DaVinci Emily 4-in-1 Convertible Crib is of high quality and is very high on functionality. It makes your child sleep safely year after year. It can be used in four different ways. This crib can be easily converted into a daybed or a toddler bed by just making a few adjustments. Thus, even if your baby has learnt to sit or crawl, you can restrict your baby in this multi-purpose bed all day. In fact, if you just add up the wooden rails, the crib can even be converted into a full-sized bed.

Overall, it can be considered as a great product. The product is beautiful and quite simple to use. The product is made up of New Zealand natural pine wood, which looks beautiful. The metal and the spring mattress that has been used in this crib, gives a firm support to the mattress.​

​The crib is made up of high quality materials and is sturdy. Thus, even if your kids move or jump on the crib, it will not move or creak. The product has been designed with baby safe finishes. The mattress can be used in four different positions. So, you can opt for a safe height, where your child can reach comfortably. It has all the useful features at a very affordable price.

The packing of the product has also been done flawlessly, as all the parts are separately packed and labeled. Manuals are available, which can guide you to assemble the product effortlessly. The overall measure of the assembled crib is, 54.625” x 34.5” x 41.875” and the overall weight is 50.5 lbs.​

Four of the main features of the crib are:

  • Crib: One of the major advantages of using the crib is its multi-positioning feature. You can adjust the height according to your requirements. In the initial stage, you can keep the height of the mattress at the highest position and as your child learns to sit up, crawl or roll over, you can drop the height by a few notches. The dimension of the crib in the interior side is, 52.375” x 28”. You should stop using the crib, when your child learns to climb or reaches up to 35”.The height of the front rail of the crib is 35”, while the height of the back rail is 41.875”. DaVinci Emily 4-in-1 Convertible Crib  is highly safe to use, as the static side of the rail does not drop down.
  • Toddler Bed: Once your baby outgrows a crib, you will just have to make a few modifications, to convert the crib into a toddler bed. A partial guard has been provided in this toddler bed, to protect your child from falling. Children can even use this partial rail, to get in or out of bed. Another important feature of the bed is that, it is of low profile, which is safe as toddlers can easily lose balance. The bed is quite hard and firm, which is essential as toddlers are full of energy. Thus, even if they jump on the bed, the bed can bear the pressure. This toddler bed will be able to bear weight up to 50 lbs. The toddler guard rail is conveniently included along with the package, which can prevent the toddler from rolling out of the bed at night. Thus, your child will be able to sleep safely just like an adult.
  • Daybed: As your child grows up, you can easily convert the toddler bed into a daybed. This can be done just by removing the partial railing. The day bed can act as a very stylish couch in the day and it does not even take much space to fit in. So, even if your child’s room is small, the day bed can be easily placed at one corner of the room. As your child will get a sofa or couch kind of feel, he or she will enjoy spending a lot of time in that bed. This bed can again be used at night, where your child will get a comfortable sleep.
  • Full-sized Bed: The DaVinci Emily 4-in-1 Convertible Crib, will grow with your child through all the stages of his growth. So, as your child grows up, you can convert the daybed into a full-sized bed. This can be done simply by adding the wooden rails. This full-sized bed rails do not come with the package, so you will have to buy them separately. The bed is very firm and highly durable. There are extra strong slates for extra security. It can bear weight up to 500 lbs. The design of the bed is stylish and timeless. The product has been designed in such a way, so that, it can be used for years.

Pros of the product

Some of the most important features that make it stand out from the rest are:

  1. The product can be used for four distinct purposes.
  2. The furniture is quite well-built, which makes it a very safe product for babies and toddlers.
  3. It provides a firm support during sleep as it has a metal and spring mattress.
  4. It is tested for its non-toxic finish and it exceeds all the safety standards.
  5. The extra long slates, makes it even safer.
  6. It is JPSM certified and thus, it can be assured that it meets all the safety standards that has been set by ASTM & CPSC.
  7. It has a beautiful craftsmanship.
  8. If the instructions are followed properly, it is very easy to assemble.

Cons of the product

Although the product is stuffed with good features, it has a few negative aspects as well.

  1. The full-sized bed rails are not included in the package.
  2. The beddings and mattress do not come with the package.
  3. It dents easily.
  4. The natural pine wood is soft, so it scratches easily.

    Bottom Line

    The users of the product are quite satisfied with it. The users have found, that the product is quite sturdy and so they find it safe for their child. It is very comfortable and thus, the children can get uninterrupted sleep. The product is highly functional and the users claim that they have got the worth of their money. The price is also quite low, if its features and functionalities are taken into account. Thus, if you overlook the minor imperfections, it is a highly rated product specially at its price range.

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