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Top 10 Best Travel Crib Reviews | Expert Buyers Guide

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Are you in need of a travel crib for your little one? What factors should you consider when shopping for a travel crib? What travel crib options are available for you in 2017? If you are currently asking yourself these questions, then you are probably planning to travel with your little one. Taking a vacation is a great opportunity that enables you to sightsee as well as rejuvenate your energy levels. This does not mean that you have to leave your little one behind.

Travel cribs are designed to be handy as they allow you to travel quickly and comfortably with your little one. Thanks to improved technology, there are several options available. In this best travel crib 2017 buying guide, you will get to learn about the latest travel cribs, their features, their pros and cons as well.

Best Travel Cribs 2017

How To Choose Best Travel Crib

Before making any purchase, it is wise to consider different factors as this will allow you to make the best decision. Not doing so will result in you purchasing a product that will lack useful features which are a must for the safety and comfort of your baby. Here are factors you need to consider.


This is an important factor to consider when traveling as space can be quite limited not only in the car but also in the plane. It can be quite embarrassing to purchase a large travel crib and when it comes to packing it in the car or plane, it occupies a larger space resulting in you compromising some of your important luggage. One way of determining the size of the unit is by checking its dimensions. If an assembled model is available at the store, you can have a good chance of checking it out. When it comes to size, it’s best to go for a unit that can fold easily. This will help to save space in your car or even in the plane allowing you to avoid baggage fees.


This is of utmost importance as your little one needs to be comfortable when using the travel crib. Discomfort can result in lesions to the body which is not what you want. There are travel cribs fitted with thin mattresses and these do not offer optimum comfort to your little one. They are cheaper and this is done to entice you into buying them. Check the thickness of the mattress in order to determine its comfort. Take your time as you don’t want to compromise on comfort even if you have to pay a little extra.


Apart from comfort and size, safety is an important factor that should be at the top of your list. Your little one will be spending a considerable amount of time using the travel crib. When selecting one, you need to ensure that it is easy for your child to escape from. You also need to look if any space exists between the mattress and the walls of the crib. This helps to prevent your child from falling off when they are sleeping. According to experts, toddlers are quite active even when sleeping. The space between your crib and mattress should be minimal to ensure your baby is safe. The crib should also enable the sheets to be held firmly at the ends to prevent your little one from entangling within them.

Ease of use

You don’t want to purchase a travel crib that takes you through hell when it comes to assembling and disassembling. This can be inconvenient especially when you are packing to travel. The best travel crib should be easy to assemble and disassemble. It should have fewer loose parts making it convenient to assemble and disassemble. Furthermore, the crib should come with a product manual that contains step by step instructions that helps one to assemble and disassemble the unit with ease. To ensure that you are able to assemble it with ease before you travel, practice at home. This will help you get used to how the parts join together.

Age range

Majority of travel cribs are designed to accommodate babies within a certain age range. It is important to plan ahead and purchase a unit that will be used by your baby within the appropriate age range. If you are planning to take an extended travel adventure, your child will outgrow the unit. If this happens within a few weeks of your vacation, you will be in a dilemma of either selling or leaving the unit at your destination when departing. When shopping, choose a unit that is suitable for your child’s age.

Other consideration

Other factors to consider include types of travel cribs and price. There are different types of travel cribs available in a wide variety of shapes and colors. There are portable cribs which allow you to carry around with ease. The other type is designed as a cocoon and provides protection to your child. Lastly, comparing the prices of different units enables you to budget and purchase a unit that is affordable. Furthermore, it eliminates the chances of you overspending.

Recommended Product Reviews

BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light, Silver

If you are looking for a travel crib that is able to stand firmly on the floor and provide safety to your baby, then you need to select the BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light available in silver. It has a soft and air mesh fabric on its sides that allows your baby to breath with ease. The see-through mesh enables you to keep an eye on your little one at all times

It has a soft and comfy mattress making it a cozy place for your baby to rest. The unit has a built in base that keeps it standing firmly on the floor. It weighs 13 pounds and has a smartly designed bag for storage and ease of carrying. The assembling of the unit takes less than a minute to accomplish since you don’t have to meddle with loose parts. The mattress cover and the crib fabric are machine washable allowing you to maintain high standard of cleanliness.


  • NThe fabrics are tested and approved in accordance with Oeko-Tex standard 100, class 1. It’s free from harmful allergens
  • N The mattress cover and crib fabric are easy to remove and are machine washable.
  • NHas a stable and safe design thanks to its construction and built-in rigid base.
  • N It comes with a smartly designed carry bag that makes it easy to transport and stow away
  • N Comes with a soft and airy mesh fabric that allows the baby to breath.


  • Q It is very expensive
  • Q The soft and organic sheet tailored to fit the mattress is sold separately. This is an extra expense to the buyer.

Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Baby Playard

The Lotus Travel Crib is designed to be portable thank to its lightweight. This makes it super easy for you to prepare for travel with friends and family members. As a travel crib and playard, it comes with a side door fitted with a zip….

 This does not make the unit to be a prison but it helps to keep your baby in a secure and comfortable environment. To ensure safety, no flame retardants, lead, heavy metals or PVC have been used in the construction of the unit. It is completely breathable via the soft mesh and the mattress. This not only provides an obstructed view for your baby but for you too. The unit has been thoroughly tested for chemical emissions and is certified with the GreenGuard Gold standard.


  • N It is light and portable
  • N It is easy to setup – takes only 15 seconds
  • N Has cleanliness, art inspired graphics and logos
  • N Its fitted with soft textured fabrics and modern colors
  • N Suitable for use anywhere.


  • Q Lacks a carry bag
  • Q The mattress is not thick enough.

Graco Pack N’ Play Playard Jetsetter, Fern

The crib is designed to fold easily which allows for a quick set up and take down when in need. This helps to ensure that the unit is easy to store and easy to travel with. It features folding feet and wheels which enable for 20 percent more compact fold allowing for ease of carrying and travel. The playard has been designed to transition with the size and age of your little one

It features premium fabrics which are sleek, comfy and provide the unit with a sporty look. It has the Signature Graco push button fold which ensures the closing of your playard is quick and hassle free. It has airy mesh on all sides that improve air flow and allows you to see what your little one is doing.


  • N Has a full-sized dome canopy that shields your little one’s eyes from bright lights
  • N Has soft airy mesh on all sides that improves airflow
  • N Features a portable changing pad which can be used in or out the baby’s play yard
  • N Comes with a smartly designed carry bag that ensures ease of travel and storage
  • N Designed to transition with your baby


  • Q It is quite heavy at 22.9 pounds
  • Q The changing pad is quite difficult to use as it is not firmly supported.

Graco Travel Lite Crib with Stages, Manor

The Graco Travel Lite Crib with Stages features a canopy full of toys designed to entertain and sooth the baby. It also has the Signature Graco push button that makes folding and closing of the unit to be quick and hassle free. Handy wheels can be added which makes it convenient especially when changing locations

It features airy soft meshes on all sides that improve airflow within the unit. This also allows the baby to watch the surrounding while the parent has full visibility of the baby when in the playard. It has a one-of-a-kind height adjustable feature. It has 2 levels which allow you to adjust as your baby grows. This is beneficial as it ensures long term use of the unit. You don’t have to purchase another unit as your baby grows in terms of age and size. It is super lightweight and weighs less than 20 pounds. This makes it highly portable especially when it comes to traveling.


  • N It features a canopy with a toy bar that helps to sooth the baby
  • N It is light weight and weighs less than 20 pounds
  • N It is suitable for babies weighing 15 pounds and under
  • N Features the Signature Graco push button that makes folding and closing to be fast
  • N Has an airy mesh on all sides that improves air flow


  • Q The mesh can be easily torn making it unsafe for your baby
  • Q It does not come with soft and organic sheets for use with the mattress.

Valco Baby Zephyr Travel Crib, Mistral

The unit is designed to offer you an effortless solution when you want to travel with your little one. It features a lightweight construction making it highly portable especially during transportation. It comes with a travel bag that allows you to pack it conveniently

It also ensures that you can throw it over your shoulder for overnight visits. The unit is designed to have a quick set up. All you have to do is unpack it from the travel bag, stretch its leg in place, insert the mattress and start using it. It features a padded mattress with extra airflow exterior that ensures your baby is comfortable at all times. The free insect net ensures a bug free environment. The travel bag features mesh pockets allowing one to store more toys, bottles and other essentials. It weighs 14 pounds and has the following product dimensions – 34 by 22 by 24.5 inches. Wheels can be added allowing you to move it from one location to another with ease when fully assembled.


  • NIts lightweight and portable
  • N Has a travel bag that makes storage to be easy
  • N Comes with a padded mattress that ensures comfort
  • N Has a protective insect net providing a bug free environment
  • N Assembly is quick and easy


  • Q The mattress is not waterproof like other models
  • Q The carry case does not seem to be sturdy.

Fisher-Price Ultra-Lite Day and Night Play Yard

This is a 3-in-1 unit that features an inclined sleeper, a large padded play space and a diaper change platform. The padded play yard mat and gently inclined sleeper features a supportive seat back that cushions the baby’s head and back.

This ensures your baby can sleep, nap and play comfortably. It has a travel diaper clutch with easy to clean vinyl changing pad and wipes close to you making changing diapers to be easy at home and even when traveling. It is lightweight and portable. This makes it easy to carry from one location to another. All you have to do is pack it in the handy travel bag and sling over your shoulder. It has a machine washable sleeper pad and head support.


  • N Has a removable inclined sleeper with machine washable pad and head support
  • N Features built in wipes container
  • N Comes with a carry bag that makes storage and transportation to be easy
  • N Lightweight and portable
  • N Has a stylish design


  • Q Lacks a height adjustable feature
  • Q The mattress is not waterproof.

KidCo Peapod, Cranberry

The unit comes with UV protection on all sides making it a perfect unit to be used when outdoors for example at the beach. To ensure that it is secure, it features anchor straps for ground attachment.

It weighs 2.45 pounds making it ultra lightweight and highly portable. You can pack it up and carry it with you when travelling to spend time at the beach or at the camp. It folds easily into a standard size carry bag. This makes the unit to be ideal for sleepovers and travel to hotels. It features a zipped airy soft mesh that improves air flow in the unit. This also allows the baby to see the surrounding while you have a clear view of the baby in the unit. The sleeping pad is firmly secured to the outer bottom with snaps. It is easily removable for cleaning ensuring high standards of cleanliness are maintained.


  • N It is built with lead free materials
  • N It weighs 2.45 pounds making it ultra lightweight and portable
  • N Folds easily into a standard size carry bag ready for travel
  • N It features secure ground attachments and UV protection making it suitable for use outdoors
  • N Has a stylish design


  • Q The floor is a little wobbly making it easy to tip over
  • Q It is not easy to fold.

Parentlab JourneyBee Portable Crib, Black/Silver

The unit is easy to assemble as it pops up out of the carry bag eliminating the need of joining loose parts together. This makes the set up process to be less than 30 seconds. It also folds easily and can be packed into the carry bag with ease

It weighs 12 pounds making it lightweight and portable. You can pack the unit, sling it around the shoulders and you are good to go. The frame is built to be stable and sturdy. It comes with a comfortable mattress and has a baby height limit of 35 inches which means it is suitable for babies aged between 0 to 3 years. It has a mesh screen which allows you to keep watch of your baby and also helps to improve air flow when in use. The fabric is waterproof making it suitable for use outdoors especially when camping. It is also washable maintaining high standards of cleanliness at all times.


  • N It features a mesh screen that improves air flow
  • N It takes less than 30 seconds to assemble
  • N Comes with a carry bag making it easy to travel with
  • N The fabric is waterproof
  • N It is very spacious


  • Q Although it comes with a carry bag, it is quite bulky making it suitable for short car trips. Its weight makes it unsuitable for use in airplanes and public transport systems
  • Q It has an odd design where the bottom is much wider than the top.

BRICA Fold N’ Go Travel Bassinet

The unit is designed to offer a safe and comfortable sleeping place for your little one. It is ultra light making it perfect for use at the park, the beach or when visiting family or friends. It is built to fold up easily which makes setting the unit up to be a breeze. It comes with a convenient carrying handle making it portable. The locking frame and durable side walls ensure stability. It also helps to improve airflow within the unit.

The comfortable mattress is not only cozy but its breathable too. This gives you peace of mind when your little one is using it. The mattress is fitted with a sheet that provides a safe sleeping location for your child. It has a Safe-T lock that improves on security. The sturdy frame locks with an audible click which allows you to know when it is ready for use. All you have to do is press the release button.


  • N It weighs 2.4 pounds which makes the unit to be highly portable and ultra lightweight. The unit is suitable for use at the park or the beach.
  • N It meets ASTM standards for home bassinet use. Its material has no Lead and other heavy metals that are toxic to the body
  • N Comes with a comfortable mattress pad and fitted sheet. This ensures comfort for your little one
  • N The removable water resistant mattress pad makes cleaning to be easy
  • N Has a Safe-T lock system for improved security


  • Q Age and weight limitations have not been explained clearly
  • Q The side fabric is not breathable.

Summer Infant Travel Bed

The Summer Infant Travel Bed is designed to be lightweight making it easy to fold. It comes with a detachable carrying strap so it is easy to travel with. It is built to be convenient for diaper changes. The unit has a toy bar with two toys that help to entertain the baby when changing diapers.

The Summer Infant Travel Bed comes with a premium mattress pad that is fitted with a removable and washable sheet. It is also machine washable ensuring high standard of cleanliness. The breathable mesh sides are designed to promote air flow for comfortable rest. You can protect your baby from dirt and germs on shopping carts or restaurant high chairs using the cushy cart cover. It features a removable bolster that provides extra support and comfort for your baby while keeping the little one clean and germ free. It has a vinyl pocket designed to protect your smartphone plus two loops for attaching additional toys to keep your baby entertained.


  • N Weighs 2.1 pounds making it ultra lightweight and portable
  • N It is perfect for your little one to nap and diaper changes
  • N Has a cushy cart cover which protects your baby from dirt and germs
  • N THas vinyl pockets to protect your smartphone plus two loops to add two additional toys
  • N Has breathable mesh sides that promote air flow


  • Q It has a maximum recommended weight of 15 pounds
  • Q Its targeted towards male little ones.

Chicco Lullago Travel Crib, Lavender

It features snap-on metal legs which allow for a fast and easy assembly. It only takes less than a minute to assemble and disassemble the unit. It comes with a carry bag designed to hold and store the compact and folded unit for easier travel and storage.

The dual side mesh panels allow air to flow in and out of the unit with ease when the baby is resting. A large padded mattress is fitted creating a cozy sleeping area for the little one. The metal legs have anti-slip feet which keep the unit from sliding. The fabrics are machine washable which allows one to maintain high standard of cleanliness. The fabrics are easy to remove too. It is sleek and stylish creating a perfect environment for the baby to sleep and rest whether at home or when traveling.


  • N It has dual side mesh panels for added ventilation and increased visibility
  • N It comes with snap-on metal legs that make assembly and disassembly to be fast
  • N A carry-on bag is available that holds the folded unit making it easy to travel and store
  • N Has a sleek and stylish design
  • N The anti-slip feet keep the unit from sliding


  • Q Weighs 17 pounds which is heavy. This makes it suitable for short distance transportation only.
  • Q It lacks a protective insect net that would protect the child from insects.

Delta Children Viaggi Plus Playard

The Delta Children Viaggi Plus Playard is designed to be ultra lightweight. This ensures caring for your baby is convenient when at home or during a vacation. It is a full size bassinet and a playard in one unit making it perfect for rest and having fun. The full size bassinet insert is removable which is nice for nap time.

When the baby is ready to play and have fun, all you have to do is remove the insert bassinet revealing a cozy playard. It is available in green and grey accents. It has mosaic print on the bottom providing a playful look. It comes with a bonus storage bag which has two carrying handles. This makes transportation to be easier. The fabric cover is machine washable ensuring high standards of cleanliness. This means that it stays germ free at all times protecting the health of your little one.


  • N Has met the following certification – JPMA. It has also exceeded all ASTM and CPSC standards.
  • N It comes with a travel bag making it easy to store and travel with
  • N The unit is available as a bassinet and a playard. The bassinet is removable allowing access to a comfortable play area
  • N It is built by a family owned company assuring you of a high quality unit
  • N vailable in green and grey accents. Mosaic prints are available on the bottom giving it a playful look.


  • Q Weighs 17 pounds which is heavy. This makes it suitable for short distance transportation only.
  • Q The legs stick out too much making them a tripping hazard.

KidCO Travelpod Portable Bed, Cranberry

It has full mesh sides which not only provide visibility for the baby and the parent but helps to maximize air flow into the unit. This ensures the baby gets to be comfortable and well rested when in the unit. It is light weight weighing only 10.5 pounds.

The fabrics are fitted with zippers for easy removal. They are designed to be machine washable allowing you to maintain high standards of hygiene at all times. A nylon carry bag is available which makes it easy to transport the unit. It is engineered with a steel frame and soft padded cotton twill fabric. The steel frame provides stability to the unit ensuring safety at all times. It has a water resistant mattress making it easy to clean and prevents the foam from getting wet from the little one’s drool. It is built for both male and female genders.


  • N It has full mesh sides which improve on air flow. They also provide unobstructed view of the baby at all times
  • N The easy to remove fabric features zippers which come of easily when in need of cleaning. The fabric is machine washable
  • N It features a steel frame with soft padded cotton fabric. This improves the unit’s stability
  • N It is lightweight and highly portable. Weighs only 10.5 pounds
  • N Has a water repellent covered mattress which means drool does not come into contact with the foam.


  • Q Weighs 17 pounds which is heavy. This makes it suitable for short distance transportation only.
  • Q The legs stick out too much making them a tripping hazard.

Regalo My Cot Portable Bed

The Regalo My Cot Portable Bed is built to provide a comfortable place for your little one to rest whether it is at the camp site, day care or at grandma’s house. It is built to fold compactly so it can be stored easily in the carry case.

 It weighs 4 pounds making it ultra lightweight and portable. When packed in the carry case, you can transport it with ease. It is constructed with an all-steel frame that ensures the unit is stable and safe. Steel is known to be a tough metal so you are assured of durability. Its bed liner is made from a sturdy canvas material with reinforced stitching. This adds longevity to the unit. It has an extra comfort feature inform of a cotton fitted sheet which fits snugly over the frame. It is also removable and machine washable maintaining high standards of cleanliness at all times.


  • N Comes with a removable washable cover that protects the unit
  • N Built with a steel frame that is sturdy and stable
  • N It is light and highly portable weighing only 6.2 pounds
  • N Has the following age requirements 2 to 5 years
  • N Has the following weight requirements – 75 pounds


  • Q Comes with a 90 day limited warranty
  • Q The cot has a bar at the middle which makes it uncomfortable for a child lying on their back.

Final Verdict

As a parent, your little one should enhance your life and not limit it. If you are planning to take a vacation, you don’t have to abandon your plans just because you have a baby. Thanks to travel cribs, you can now provide a comfortable sleeping environment for your child. Today, there are travel cribs that are designed to be playards with diaper changing platforms. The playard enables the little one to have fun while the diaper changing platform allows you to change the baby’s diapers. The best travel cribs are designed with machine washable fabrics that ensure a germ free environment. They are built with full mesh sides that improve on visibility and airflow. If you are shopping for a travel crib, I highly recommend one of the models reviewed in this best travel crib 2017 buying guide for a safer purchase.

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