Crib Mattress Care Guide- A Must Read For Parents

Babies spend a lot of time on crib mattress. So, keeping the baby mattress clean is very important. You may buy a top-quality, expensive crib mattress with a 10-year warranty. But, if you do not properly clean and maintain, it will not be in good condition for long time. The longevity of a crib mattress mainly depends on the quality of mattress and how well you care and maintain it. A well cared and well maintained crib mattress can last long for your needs, especially if you plan to reuse it for your next baby.

Mattress are as magnets for dust mites. If it isn’t properly cleaned, your baby may suffer skin irritation and asthma. In addition, uncleaned baby mattress can be a growing place for molds and mildew, which may cause skin and respiratory problems. For this reason, it is important to keep a crib mattress as clean as possible and maintain it properly.
Read and learn how to care for crib mattress as well as cleaning up, so that you can keep your baby safe and healthy.

General Crib Mattress Care

Buying a crib mattress is an investment, so you want to ensure that your purchase lasts as long as possible. Following are the steps that you should maintain to properly take care of a crib mattress:

Rotate The Crib Mattress

Although it seems like an unnecessary acrobatics, by doing this you can ensure the good condition of the mattress for a long time. At the beginning of each season, rotate the mattress so that what was once the head is now the foot. It will ensures the mattress wears evenly. Following this method can prevent early sagging of the mattress that happens due to sleeping at the same spot repeatedly.

Use A Mattress Cover

If you allow your baby sleep directly on the crib mattress, it will lead to rapid aging. Mattress cover will not allow moisture to get into the surface of a mattress and thus slow the growth of odor causing bacteria. A tightly fitting and washable mattress cover protect the mattress and keep it usable and sanitary for long time.

Change The Sheet Regularly

Changing the crib sheet should be routinely performed. Frequently changing the sheet keeps the mattress free from odor and dust that build up and transfer to the mattress.

Crib Mattress Odors-How to Deal?

To get rid of from the crib mattress odors, just follow the following:

Warm Sunlight: Dry the crib mattress in the sun. It will remove the unpleasant odors from the mattress as the warm sunlight has a way of eliminating odors.

Baking Soda: You can deodorize a crib mattress safely by using Baking soda as a natural deodorant. Using procedure:

>Wash and dry the mattress
>Sprinkle baking soda on the crib mattress
>Allows it to sit for a few hours
>Before using, thoroughly vacuum up the mattress

Medicated Powder

This is one of the natural product that you can use to safely deodorize a crib mattress. The using procedure is the same as baking powder.

>Sprinkle the powder on the mattress after the mattress has dried
?Allow the powder to sit as long as possible before vacuuming

Urine-How To Remove From A Crib Mattress

If your baby’s diaper leak, the quicker you act, the less the chance to soak into the mattress core.
To Remove Urine From A Crib Mattress You Will Need:

Vacuum cleaner
Baking soda
Enzyme based cleaner

Follow The Steps:

Lightly soak up the urine with the cloth.
Spray the cleaner on the urine and blot off with a cloth.
Sprinkle the baking soda onto the wet spot and leave overnight.
Before using, vacuum the baking soda.

Baby Poop- How To Clean From A Crib Mattress

To Remove Baby Poop From A Crib Mattress You Will Need:

Old cloth or rags
Empty spray bottle
Latex gloves
Enzyme based cleaner

Follow The Steps:

Using latex gloves and spoon pick up any solid clumps of poop.
Spray enzyme based cleaner on the area and leave to sit for 10 minutes.
With an old cloth, blot the cleaner up.
Spray the vinegar on the area to remove the odor.
Dry the matterss in the sunlight or set up a fan and direct the breeze at the mattress.

Dust Mites- How To Prevent

To prevent dust mites look at the following factors:

Watch The Humidity

Wet weather is favorable to grow dust mites. Keeping the relative humidity below 50%, you can prevent dust mites growing in the mattress.

Dry In Sunlight

Drying the mattress in the warm sunlight kills dust mites as well as remove unpleasant odors form in the mattress.

Wash The Bedding

You can kill dust mites by hot water. Wash the bedding with 140’F hot water once a week.

Freeze All Non-Washables

Kill the dust mites by freezing the non-washables. The crib bedding like pillow that can’t be washed, simply placed them in a airtight plastic bag and freeze them overnight.


Proper care and maintenance of a crib mattress not only ensures its longevity but also keep your baby safe and healthy.

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