Davinci Twilight Hypoallergenic Universal Fit Waterproof 6-Inch Ultra Firm Deluxe Crib mattress is considered of having the simplest of designs without any real complicacy. The mattress is made entirely for sleeping purpose and is ideal for your kid’s crib. The features are simple, yet useful. Below, we have discussed some features of this Davinci Twilight mattress.

Davinci Twilight Hypoallergenic Universal Fit Waterproof 6-Inch Ultra Firm Deluxe Crib Mattress

> Free of harmful chemical:

Like most other high end mattresses, this Davinci Twilight mattress is also made without using any highly reactive or harmful chemical. It is free of adhesives, toxic flame retardants and lead, making it a perfectly safe product for your kid.

> Firm surface and waterproof cover:

The Davinci Twilight mattress is covered with a waterproof cover, making it spill and liquid proof and thus pretty easily washable. The composition of the foam is very firm and it makes it safe for your child to sleep on it. The surface is even which prevents the child from suffocating.

> Hypo allergic:

The material and cover does not have any kind of chemical flame retardant, making the surface soothing for your child’s skin. The materials are also hypo allergic, making sure that your child does not develop any kind of allergic reactions towards to mattress. This will help them when they grow older in case of not developing any kind of induced allergic reactions.

> The thick foam centre:

Another great feature of this mattress is the 6 inch thickness of it. The thickness is evenly distributed and not one place gets dented that easily. The flat and clean surface gives your child a great surface to play and sleep.

> Bottom Line:

Overall, this Davinci Twilight mattress is a great choice as a mattress for little kids. The price is too low to believe it is true and don’t think that the quality of the particular mattress is compromised due to the low pricing.

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