to follow any of the links listed here to find out more.


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