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The 10 Best Orthopedic Pillows to Buy in 2018 (Updated Research)

by | Jan 14, 2018 | 0 comments

Do Orthopedic Pillows Really Help With Neck Pain?

The causes of neck pain are hard to define but one reason could be the pillow you’re using. Body in balance chiropractic doctor Jan Lefkowitz explains that to reduce neck pain“the main idea is to keep your spine parallel and neutral”.

A study conducted by Tailor Francis looked at 52 neck pain patients. The patients slept on 4 different types of pillow which were changed at random. Three pillows were orthopedic. After the experiment 40 of the 52 patients reported decreases in neck pain, better sleeping and less headaches .

Orthopedic pillows help to keep your spine neutral by providing support to your neck. This, in turn, keeps both your head and spine in natural alignment. But for some people they may feel too firm or uncomfortable. Luckily a host of orthopedic pillows come with a 90-day satisfaction or your money back deals.

Orthopedic Buyer’s Guide

Shopping for an orthopedic pillow isn’t easy. Every-one has different shapes, firmness and size. To make things easy for you we’ve put together a list of some of the things to look out for.


We don’t sleep in the same position every-night. Sometimes we’ll change position during the night. For that reason, it’s always good to look for a dual-profile pillow. These have a hi-profile neck support and a low-profile neck support for stomach and side-sleepers.

Adjustable Thickness

Being able to remove inner layers to get your pillow just the right shape is important. Not all products offer adjustable thickness. But, if you’re a fussy person when it comes to pillows, adjustability is a must.

Memory Foam

When it comes to memory foam pillows some people love it, others hate it. If you’ve never slept on a memory foam pillow we’d recommend trying it first. This materials offers excellent support but sometimes is too firm.

The other issue with memory foam is that it sleeps very hot. If you like to keep cool during the night opt for a honeycomb, gel-based or ventilated memory foam that will help air circulate. When it comes to memory foam pillows some people love it, others hate it. If you’ve never slept on a memory foam pillow we’d recommend trying it first. This materials offers excellent support but sometimes is too firm.

The other issue with memory foam is that it sleeps very hot. If you like to keep cool during the night opt for a honeycomb, gel-based or ventilated memory foam that will help air circulate.



The 2-wave design is popular in contoured pillows. It has one wave with a low-profile and the 2nd wave with a higher profile. This means you can swap the pillow round to suit your sleeping style. The rounded neck support helps to keep your spine in alignment whilst the indent provides a resting place for your head.


Trapezoid styles forego memory foam in favor of polyester or cotton. These are plusher with good aeration and a softer feel. Similar to the 2-wave they feature a lower and a higher profile for your sleeping style. If you sleep hot, it’s better to opt for a trapezoid design without memory foam.

Adjustable Neck Support

The most modern of the three. Adjustable neck support lets you pull out a ‘trapdoor’ style section to match your neck size. These are the most versatile of the three and come in either memory foam or fiber materials.


The cover is vital as it sits closest to your skin. Breathable fabrics are you best bet to avoid feeling stuffy during the night. Bamboo fabric is common as well as woven fabrics with micro-ventilation. Some products have a removable cover which is machine washable for added practicality.

What Type Of Pillow Should I Buy?

The type of pillow you need depends on you. The first question to ask is: why am I buying a memory foam pillow? If you’re suffering from neck ache you’ll want a pillow with orthopedic qualities. Like-wise if you have trouble sleeping then you’ll want something soft and comfortable.

The final question to ask is: how do I sleep? Knowing what position you sleep in, will be a key factor in finding the right pillow. Broadly speaking, people sleep in 3 main positions. Side, back or stomach. If you change position a lot you’ll need a pillow with multiple sides and profiles that is easy to flip. Here’s a quick breakdown of the types of pillow and their suitability.

Orthopedic Pillow For Neck Pain

All the products on our list are orthopedically designed to help reduce neck pain. They feature a raised neck support which mirrors the shape of your body. If you sleep on your stomach or back you’ll want something low profile to prevent your head jutting backwards and putting pressure on your neck.

Side-sleepers need a higher profile neck support because their shoulders will keep their neck further from the pillow. The curved waves might feel strange at first, but they play a vital role in assisting your neck muscles thereby reducing neck pain.

Orthopedic pillow side-sleeper

Side-sleeping is the best position to provide support for your neck and back. Curling your legs towards your chest will help the spine maintain its natural curvature. The problem with side-sleeping is that your neck tends to dip out of alignment; especially if you’re using a soft, sink-in pillow.

The idea is to keep your neck in as close to the same angle of your spine as possible. Memory foam is the best bet provided you sleep cool during the night. A firm supportive pillow which doesn’t sink in will work wonders for your back and neck ache.

Orthopedic Pillow For Back Pain

The quickest way to reduce back-pain is by purchasing an orthopedic mattress. Failing that, your next best bet is finding the right pillow. Back pain can be a result of sleeping position, posture or even genetics. It can also be caused by having your neck in the wrong position relative to the spine.

Keeping your neck up right, and in-line with your spine requires a firm pillow. Memory foam is generally excellent as it is both firm and adaptive to your shape. If you can’t sleep on memory foam, a better option will be a fiber pillow with a designated neck roll to keep your head propped up.

Those with chronic lumbar ache may want to invest in a memory foam pillow to use as a lumbar support. These are fitted under your legs or in the small of your back during the night to give you an extra layer of support.

In our below list we’ve selected a range of pillows that cater to the buyer’s guide given above. There’s something for everyone so take a careful look to find your perfect pillow.

Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

  • Shredded foam offers higher levels of air ventilation
  • 20-year warranty alongside a free 90 day trial period
  • Made by a reputable US-based premium mattress brand
  • Memory foam has orthopedic qualities which help to reduce back and neck pain
  • CertiPUR-US certified with a natural bamboo cover
  • QYou might have to have it customised to match your preferences
  • QDoes require some airing out to remove the factory smell after first usage

Snuggle-pedic is a luxury brand which use the cut-offs from their premium foam mattresses to make orthopedic pillows. These products use shredded memory foam alongside bamboo to create a supportive, but breathable memory foam pillow.

The outer cover is made from a woven bamboo fabric which helps to dissipate heat during the night. It feels soft on your skin and features ‘kool-flow’ micro-vents to help aerate the inner foam. Those inner foam pieces are interlocking which means it holds its shaped and won’t need to be constantly fluffed before use.

If you’ve never tried sleeping on a Snuggle-pedic memory foam pillow take them up on their 90 day free trial. Owners are also entitled to a stunning 20 year warranty from this US-based manufacturer.

Cr Sleep Memory Foam Contour Pillow

  • Contoured design provides optimal support for your neck, head and shoulders
  • Scientifically influenced firmness for maximum comfort
  • Gel technology used to promote better air-flow and heat transfer during the night
  • Single-piece of memory foam that won’t lose its shape over time
  • QThe design will take some getting used to
  • QCan feel flat at first if your switching from a regular pillow

CR sleep have taken pillow design and transformed it into an exact science. This contoured pillow dips in the center to provide the best possible support to your neck and shoulders. The single-piece memory foam adapts to your shape whilst the gel infusion helps to circulate heat during the night.

Using up to the minute scientific research CR sleep have incorporated the optimal firmness for a good night’s sleep. Its shape will put a lot of people off, but those who are willing to give it a go will be surprised by how comfortable it is. Not only that, you’ll notice considerable improvements stiff necks or aching shoulders.

ORIGINAL Cervical pillow

  • Gel infused memory foam keeps cool during the night
  • A risk-free trial period of 30 nights
  • Lots of options to help you find your perfect firmness
  • US-based manufacturer with a 5-year warranty
  • Adjustable neck support
  • QShredded foam can end up being lumpy in places
  • QANS slips out of place and must be re-aligned regularly

A stiff neck doesn’t have to be a part of your life forever. Custom-sleeping have designed an orthopedic, memory-foam pillow to make neck aches a thing of the past. Using shredded, gel-infused memory foam this pillow is contoured to mirror your natural position when lying down.

This pillow stands out because of its adjustable neck support (ANS). We come in all different shapes and sizes, so it makes sense to own a pillow that can be customized to our specific requirements. The ANS pillow is patented which means you won’t find a design like this one anywhere else.

Customers get a choice of firmness and the option of a woven, breathable bamboo cover. There’s a 30-night risk-free trial and a 5-year warranty from the US-based supplier.

Perform Low-profile Memory Foam Neck Pillow

  • Two-curve design makes for a more versatile pillow
  • Bamboo cover is breathable and machine washable
  • Top quality manufacture and materials
  • Helps to alleviate neck ache from poor sleeping support
  • Different models available including a low-profile version
  • QThe price is exclusive

If you’re happiest sleeping on your stomach, finding the right pillow isn’t easy. This product has a specially designed low-profile to accommodate stomach sleepers. It uses a contoured design to orthopedically support your neck and head throughout the night.

This product was designed by chiropractor and features a handy two-curve design. One curve is lower than the other but, should you change your sleeping position, the pillow can be turned around to support the higher-profile position of sleeping on your side.

Topped off with a bamboo cover that is both breathable and machine washable Perform have found a practical solution to sleeping on your stomach. The foam feels high quality and buyers get a choice of different sizes and covers. The only issue for us is the exclusive price tag

Xtreme Comforts Slim Hypoallergenic Shredded Memory Foam Standard Bamboo Pillow

  • Specially designed for stomach sleepers
  • Micro-ventilated bamboo cover feels soft on the skin and helps to keep you cool
  • Shredded memory foam adapts to the contours of your body
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Naturally anti-microbial, hypo-allergenic and dust-mite resistant
  • QShredded foam could be replaced by a single-piece for a longer lifespan
  • QNo gel components which would help to transfer heat

A lot of memory foam pillows are too thick for stomach sleepers. That causes the head to tilt back putting unnecessary pressure on the spine. Xtreme Comforts slim profile is just 5” high and uses shredded memory foam to help alleviate pressure on your back.

This pillow is topped off with a specially, micro-ventilated bamboo cover that encourages uninterrupted sleeps. When this product first hit the market it was too expensive, but the current version can be purchased for a third of the original retail price.

This pillow is premium quality throughout. It’s made with minimal chemicals, fire-retardants or toxins and has no noticeable smell out of the box. For stomach sleepers, this low-profile orthopedic pillow is a must-have.

Core Products Tri-Core Orthopedic Neck Support Pillow

  • Cool, fiber fabric that offers more support with more pressure
  • Lots of sizes and thicknesses to choose from
  • Unique trapezoid design
  • Suited to all sleeping positions
  • 90-day trial period
  • QWon’t adapt to your head shape like memory foam does
  • QShipping costs on all purchases under $50

You know a product has been well-thought out when it doesn’t look like anything else on the market. This trapezoid shaped pillow from Core Products is specially designed to provide orthopedic support regardless of your sleeping position.

Faced upright, this pillow has two neck supports on the upper and lower sides. When your sleeping on your side you’ll use the higher-profile top. If you prefer sleeping on your stomach, you can flip the pillow to take advantage of the lower-profile rounded neck support.

There’s three individual sizes to choose from and you can decide between firm or soft depending on your personal preference. These pillows are unique in that they use a springy fiber which is breathable and supportive. With a 90-day customer satisfaction guarantee investing in a tri-core is a no-brainer.

This pillow is premium quality throughout. It’s made with minimal chemicals, fire-retardants or toxins and has no noticeable smell out of the box. For stomach sleepers, this low-profile orthopedic pillow is a must-have.

Memory Foam Contour Pillow Hypoallergenic Neck Pillow

  • Available in a diverse range of shapes and sizes
  • Contoured shape with a dual profile for stomach, side and back sleepers
  • Single-piece memory foam that is firm but comfortable
  • Gel-based option for hotter sleepers
  • Mid-range price tag
  • QOnly available with one contour size
  • QThe straight flat side is awkward to position

This product from mattress manufacturer Tampor uses a tried and tested 2-wave design. The upper wave features a larger profile for side and back sleepers whilst the lower profile side is for stomach sleepers.

Constructed from a single-piece of memory foam this pillow provides orthopedic support during the night.
The outer casing is made from a breathable woven Oetko-tex fabric that helps to keep you cool during the night by circulating air-flow.

The product is available in a variety of sizes including V-shaped, low-profile, standard contour as well as a gel version.

Situated in the middle of the budget we were impressed by the levels of comfort on offer. That’s largely due to the thick slab of memory foam alongside a dual-sided profile. People who sleep hotter, should definitely opt for the gel-based version.

Natures Guest Cervical Support Pillow

  • Hypo-allergenic and free from toxins or chemicals
  • Environmentally friendly construction and fully bio-degradable
  • 90-day customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Excellent orthopedic support
  • Premium quality throughout
  • QThe natural materials make this pillow costly
  • QIt may be too firm for some
  • QNot suited to side-sleepers

Unlike most of its competitors this pillow opts for the trapezoid design. The hypoallergenic pillow is made using only natural materials, so you won’t have to worry about breathing chemicals or toxins. We liked that you can invest in a fully-adjustable version to get your thickness just right.

If you’re looking for a soft or fluffy pillow this product isn’t for you. The texture is surprisingly firm which does take some getting used to. Thankfully, Nature’s guest do offer a 90 day customer satisfaction period so, if it’s too firm after 90 days you can get a full-refund.

The firmness of this pillow is intimately linked to its orthopedic support. The raised sides support the neck and shoulders, reducing unwelcome morning aches and pains. More expensive than most products listed here, we felt the natural materials more than made up for the added price.

Multifunctional Memory Foam Knee Pillow

  • Unique and interesting design
  • Doubles up as a lumbar support for those with back ache
  • Aloe vera enhanced memory foam with no noticeable odor
  • Removable cover that is machine washable
  • Hypo-allergenic with a breathable weave
  • QDue to the design it will take some getting used to
  • QNo trial period on offer at the time of writing

We had to admit, we felt dubious when we first heard of an ergonomic pillow. This pillow is pretty unique. The heart-shaped design has a dipped platform for your head with an outward support for your neck.

The memory foam is enhanced with aloe vera which is not only beneficial to the skin but helps to eliminate odors. The foam itself is known as slow rebound foam which means it keeps its shape contoured to your head even after you lift it from the pillow.

Not restricted solely as a head-pillow the Easylife 185 is designed to double up as a sleeping support. If you suffer from chronic lumbar ache placing the pillow under your legs whilst sleeping on your back will have a positive effect.

The Easylife 185 is an innovative product that isn’t similar to anything else on offer at the moment. For that reason it takes a deserved place on our list of the ten best orthopedic pillows.

Clara Clark Hypoallergenic Contour Memory Foam Pillow

  • The honeycomb designed inner layer adds excellent airflow
  • Natural, bamboo micro-ventilated pillow casing
  • Makes for an excellent travel pillow
  • Good levels of orthopedic support
  • Superb value
  • QSmaller than most pillows
  • QHas a chemically smell straight out of the box

Clara Clark are a bespoke, bedroom designer that feature regularly in Sears among others. This hypoallergenic pillow uses a honey-comb design to ensure maximum air-flow and coolness during the night. Originally retailing at other $100 you can pick one of these up exceptionally cheap in today’s market.

This product uses a 2-wave design. The surface texture is medium firm whilst the honeycombing makes for a cool sleeper. The outer casing is a bamboo fabric featuring micro-ventilation. Clara Clark have balanced the firm support of memory foam with air-flow of a regular pillow surprisingly well.

These pillows are fairly small by industry standards. They’ll fit easily in a suit-case for business trips but may be too small for some people. Given the original pricing, quality design and support we felt this was one of the best pillows on the market.

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