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Colgate Classica iii Foam Crib Mattress Reviews- Our Best Pick 2017

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If you have been struggling to find a good, high-quality crib mattress, then you should seriously consider the Colgate Eco Classica III.  Although there are other seemingly-good mattresses out there that will maybe disappoint you, this one may just be what you needed.

This dual-sided mattress may not loudly announce itself with fancy-packaging or promises of quality that just don’t measure up but it simply has many qualities that make it a good investment.  Read on, therefore, if you want to know more about the Colgate Eco.


  • It’s environmentally-friendly with no noticeable original smell
  • It doesn’t weigh much—easy to handle & carry
  • It makes for easy cleaning/maintenance


  • Ingrained stains are difficult to remove

Packaging & Set-up

Interestingly, the box the Colgate Eco comes in is just a plain brown box.  You would think that it would be more floridly packaged with colorful emblems and designs, but, would you rather they put their best efforts into the packaging or the product?

This is one product that can actually make out okay without all that fancy marketing.  The Colgate Eco crib mattress makes up in performance what it may lack in packaging, as you’ll see.

Safety?—You’re Covered!

It’s clear that they put their focus (among other important things) on safety when they made this mattress.  First of all, this mattress’ firmness will help protect babies and infants from SUDS, SIDS and related medical problems.

Be sure to check out our top rated breathable crib mattress to get rid of SIDS.

In addition, said firmness provides the resistance the little ones need in order to develop muscles and tendons while at the same time being comfortable.  Then, as they move into the toddler phase, just flip the mattress over for even more softness and comfort for that age group.

In addition to giving the proper support and firmness, the Colgate Eco III is made from CertiPUR-US safe foam, as well as having GREENGUARD Gold certification.  Such certification gives you the assurance that there are no dangerous gas emissions (with the accompanying nasty smells) capable of interfering with your child’s sleeping ambiance.

The Eco Classica is made by Colgate, a family-owned business around since the 1950s.  Considering that infants will be using their crib mattresses 70 percent of the time and toddlers 50 percent of the time, doesn’t it make sense to make sure that their crib mattress is reasonably safe?  This appears to be an important goal for Colgate—the evidence is right there in front of you.

Portability & Handling

If your child has a messy “accident” in the middle of the night, you may have to strip the mattress and replace the sheets and covers.  Isn’t it nice if, when forced to do this (something that happens more often than those who’ve never been parents realize), you can deal with a crib mattress that isn’t overly cumbersome or heavy?

Fortunately, the Colgate Eco III is only 9 lbs, thus making easy to do what you have to do without straining yourself.

Maintenance & care

Unless they make a spill-proof, never-make-a-mess child, your best bet is to buy things for your kids that help (instead of hindering) the process of cleaning up after those inevitable messes and spills.  The Colgate Classica can be cleaned merely with the use of some mild cleaning agent/soap and a damp cloth.

To help you further, this mattress is water-resistant.  In order to avoid possible staining (which can happen to any mattress, given the right kinds of circumstances), clean messes ASAP, especially if whatever is spilled on the mattress (i.e., grape juice) has a tendency to stain things

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Water Resistance

The cover on this mattress is water resistant.  Because spills tend to stay put, cleaning them is a breeze, if you take care of them promptly and do a good job with the cleanup afterwards.

In spite of its being waterproof, you should consider purchasing a water/stain-resistant mattress protecting cover for it.  If the spill isn’t taken care of promptly enough, then it’s possible that some liquids/substances may leak through into the mattress (possibly voiding the warranty).  Such a cover will add longevity to your mattress.


It’s not a bad idea to check the stitching and seams in a crib mattress.  When seams give out, not only does that create a rift for bugs and other things to end up in, but it may also leave strings hanging out which wondering, curious little hands may find interesting.

Pulling of such can be the beginning of bigger, ever-widening trouble.  Inspecting this ahead of trouble will save you time and aggravation; better yet, look for mattresses for which this doesn’t seem to be a common problem.

The Colgate Eco III appears to be such a mattress—as such, its seams are tight and snug.  By the way, as far as strings hanging out, when this happens it creates a potential strangulation threat that is best avoided by never allowing such scenarios to go unresolved.  Hanging strings and threads are generally dangerous whether they are hanging out of a loose-seams mattress, a fraying blanket, or anything else.


This mattress has a firmer, better-support infant’s side and, when turned over, a softer, more-comfortable-for-toddlers side.

Composition & Construction

In general, single-layer mattresses are limited in what they offer because, let’s face it, any one material, no matter how versatile, can only do or provide so much.  One of the advantages about the Colgate Eco III, however, is the fact that it has 4 (with 2 of those being used twice) complementing-each-other layers.  The layers are tightly packed inside the mattress, each layer performing a specific function, all of which are meant to keep your child safe, comfortable and secure.

Mattress “Feel”

The “feel” of a mattress is, of course, a somewhat subjective thing but one which is nevertheless worth mentioning for some mattresses that stand out, either as high quality items or poor investments.  Poor quality crib mattresses, for example, will feel rough to the touch or they will make unpleasant plastic sounds when your child moves around or lays on top of it.

This mattress doesn’t seem to have any of t hose problems.  It has a soft, cottony feel to the touch.  This becomes an even more important issue if and when your child lays on top of it without sheets; it’s nice to know that when (and this is not a question of “if”) this happens your child will feel comfortable enough to go to sleep, as expected.

What Makes This Mattress the Best?


If taken proper care of, this mattress can last for a long time.  Its tight seams, well-secured layers of soft material, and easy-portability (making it easy to take out, clean and even put outside under the sunlight, if necessary) are only three of the reasons why this mattress, if well-maintained, is a durable product.


There is a lifetime (with some limitations) warranty on your Colgate Eco III provided by the manufacturer


In general, a mattress with too much bounce isn’t a good thing; for one thing, it can interfere with a child getting to sleep and, secondly, it can create a health hazard if, in addition to being overly bouncy, the mattress is also too fluffy, thus potentially letting the face of babies get buried in grooves, possibly creating a suffocation situation.

Also, the crib or toddler bed could easily become a place to hang out by older siblings who may easily fall in love with the new trampolines these mattresses (the ones that are super bouncy) can become.

General Support

This mattress is very supportive in that it isn’t trampoline-like (as in the case of coil mattresses), infants don’t tend to sink into a fluffy, overly-soft surface and toddlers aren’t so uncomfortable (as they would be in mattresses that provide too much support for their age group) that they can’t get the rest they need.

Sleeping Position Ratings for Toddlers & Infants


This mattress is said to have just the right amount of firmness for infants minus the worries that often accompany the subjects of SUDS and SIDS.  Pushing on the surface of a mattress should give you a rough (albeit generally reliable) idea as to how much an infant is likely to sink into its surface—of course, you don’t want a baby to sink too much but only slightly in order to remove any chance of suffocation.

Some inexperienced parents/guardians may mistakenly think that a baby would be more comfortable in very fluffy, lush surfaces but, while they may indeed be comfortable, such surfaces don’t provide the resistance that is needed for babies and infants to develop their arms and legs as they push to move around, turn over or to even try to escape their “prison.”  In this regard, an infant is much safer if you lay him/her down on the lawn than if you put him on beach’s sand (into which we tend to sink—as would a baby on a fluffy surface).

On the other hand, the toddler’s side is considerably softer than the infant’s side, a testament to the fact that this mattress is indeed “dual-sided”—which is sometimes claimed of some lower-quality mattresses that aren’t really that different on the two sides.  Another plus for the toddler’s side is that the toddler doesn’t sink into the mattress either; infants aren’t the only ones to protect in this regard.


The support that this mattress provides will help your infants as they learn to make different movements, including pulling themselves to their hands, knees and, eventually, to their feet.  The resistance the mattress provides will help kids strengthen those all-important muscles, which in turn help the other parts of the bodies develop properly.  Bones, for example, need strong muscles in order to grow and provide the movements that sometimes become “exercise.”

Edge Support

Edge support is of course most important when kids have to depend on these edges to support them, such as when toddlers sit on the edge of the bed waiting for something or perhaps learning to put on their shoes.  But some people forget that all children toss and turn at one point or another.

As they do so, they may end up at the farthest “edges” of the kingdom.  This is when you’re appreciative that the child doesn’t sink, possibly getting a limb caught under the mattress between the mattress and the cribs rails.  This mattress doesn’t appear to succumb to that problem.

Then there is the issue of toddlers possibly falling of their bed if they turn too often or too abruptly while sleeping (or even if they’re awake and doing so); it helps if the mattress stays nice and firm while supporting the full weight of the toddler.  It is situations like this that will make you thankful for the supportive strength of the Colgate Eco.

This mattress, in fact, will give you peace and mind as you embark on the tricky journey of transferring the child from a crib to a toddler bed.  You will see for yourself that this mattress passes this test with flying colors.

As for preventing children from rolling off their toddler beds, there are a number of things to consider, including putting up a net, getting a removal rail, putting a chair or some other piece of furniture against the bed (assuming that the other side is against a wall or another non-giving structure), or putting some type of impediment (a large stuffed animal, one of those long pillows, etc.) under the sheet near the edge of the mattress.

Crib Fit

In general, it’s not a good idea if there is any kind of significant gap between the mattress and the crib’s rails.  Such an opening can make it possible for things to fall in there that later end up in the hands of a mischievous (or simply innocent) child.

There is the even bigger danger of a child getting a limb or even his/her head caught in a very bad spot.  To prevent such a thing simply make sure that the mattress you select for your child’s crib fits snugly in the crib—in other words, buy a Colgate Eco III.

Fortunately, the Colgate Eco III is made to fit a United States’ standard crib, so a snug fit is a cinch.  On other hand, if the crib you own isn’t a standard-sized crib, then do some measuring to see if this mattress is your best option.


Since the Colgate Eco III has rounded corners, this mattress may not stay tightly in place with some cribs, not that this is a problem for many cribs.  Rounded corners aren’t as ideal as square ones when it comes to crib fit, but some people still prefer them because they aren’t as sharp as square corners may end up being.  If the crib can accommodate this rounded-corner mattress, it may be a less dangerous option—at least as far as edge sharpness goes.

Sleeping Ratings:

Safety—9.5 out of 10

Support—9.5 out of 10

Edge Support—9.5 out of 10

Bounce—9.5 out of 10

Heat Retention—9.5 out of 10

Off Gassing—9.5 out of 10

Toddler’s Sleeping Quality—9.5 out of 10

Infant Sleeping Quality—9.5 out of 10

For Whom (age, sleeper type, etc.) Is This Mattress Suitable?

Penny Pinchers

This mattress is ideal for people who can’t afford to spend money frivolously and who must, therefore, buy right the first time.  Good quality, non-toxic, environmentally-friendly mattresses can be rather expensive but this mattress, in contrast, is comparatively affordable.

Temperature Control & Heat Retention

One thing that children have in common with adults is the fact that their body temperature can be affected by many factors, including sleeping on mattresses that, instead of dissipating heat, retain it.  It’s best if the mattress you get for your kids doesn’t retain heat and it’s even better if it helps to dissipate that heat.  If this isn’t the case, there are other options, including getting a heat mitigating cover for a mattress.

Wonderfully, the Colgate Eco III possesses built-in cooling features that can help dissipate heat.

Special Odors

Some crib mattresses have chemical smells that may or may not die down with time and with use.  Well, the Colgate Eco III doesn’t appear to have any of those harsh, potentially harmful chemical smells.  In terms of smells, mattresses labeled as “organic” or “natural” or “environmentally-friendly” are your best bet because they are less likely to come with offensive, potentially dangerous smells or, worse yet, chemicals that can harm children in the long run.

The Final Puzzle You Need to Know

The Colgate Eco III is definitely worth recommending because of all of its advantages and benefits.  It may carry a bigger price than some competitors but most of the competitors aren’t organic and have issues this mattress seems to have avoided.  Simply put, this mattress is a healthy, practical choice.


When you look at all the benefits the Colgate Eco III provides, it’s difficult to beat to this mattress hands down.   A dual-sided mattress that has good support, firmness and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg—what’s not to like?

Author: Emma Megan

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