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3 Best Mattress for Heavy People | A Must Read for overweight People

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First of all, there are different levels of quality for mattresses, regardless whether light people or obese people purchase them. However, some mattresses are better suited for people who weigh a lot. Most ostensibly, it’s a matter of providing the proper support while not losing its tensile capacity.

Before beginning the discussion, though, please keep in mind that the terms “large,” “heavy” or “overweight” are all relative terms which need to be taken in their right context. In general, any sleeper over 200 pounds will arbitrarily be considered “heavy.”

Below you will find a comprehensive break-down of the different properties, materials and characteristics of mattresses made today that need to be taken under consideration. By all means, take all these factors into consideration when narrowing down your choices.

Finally, you will be provided with a review of three mattresses to choose from that are ideally made for persons who, comparatively speaking, weigh a lot. At the end, you will be provided with the one product which is most highly recommended out of the three

Best Mattress for Heavy People 2017


Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12-inch
Memory FoamMedium20 YearsCheck Price

Read Review

Perfect Cloud Elegance Gel-Pro 12 Inch
Memory FoamFirm and soft10 YearsCheck Price

Read Review

Ultimate Dreams Full Size Supreme
Memory FoamNot too firm & not too soft10 YearCheck Price

Read Review

How To Choose a Good Mattress for Overweight People

Mattress Thickness

If you weigh less than 200 pounds, a mattress with a thickness of 10 inches will be suitable. People heavier than this should consider a 12 inch (or thicker) mattress. Such mattresses, beyond being able to keep their shape longer, provide deeper compression support. The larger/heavier you are the more pressure you put on the mattress, thus the need for the stronger support.

Some types of 10 inch mattresses that come with extra thick comfort layers, advanced foams, and other deep-compression-support enhancement materials may also adequately accommodate heavy people. Then again, thicker mattresses will more likely offer the needed support, both in terms of comfort and compression capacity. Of course, the heavier the person the more important this “support” becomes.


What type of sleeper you happen to be–not just your weight–should help you determine what level of firmness is best for you. Heavier sleepers would be happier with a “medium” or 4-7 firmness scale rating. Such a scale, going from 1 to 10, designates “1” as “very soft,” 5 (medium) as “Heavy People’s Ideal Firmness,” and number 10 as “very firm.”

In determining the ideal firmness, take into consideration weight in reference to feel and firmness. Heavy people will experience a more sinking or hugging-by-the-mattress-material effect. Ironically, the mind may associate this “sinking effect” with softness; the heavier you are though, the softer the mattress may feel.

Of course, if you sink too much, that “softness” may translate into more difficulty pulling yourself out of bed—in other words, that sensation of softness is highly subjective.

Edge Support

Edge support is especially important for heavier or overweight people; it’s also important if you find yourself using your bed for more than just sleeping on it at night. This may include sitting on it or using for lovemaking.

Otherwise, edge support may help prevent collapsing or sagging, especially if you frequently find yourself sleeping on the edge of the bed.

You will find that mattresses with coil-on-coil, springs or hybrid designs (using foam plus springs) have the best edge support. Keep in mind that foam mattresses are somewhat deficient for heavy people in this capacity.

Poor Heat Dissipation

There are mattresses that simply don’t breathe or ventilate well and, ergo, can become unusually warm, a potentially significant issue for heavy or overweight people who, in general, can overheat more easily than lighter/smaller persons.

This problem may be more pronounced for foam than for hybrid/spring mattresses. Then again, some foam mattresses come with special heat retention avoidance technology. This may not apply, however, for less expensive memory and basic foam mattresses, which will likely retain heat.

Hybrid mattresses and innerspring mattresses generally aren’t heat retainers. Furthermore, latex, advanced-open-cell-memory foam, Avena and mattresses that use cooling layers (including gel) can help maintain coolness. Caveat: some gels may not be as good as manufacturers claim.

Best Types Of Mattresses For “large,” “heavy” Or “overweight” People

Some of the most popular options are latex, foam, innerspring and hybrids, which utilize a combination of technologies.

Memory Foam

Heavier people will better appreciate memory foam. Depending on the model/make, these mattresses range all the way from super firm to super soft. The beauty of foam is that it consistently supports the body well, thus providing relieve to most pressured body points and conforming to the unique contours of your body, regardless of position.

Remember, though, the breathability issue with these mattresses—purchase models that openly address this in their descriptions. The best use gel, open-cell-structure, or other cooling technologies, as well as models that use a cover with cooling features.

Make sure to read our best memory foam mattresses to get rid of back pain.


IMPORTANT: Please submit a source for any information that’s not common knowledge

Latex can be a good option for heavy people. It provides good cooling and comfort features. It also offers better bounce than most foam. It also has less of a pronounced contouring hug than foam—i.e., it provides a balanced hugging contour/sinkage support.


These mattresses may or may not be good for the heavy-set. The low-quality models can suffer from inconsistent support or painful pressure points because of their poor construction. If you want one of these mattresses, opt for a coil-on-coil model; their 2-layers-of-springs construction offers a better support, feel, and deep compression.

In general, they provide better edge support compared to foam. For those who sleep on the edge of the bed or sit on it a lot, this can be an important feature.


These mattresses can offer both layers of foam as well as coils. They feature many of the same benefits of innerspring mattresses, in addition to superior cooling because of the better airflow of the coils, improved bounce, superior edge support, and much better deep compression suspension. Hybrids can utilize layers of latex, memory and other types of foam, thus providing the pros of foam and coil while also downplaying the negatives.

sleep Innovations Shiloh 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress, Queen

This mattress is ideally made for a person ranging in size from “average” to “big,” regardless of what position (including tossing and turning) he or she prefers to sleep in. With personalized alignment as well as proven “pressure point” relief…..

this mattress has a unique dual comfort design: a 2.5 inch Sure Temp Memory Foam “Classic Comfort” top layer and a 9.5 inch “Support Plus” Foam “deep support” bottom layers.


  • N Can provide a great sleeping experience for a reasonable price
  • N No detectable special smells such as are found in foam mattresses; no heat retention
  • N Mattress comes carefully, vacuum-packed, which protects it in several ways, including while being delivered


  • Q Potential hassle of separate so-called sleep chambers, adjustment for different firm levels; stitching on top can become unravelled

Perfect Cloud Elegance Gel-pro 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress (Queen)

This “Gel Pro Memory Foam” mattress makes you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud with its thick top 1-inch layer composed of HD Air infused Memory Foam atop 1.5 inches of regular air-infused Memory Foam. A “keeping you cool” Gel Pro Memory Foam, the 3rd layer of this mattress is composed of a 2-inch layer of Gel-Pro Memory Foam, one of the most advanced gel-infused memory foams.

It has earned this title by providing great body contouring body-comfort and, as the same time, helping to regulate overall temperature. This feature ensures sleeping in great, uninterrupted comfort night after night.

Especially meaningful for the overweight, heavy or obese, this mattress can provide a virtually weightless sleep experience thanks to the 4th layer: 7.5 inches of HD Base Support Foam. This extra thick layer offers finely-tuned support for a seemingly weightless sleep experience.

This mattress comes with a unique removable stretch knit cover featuring the latest Mesh Gusset Air Transferring Technology. This mesh makes it possible for air to flow freely out and in of your mattress, thus keeping your mattress fresh and cool all night long. This cover is meant to match any bed frame.


  • N Some people report a slight smell but not overwhelming
  • N No heat build-up with use
  • N A good support and feel; adapts to your body shape and weight well


  • Q Unpacking can be cumbersome and tricky

Ultimate Dreams Full Size Supreme Gel Memory Foam Mattress

This 12 inch thick Gel Memory Foam mattress boasts of a 3-layer construction: 1.50 of 4 lb. gell memory foam; 2.5 4lb gel memory foam , and 80 base of premium base foam. It is 100% made in the USA.

This mattress is comparable to Cloud Supreme but at a fraction of the price. This mattress is not too firm nor too soft and provides just about the perfect dose of comfort and support.


  • N Good at not retaining heat
  • N Soft yet firm, as you expect
  • N Generally good reviews


  • Q Tricky to unpack and heavy (115lbs); need to unpack cautiously

Some Last Minute Important Questions To Ask Before Making A Purchase

  • How many persons will be utilizing this mattress? Add up their combined weight. Some people make the mistake of only taking into account their own weight. Also take into account if some of the kids will get into the bed with you periodically.
  • What comfort level/type are you looking for? What’s more important: structure or cushioned comfort? Personal preferences matter as much as materials, designs and durability. This is especially important for heavy sleepers.
  • If this is the primary bed you’ll be using, then you may consider spending more. After all, this isn’t the type of thing you go shopping for very often and it’s also where you will spend, on average, about 8 to 10 hours of every day! If it’s a guest room’s bed, then you shouldn’t worry too much about all the bells and whistles or the need to get the most expensive model.
  • What is your budget? It makes no sense to look for the best bed if it’s price range isn’t feasible for you right now. Knowing this can save you lots of time and headaches. The good news is that online shopping can be much cheaper than from stores.
  • Do you need a bed that handles heat well or that helps you and the surroundings stay cool? Then make sure that you look for this in the model you decide on.


If shopping for a mattress best-suited for large, overweight, big, heavy or obese persons, pay special attention the type of material, the make & model (check reviews for each), how well it breathes, whether it comes in models especially suited for heavier persons, and, most important of all, durability. If you must have a spring mattress, go for a coil count of 500 or more and low gauge springs. Pocket and continuous coil varieties can be more durable.

If set on a memory foam mattress, strive for a density of over 4.0 pounds of memory foam layers, and, preferably, in excess of 1.8 pounds for the core layer.

Other things to consider: go for a moderately thick model of 12 to 14 inches; select the firmer beds; and select a topper that is replaceable as the need arises. Other than this, regardless of what mattress you choose, make sure you rotate your mattress regularly, especially for the first 2 years.


Author: Anthony Forestier

I am a blogger and i work sitting on my chair most of the time.In this way, my sleeping sensation is triggered by working for many days and it comes with back pain.After a lot of efforts I came back to normal life, and since then know how important sleep is for a person.For a good sleep, a comfortable mattress which is needed in every family.I write on the web for whatever is needed for a good sleep.

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