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Best Mattress for Heavy People 2018: Our Top 4

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When you go clothes shopping, you pick garments that are the size, fit and fabric for you. Mattresses are no different. We’ve seen hundreds of reviews for the so-called best mattresses out there, but how do you go about finding the right mattress for you? Today, we’re covering the best mattresses for heavy people in 2018.

People come in all shapes and sizes. A 60 year old woman is going to need a different type of mattress to a 35 year old man. For heavier people, lots of mattress will be just too soft which at first will cause minor sinking but later down the line can cause a mattress to sag. A sagging mattress is a nightmare causing all kinds of problems with temperature and comfort.

Being heavier doesn’t necessarily mean being overweight. A 150llb person can be overweight and a 250llb person who is tall or muscular wouldn’t be classed as overweight. For that reason, we’re looking exclusively at mattresses that support weights of at least 200llbs.

If you’re still reading at this point, then you’re definitely looking for the best mattress for heavy people out there. Here are four of our top picks for heavier sleepers.

How To Choose The Best Bed For Heavy People

So you weigh more than 200llbs and you can’t find a mattress that fits right. It’s a widespread problem in the US and usually means you’ll need a thicker, plusher mattress. That doesn’t always mean you have to invest more. Here’s a few tips to help you find a comfortable mattress.


When we talk about materials we’re talking about the covers. Micro-ventilated bamboo covers are commonplace in today’s market and provide excellent aeration. Oetko-tex woven fabric is another smart choice for a cover. You’ll want to avoid polyester which tends to retain heat.

Bestselling Mattresses

We all love a good success story. Mattresses are no different. Look out for brands or styles that have a huge amount of confirmed customer reviews. Tempur-pedic are one of the leading US brands so you can trust them to deliver.

Make sure when you’re looking at a bestselling mattress that it will suit your needs. Some popular mattresses will be too thin, too hot or just too uncomfortable for a heavier person. Find the brands, then cross check the specs with the advice given here.

Check Ratings

The online rating system is not always accurate. Some brands even employ people to fill out ratings for them. That doesn’t mean you get a good idea of a mattress from confirmed customer reviews.

When you’re checking ratings for any mattress start from the bottom (1 star) and work your way to the top (5 star). This will give you a decent idea of the flaws of a mattress as well as its good points.

Another alternative is to check out independent review sites. Cnet and Consumer Choice always offer honest opinions. They don’t receive funding from third-parties, so you can trust them to deliver an unbiased review on any product.

Best Price

Who doesn’t care about price? Work out you budget before you start looking and stick to it. As a heavier person you will have to invest more. That’s because you need thicker, plusher and better-made mattresses.

Cutting corners on price will leave you with an uncomfortable mattress. You can find great value by looking at sales prices or opting for a smaller size such as queen instead of king. Compare specs between brands, if they’re roughly the same opt for the cheaper version.

For a heavier person you should be looking to invest between $500 and a $1,000 on a good, long-lasting mattress.

Thickness Level

Thickness is important to get right. We would classify a medium size mattress as between 4 and 7 inches thick. Thick mattresses are 7 inches or above and deliver premium quality. The thicker a mattress is, the more expensive it will be.

You can shop in the upper end of the medium range provided you choose the right fabric. A 6” thick memory foam mattress with a high-density core will offer enough comfort. On an innerspring mattress you should be looking at the coil count rather than the thickness. 200 to 250 coils are what you’re looking for here.

Know that as time goes on, your mattress will soften. It’s better to invest a little more in a mattress that will last for 10 years, than invest less and only get 5 years usage.

Edge Support

Once we get past the age of 5 we’re not likely to fall out of bed. Edge support should be viewed as an added bonus rather than a vital component. If you enjoy sitting on the side of your bed to watch films or socialise, firm edges will be worth the investment.


Heavier people have a higher body temperature than lighter people. So it makes sense that breathability should be your number one concern when it comes to finding the right mattress. Breathable fabrics include bamboo, latex or gel based memory foam. Look out for these when you’re conducting your research.

Temperature Regulation

Your body is less effective at regulating your temperature during sleeping hours. You can invest in advanced technology to help maintain a certain temperature, or set your thermostat during the night to maintain the optimal 26 degrees.

In terms of mattress what you’re looking for is ventilation. Honey-comb designs, inner-springs or latex all have better ventilation than memory foam. If you’re shopping in-store always ask what kind of ventilation is on offer.

Type Of Mattress

There’s three main types of material for a mattress: latex, memory foam or inner-springs.


Latex is a popular choice among heavier people because its breath-able. Sleeping hot during the night is not just a matter of discomfort but also leads to poor sleep cycles and a lack of rest overall. Latex is a natural material, it adapts to support your weight and helps to circulate air ensuring you sleep cool.

Memory Foam:

If you don’t know what memory foam is by now, then you must’ve been sleeping under a rock. The hi-tech fabric works wonders with back and neck aches because it adapts to the contours of your body.

It’s not the ideal choice for heavier sleepers as it retains a lot of heat; especially if you naturally sleep on your stomach. If you’re opting for comfort, then get a memory foam mattress that is multi-layered with gel or specially designed air-ventilation.


The archetypal mattress. Usually composed of a fluffy layer above a bunch of coiled springs. Heavier sleepers should go for the orthopedically designed coil mattresses. These will have more than 200 coils delivering a firm sleeping surface.

The downside is that a heavier body will wear the springs out faster. Invest in individually wrapped coils or S-shaped coils to prevent that from happening. Coil spring mattresses circulate air better than any other material so you’re sure to have a cool night’s sleep.

Benefits Of Owning The Right Bed For Heavy Person

We all need something a little different to make the most of our sleeping hours. Getting a proper night’s sleep reduces stress, improves mood and helps to alleviate aches or pains. Finding better sleep starts with investing in the right mattress.

As a heavier person you’ll have different requirements. You need something firmer with better ventilation to truly make the most of your sleeping hours. Follow the guide above to find the perfect mattress and start catching those elusive ZZZs.

The Top 4 Bed For Heavy People Reviews

Nectar Sleep Mattress

Nectar sleep is a clever brand that has no traditional brick and mortar stores. All shopping is done online which allows them to keep their prices low without compromising on quality. We like this brand because they offer a lifetime warranty on all their products as well as free delivery within the US.

So what is it that makes this mattress good for heavy sleepers? Well, it all starts with layering. This mattress is built from a stunning 5 separate layers. What’s particular impressive for overweight people are the thick adaptive hi-core adaptive foam layer as well as the solid memory foam base.

Hi-core adaptive foam tends to be more expensive than other types of memory foam. The reason for that is the density as well as its ability to adapt shape quickly to changes in sleeping position during the night. The combination of this with the supporting base provides a firm mattress that won’t lose its shape or sag over-time; ideal for the world’s heavier or larger people.

The other key aspect of a mattress for heavy people we identified was air-circulation. During the night our bodies are less capable of regulating temperatures which can disturb our sleep. This is especially true for big people who carry more body mass and thus release more heat.

Nectar Sleep has devised two methods to help deal with these problems. The first is an upper layer made of Tencel fabric which wicks heat away from the body. The second is a quilted gel lining that promotes airflow throughout the night. Both these aspects combine to deliver sleeping surface that is exceptionally cool with all the firmness and support of a regular memory foam mattress.

Overall, we consider this is the best bed for heavy people. The construction and materials are durable and long-lasting whilst a real effort has been made to promote airflow during the night.


  • N Excellent airflow which will keep heavier people cool during the night
  • N A solid base that is sturdy enough to keep its shape and not sag, even after long-term usage
  • N A medium firm texture that will support heavy sleepers without sacrificing on comfort
  • N US based company with a life-time warranty and expensive material construction
  • N Hi-core adaptive foam layer that will adapt to the contours of your body providing superb support, even if you roll in the nigh


  • Q The lack of a brick and mortar shop means you won’t be able to try before you buy to find out if this is the right mattress for you
  • Q Has been touted as a little too firm at first
  • Q Some odors from out of the box

Sleep Innovation’s Siloh Mattress

Sleep Innovation is a mattress brand that has been operating for a solid 20 years. As their name suggests all their products are meticulously researched to deliver comfort, support and design that is tailored to customers. Unlike Sleep Nectar’s one-size-fits-all approach to mattress building, the Shiloh series is specifically designed for people with over 200+ pounds.

The first thing that stands out about the Shiloh series is their thickness. A luxurious 9.5 inches of premium support is built into each mattress which offers a firm feel and resists sinking. On top of that is a further 2.5 inches of deep sleep sure temp memory foam.

Sure temp memory foam is designed to help reduce excessive heat during the night but it is still classed as a ‘neutral’ mattress on the heat scale. It doesn’t perform as well as gel-based alternatives so, if you’re a hot sleeper, it may be worth considering something else.

One of the things we really liked about this mattress was the level of support it offers. Whether you’re a side, stomach or back sleeper the foam base is quick to adapt delivering a firm, yet comfortable push back.

Push-back is important because it helps your body to maintain its natural posture when you’re lying flat. This is especially important in heavier sleepers who will sink more into the mattress.

The only downside we could find was the temperature during the night. The memory foam layer is designed to promote air-flow but the lack of gel layer means that it is not as cool as some of the other mattresses on our list.

The decision facing buyers is whether the increased firmness and support is worth the higher temperatures during the night. If you’re used to waking up in a sweat then it’s likely you’ll need an extra cool mattress and would be better off opting for a Sleep Nectar mattress.

For those who like to move in the night, we couldn’t find a mattress that adapted quicker or provided better support regardless of sleeping position.


  • N Siloh series is specifically designed for medium to heavy sleepers
  • N Has an excellent level of firmness which doesn’t compromise on comfort
  • N It’s suitable for all kinds of sleeping position which will please the majority of heavier sleepers
  • N It’s almost odorless out of the box but does take some time to expand to its full thickness
  • N Sleep Innovation is a US based company that offers great materials at a fraction of the costs


  • Q Although some efforts have been made to keep things cool, hot sleepers will be uncomfortable with this mattress
  • Q We’d like to see a gel layer incorporated to really take this mattress to the next level

Perfect Cloud Elegance Series

Perfect Cloud has a reputation for delivering premium mattresses. A little on the expensive side you can expect this mattresses to feature the latest in sleeping technology. What sets this brand apart is the ability to order bespoke mattresses.

There’s no one for all approach here and customers have a choice of thicknesses, technologies and sizes. The elegance series is slightly firmer than their other offerings but has the type of advanced design we’d expect to find at this price point.

In terms of luxury, you won’t do better than the Elegance series. The upper layer is a 1 inch thick piece of sumptuous HD memory foam. Below that is another 1.5 inches of memory foam followed by a 2 inch thick layer of gel memory foam. The base is a sturdy 7.5 inches of solid foam which delivers an impressive firmness.

This mattress makes the cut because of its commitment to keeping for heavier people cool during the night. The HD and Gel layers all help to promote a healthy airflow. In addition this series features Perfect Cloud’s mesh gusset technology. A premium fiber weave that helps to transfer air away from the mattress during the night.

If you’re an overweight or heavy who regularly wakes up in a sweat then it’s worth investing more on an extra-cool mattress. The Perfect Cloud Elegance series fits the bill offering one of the coolest memory foam sleeping environments we’ve found. It’s also a comfortable firmness which will help to support your back, neck and shoulders after a hard day’s work.


  • N Luxury design from top to bottom that almost guarantees a comfortable night’s sleep
  • N A real focus on airflow and coolness which will be a blessing to the world’s hotter sleepers
  • N Advanced mesh gusset air transfer technology comes as standard and is very impressive
  • N Specifically designed with heavier sleepers in mind
  • N A ten year warranty is supplied with all products as standard


  • Q The price will put it out of reach for a lot of customers
  • Q Can be a little over-complicated which we worry could cause problems over the lifespan of the mattress
  • Q Quite heavy so you’ll need a sturdy bed-frame

Ultimate Dream’s Twin Gel Foam mattress

There’s always something nice about a family owned company competing with the big boys in a corporate industry. Dreamfoam, the company who produce these mattresses, is exactly that. Using an online, direct from factory model to keep costs down the US-based team are delivering mattresses with seriously good quality comfort and support.

The design of this mattress is a little bit underwhelming it has to be said. Using a thick support foam for the base the mattress is supplemented with a gel layer as well as an extra layer of supporting foam at the top. There’s not a huge amount to get excited by, but it does stack up well-considering price.

It’s always difficult to choose between a comfortable or supportive mattress. This mattress makes that choice a little easier but positioning right down the middle. It’s a medium rated mattress, although the thick layers of memory foam do provide pressure for
overweight people.

In many ways, we’d happily compare this mattress with something like the Cloud Supreme. It offers a similar material construction and price but, importantly, is available for a fraction of the retail price. We’d regard this as an excellent value mattress which perhaps lacks the sophistication of some of the other mattresses we’ve covered today.


  • N An affordable mattress that uses excellent materials without the hefty price tag
  • N A US-based, family run brand that has relied on excellent customer reviews to establish itself in this industry
  • N The medium firmness will make it a hit with the vast majority of sleepers out there
  • N Offers similar materials for a much lower price than some of the big names
  • N CertiPUR-US certified memory foam


  • Q As a new brand there’s a lack of information about the exact design of each mattress
  • Q Lacks the sophisticated, cutting-edge technology that we might find on a more expensive mattress
  • Q Hasn’t been designed specifically for heavier sleepers, although it does offer excellent support

Best Sleeping Position for Overweight or Heavy People

The best sleeping position for you will be the one that you’re most comfortable with. Having said that, some sleeping positions will be better than others for things like back, neck and head support.

If you’re above 200llbs the muscles in your lower back have to work harder to keep your spine in alignment. It’s also easier for your shoulders to sag forwards causing neck aches. The best sleeping position tends to be on your side. This allows your body to maintain its natural curvature whilst simultaneously opening up your airways to make breathing easier.

If you can’t be comfortable in any position but on your back, don’t worry. We’d recommend investing in an additional lumber support to help keep your spine in alignment. If you want to experiment with a quick fix, try placing a pillow under your legs to prop them up a bit and take the weight off your lower back.

Stomach sleepers are less likely to snore but can also have issues with neck and back pains. These issues will only be made worse for those who weigh over 200llbs. This is because sleeping on your stomach puts unnecessary pressure on your spine. You’ll also have your head turned to the side which works your neck muscles.

Sleep experts recommend that stomach sleepers at least attempt to adapt their sleeping position to a side position. If you really have trouble sleeping on your side or back, then invest in a firm mattress which will prevent you sinking during the night.

Do you need a good support mattress? Read our full guide with the best back pain mattress picks.

Why Edge Support is Important for Heavy People?

A mattress carries out more functions than just sleeping on. Many people will use their bed as a place to sit as well as for amorous activities. For everything other than sleeping edge support matters because it keeps the mattress in shape and makes it more versatile.

We’ve recommended memory foam mattresses in our list above. The reason for that is they provide better support than traditional spring coil designs. Spring coil and hybrid mattresses tend to be better than memory foam when it comes to edge support. That’s due to the properties of each design and is difficult to adjust.

People Also Ask

Do I Need A Thicker Mattress If I’m A Overweight Person?

You may have noticed that all the mattresses we’ve featured here are at least 12 inches thick. Unfortunately, thicker mattresses will bump the price up a bit. The upside is that you tend to get better support as well as more complex layering inside the mattress.

As a rule of thumb, we’d suggest that 12 inches is good to support weights of up to 300llbs. The reason for this is deep compression support. Overweight people naturally sink into their mattresses more which means that thinner mattresses just won’t cut it.

A thick mattress will provide excellent deep compression support. That means that as you sink into it the mattress will provide push-back keeping your spine in alignment and offering a comfortable night’s sleep. Thicker mattresses also tend to last that little bit longer which means you’re getting better value for money than with a thinner mattress.


I Weigh Over 200llbs, What Type Of Firmness Should I Get?

The heavier you are the more firmness you need in your ideal mattress. Sinking into a mattress may feel like the lap of luxury but, after the first few nights, that lack of support will cause aches and pains during the day.

If you really have trouble sleeping on a firm mattress then you can opt for something a little softer. But, we would recommend starting at the medium level and scaling toward the firm side as much as you can without sacrificing comfort.

Similar to depth, a firmer mattress simply provides better compression support which is essential for overweight and larger people. Memory foam will also soften over-time and usage so it’s better to get something a little too firm and grow into it than something that’s too soft to begin with.

Lots of modern mattresses offer free sleep trials. These usually last for a period of around 100 nights and, if you find an offer like this, we’d recommend taking it up. Always be aware that if you’re over 250llbs you can expect an extra 2 inches sinking during sleep. Factor that into both the overall thickness and firmness on the mattress you’re looking to invest in.

Why Do I Wake Up In A Sweat, And What Mattress Will Stop It?

During sleeping hours, our bodies become less able to regulate our temperature. For most people this isn’t a problem but for overweight people, who produce more heat, waking up in the night can be a regular issue. The problem can be exacerbated by memory foam which retains more heat than spring coil due to its density which restricts airflow.

Two of the mattresses we’ve reviewed here have gel cooling layers; the Sleep Nectar and Perfect Cloud’s elegance series. Layers of gel help to absorb heat and transfer it to the edges of the mattress where it can disperse easily.

This helps to negate the effects of heat retention in memory foam mattresses. If sleeping too hot is a common issue for you, then you might want to look at hybrid or spring coil mattresses which perform much better in this area.

The reason we chose memory foam in our recommendations is that we believe the importance of compression support will outweigh heat issues for most of our readers. If this is not the case for you, then there are plenty of mattresses out there focused on keeping you cool during the night.

If I Weigh More, Will My Mattress Wear Out Quicker?

Memory foam mattresses tend to soften naturally over time. This means that towards the end of a life-cycle the mattress will be softer and provide less support. This softening period is shortened for heavier sleepers because the mattress is naturally under more stress.

We always recommend that our readers opt for a mattress that is a little firmer than what they’re used to. Firmer mattresses have lots of benefits for posture, the spine and tend to last longer. Always remember that your mattress will be considerably softer in the last 5 years than in the first.

You can expect modern mattresses to provide excellent support for around 8 to 10 years. It’s always worth opting for a brand that offers a warranty period of around 10 years or longer to get the most out of your investment.

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