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Top Rated 5 Best Breathable Crib Mattresses of 2017

by | Aug 3, 2017 | 0 comments

After putting in 20 hours of research and comparing the components of top rated 10 crib mattresses, we think the best breathable crib mattress for most babies and toddlers is the NEWTON MATTRESS. It has the best breathability and completely safe, greatly reducing the risk of SIDS.

Choosing a good mattress for infants can be a bit confusing and difficult.You have to do a lot of researches to find out a safe mattress for your newborn baby. But that is quite time taking. This article will help you choosing a perfect breathable mattress for your newborn baby.

Why Breathable?

A breathable mattress allows the air flow through it. This breathing feature is important not only for maintaining the hygiene of the mattress but also to keep your baby sleep in any position.If the crib mattress is made of breathable materials instead of latex and foam then the chances of allergies reduce to a considerable level.

You know a mattress affects your sleep and health.A best mattress is must for a good night’s sleep.A proper sleep is also very important for the babies.This is the time when they actually grow and their body develops. So, there should not be any compromise with a baby’s sleep. Also, you have to make sure that the baby is getting the right and proper sleep without any disturbance. Along with that safety is the first and foremost thing to look at while the baby is sleeping on the crib.

There are many cases of SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in US (United States).This is caused when a baby is unable to breathe properly while sleeping due to the mattress. That is why nowadays the popularity of breathable baby mattress is increasing.

You will obviously want your little precious soul to be completely while they are sleeping. These breathable mattresses will not only help them to relax and grow properly but will also help them to breathe normally through the mattress. So, even if they roll down and sleep with their face down on mattress it will help them to breathe properly. There were about 15,000 deaths in the year 2013 due to this Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. And in 90 % of these cases the babies were under 6 months of age. So, it is a very delicate time when they are even unable to express their problems or take action to the problem. Thus, being parents you have to take necessary actions and buy one of these mattresses for your baby.

 Breathable  Baby Mattress Reviews

Our pick


Newton Crib Mattress And Toddler Bed Mattress

If you are looking for a good breathable mattress for infants and toddler which is better than organic and also made up of high-quality materials then you should choose the newton Crib mattress without any doubts.

 This mattress is designed in such a way that it keeps the comfort, safety and health of the baby as its first priority. The innovative style and design allows the air to flow freely from the mattress and thus it allows the baby to breathe normally. And also this flow of air helps the baby to sleep at a controlled temperature of the mattress as it prevents the mattress from getting overheated.The mattress is made up of 90 % of free air and the rest 10 % is made up of food graded polymer. Thus the whole mattress is comfortable and safe enough for the baby. The best part is that it is 100 % recyclable and does not contain any springs, foams, allergens or glue. It is wrapped up in a three-dimensional (3D) fabric which is  breathable and thus provides complete comfort. It is also very easy to clean and wash in the machine like any other clothes. It is recommended by the pediatrician for the best of the baby’s health, development and safety. So, you can completely rely on this product and trust it.Some of the other features of this mattress are –

– It is 100 % breathable design which is a great significance for the baby. Due to the growing SIDS it has become a must-have for all new parents to buy the safest crib mattress for them. So, there is no chance of suffocation or any breathing problems.

– The proper air circulation controls the heat flow and thus prevents your baby to get sweaty backs which can disturb their sleep at the middle of the night.- For better hygiene and health safety, washing the mattress on regular basis is important. All the materials here ensure highest level of hygiene. All are completely washable in machine.

– This mattress is completely certified to be the best and safest option for the baby. The Greenguard certificate ensures that the product is made in USA and is completely recyclable. Thus you can get the best materials which are  eco friendly

Secure Beginnings Safe sleep White/Pink, Standard

If you are looking for a perfect mattress for your baby which eco friendly as well as highly comfortable while sleeping, then secure beginnings safe sleep Crib Mattress is the one to look for. Adding to that, it is also great for the babies to breathe through it while they are sleeping with their face down on the mattress…

 This crib mattress will provide your baby with a cozy and completely safe sleep. There is a bed of air which is layered just between the base and the sleep surface of the mattress. This layer is great for allowing the air to flow or pass so that the baby can breathe easily even while face down on the mattress.Due to this easy airflow feature, there is no chance of overheating of the mattress. So, the baby will not feel uncomfortable at all. The best part about this feature is the convenience to breathe and safety. The fabric quality is really great with a faster-drying rate which is more than 50 % of the usual time taken for the thin cotton. The fabric does not contain any toxins or chemicals. It is  eco-friendly and organic. The oxygen rich air case is great for the baby even if he/she rolls into the position with face down.Some of the other features and specifications of this mattress are –

– It is completely washable in machine so you can get a clean and tidy mattress. The best thing about this machine wash is that it stays clean and hygienic. Your baby will not have to sleep on the dust or dirt and adapt to the allergies.

– While sleeping a baby can roll and go to a position where his/her face will lie down. In this position often the babies are unable to breathe properly causing SIDS. But with the help of this  crib mattress babies will be able to breathe normally like usual.

– The sleep surface is complete organic and is also removable. So, after some days of use, you can remove it and wash it.

– There is no need of using pads, bumpers and sheets while using this mattress for your baby crib. Your baby can sleep over it completely relaxed and comfortably without the need of anything.

– This is scientifically proven to be safe and there are also no chemicals used. Since, this is for the use of your babies this mattress is made in such a way that no baby face any kind of problems.

Secure Beginnings Heaven Sent 

Heaven Sent Breathable  Mattress, a mattress by secure beginnings is a great and revolutionary breathable mattress for the cribs which comes with an air permeable sleep surface and also passive air flow system..

 It is designed wonderfully keeping in mind that if a baby sleeps on it with the face down, he/she can breathe normally without any problem. Even you do not have to think about breathing the harmful carbon dioxide which is not good for the health of the baby. This secure beginnings mattress is safe and better than any organic mattress. It does not contain any harmful toxins which can harm your baby.So, it will provide your baby with a great and comfortable sleep. This crib is made in USA and is recommended by Pediatric sleep disorder specialists and pediatricians. So, this baby mattress is  recommended for your baby. Some of the other features and specifications of this mattress are

– It is made up of 100% polyester and that is why it will provide a smooth and comfortable sleep. The polyester is of high quality which will help your baby to get right sleep without any kind of discomfort due to the fabric.

– As mentioned above, it features an air permeable sleep surface so that the air can pass through easily while you are sleeping and this will be very much easy for the baby to sleep and breathe.

– The passive air-flow base also helps to provide the best flow of the air through the mattress. So, even when the baby sleeps with his/her face down, the air will flow by and they will not intake the harmful carbon dioxide back.

– The sleeping surface of this mattress is made up of a fabric named Spacer Fabric which is an air permeable medical grade fabric allowing easy breathing and flowing of air through the mattress.

– You can also easily remove the sleep surface and wash it in your laundry as well as use medium heat for drying it.- It also comes with an year of limited warranty so that in case of any problem you can go and consult them directly.

SecureBeginnings Safesleep, Espresso/Pink, Standard

This is an eco-friendly mattress for the baby’s crib which provides high comfort to the baby. This supremely comfortable mattress has a lot of benefits which help the baby to have a cozy sleep..

This mattress offers perfect firmness as well as the right contours which will help your baby to have a great sleep without any disturbances and problem. This Crib mattress comes with oxygen-rich middle layer that helps the baby to breathe normally when he/she is sleeping with the face down position. If you want your baby to have a safe and highly comfortable sleep at night, you have to buy this one.The best thing about this mattress is that has a solid base along with soft and cozy upper sleep surface and rectangular side cut outs. Not a single chemical or any toxin material is used to make this mattress. It is natural and organic and no chemicals are used to make it waterproof or fireproof. The baby’s health is the first priority here and of course a natural fabric can provide the best health as well as comfort to the baby. Since the air flows properly through the mattress, there is no risk of it getting overheated. Thus, your baby can sleep properly with the right adjustment of the mattress.Here are some of the other special features of this crib mattress –

– This crib  mattress consists of 3D medical grade space which is really great and superior. The best part of this mattress is that it is made up of high and superior quality materials and fabrics made in US.

– If by chance your baby roll into a position where the face is down, there is no chance of breathing problem or difficulty. The baby can breathe normally as he/she usually does- With regular use of the mattress, it of course gets dirty and needs to be washed. In this mattress, you can easily remove the sleep surface where the baby sleeps and wash it. You can wash it like normal clothes in laundry to keep it clean and keep the dust, dirt and other toxins away from the mattress.

– You will not need any kinds of pads, sheets or bumpers over this. Your baby can rest over it completely. So, you can feel completely relaxed and tension free while your baby is sleeping on this.

– This crib mattress is scientifically proven to be safe for the babies with no toxins and chemicals in it. It is completely natural and thus it is one of the best and healthiest options for the baby.

Secure Beginnings Safesleep White/Blue, Standard

Who doesn’t want their baby to have a sound and safe sleep? Well, everyone will want it! You have to understand that the SIDS or the sudden infant death syndrome is one of the most caused incidents in United States. To save your baby from this and to ensure that your baby is getting a completely safe sleep on the mattress you should buy this Secure Beginnings Safesleep for the baby’s crib.

This mattress makes sure that you are getting the best quality material which will help the baby to sleep properly and also breathe properly while facing down on the mattress.Babies have the tendency to roll into a position where the face goes down to the mattress. This can cause breathing trouble or often stops breathe. But with the great upper sleeping surface and the easy airflow mid surface the baby can sleep properly and breathe properly while sleeping. Even this mattress is made up of  pure organic fabric which is complete eco-friendly. It has no chemicals mixed in it or any kind of toxins which will cause a problem in your health. The babies who sleep properly and in right way has a better chance of growth than that of the other babies. So make the decision wisely.Some of the other features and benefits of this mattress are –

– It is scientifically proven that it uses  superior quality organic fabric without any chemicals and toxins to make sure that the baby’s health is at the right condition.

– The upper sleep surface of the mattress can be washed and dried normally in the laundry. You will not have any problem with the cleaning of the mattress. Baby can sleep on clean mattress. So, the dirt and dust will not cause any infections or allergies to your baby.

– Drying of the surface is quite easy and quickly. It quickly dries off which is even 50 % quicker than that of the thin cotton.

– The heat passes away due to the easy air flow design and thus there is no chance of overheating. Baby can sleep peacefully and relaxed in the right and controlled temperature of the mattress.

– You will not need any sheets, pads or any bumpers for your baby sleep on it. They can sleep directly on the sleep surface of the mattress.

– This crib mattress sleep surface covers the gap between the mattress and the walls of the crib for better safety. Even this sleep surface is completely breathable and passes out the air quickly. Thus, your baby will not breathe in the harmful carbon dioxide that may cause health problem.

How This Crib Mattress Works?

While the baby is sleeping, not only the baby but also you need to relax. For the peace of mind, taking proper safety measures for the sleeping baby is inevitable. You must know that the breathable mattress is the best solution for the baby sleeping with their face straight down on the mattress. For the normal mattresses it will be difficult for them to breathe. But in case of the breathable ones it is different. The design is quite new and innovative which makes the mattress perfect for the baby sleeping at any position.

In this breathable mattress, the fiber of the mattress is removed. There are no fibers and only the sleep surface which is made up of a permeable quality material that easily allow the air to flow. Since there are no fibers, the air can easily pass through the hollow space. Thus the baby sleeping with face down can easily breathe in and out. They are also breathing the fresh air in and not any harmful gas like carbon dioxide. Since the sleeping surface is completely permeable it also helps in air circulation and thus there is no chance of overheating of the mattress. It is safely tied with the crib that prevents it from moving and thus the baby sleeps comfortably. You can also stay at the peace of mind.


Safety: The first and foremost thing when you look for something for your baby is safety. Breathable baby mattress is completely safe for your baby as these are made up of permeable sleeping surface which allows your baby to breathe properly. The best thing about this mattress is that you can also get the best airflow which will help your baby to get continuous flow of fresh air.

– Easy to wash: The upper sleep surface is easy to remove and also can be washed in the machine like any other clothes. Thus you do not have to worry about the dirt and dustsgetting accumulated there. It is hygienic and is made up of the best quality materials.

– No chance of overheating: There is no chance of overheating of the mattress as you the air circulation is very efficient. Thus, the heat from the body flow with the air. Thus, the baby gets the best sleep without sweating all night.

– No need of any sheets: Since this sleep surface is comfortable enough it serves as a sheet and a pad as well. You do not have to use a sheet, bumper or any pads as an extra accessory for the baby to sleep.


The only problem is that the baby will not get the bouncy and cozy effect of the sponge and fiber that usual mattress have.

But the mattress is cozy and comfortable enough as well as safe for the baby to sleep. It is recommended by the pediatrician for the development and safety of the babies. So, it is guaranteed that the babies get great sleep here on this breathable mattress which is enough for the development of the baby.


So, if you are looking for the best breathable mattress for your infant, you can go for any one of these. However, before buying any of these, you need to evaluate the 5 above mentioned products. There is no doubt that those are the 5 best products available in the market. However, each of those varies from the others in certain aspects. If you go through the product specifications carefully then you will find the subtle differences between those and at the same time, you could pick the perfect one for you. No matter with which one you are going with, your baby will be able to get the best sleep in the world which is completely safe without any chance of breathing problem, suffocation or anything. It will also provide a great comfort by circulating the heat produced from the body. And all these 5 breathable crib mattresses are made up of high-quality materials which are  recyclable or organic in nature for the better safety of the baby.

Author: Emma Megan

I am a mother of two beautiful girls.I know that when a mother gives birth to a child, she has to be very cautious than a father for the health of that child.Wherever I get the opportunity to write, I write about the wellness of the children because a real mother knows how to keep a child healthy.Lets’s write on the web for whatever is needed for a baby.
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