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Dream on Me Spring Crib and Toddler Bed Mattress Review

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The Dream on Me is a great buy for a number of reasons.  Made to fit either cribs or toddler beds, this mattress is manufactured using high quality materials that are sure to keep your child comfortable, safe and well-supported.  Beyond that, this is a high durability product, if the product is properly taken care of and not abused.  Its unique color, pattern and design is sure to satisfy your needs and taste.  Among its many other good attributes, this mattress is hypoallergenic, has vents that keep air moving within it (thus helping to keep it fresh and from overheating) and around it, and is water-resistant.


  • N It’s pleasantly light and easily portable
  • N It resists odors, stains and bacteria/mold growths
  • N It’s hypoallergenic


  • Q Some people claim that rips can sometimes develop over time (but that can happen for any mattress, depending on how well you treat and maintain them

What Is This Mattress Made Of?

Bad Things That Are Not In This Mattress

This mattress does not contain many bad chemicals, including lead or phthalates

Packaging & Set-up

This mattress comes securely packaged but it is also easily unboxed and made ready for use.  Unlike many foam mattresses, this mattress doesn’t make you wait to start enjoying it.


This mattress is reported to rate highly in the area of safety.  This mattress, for example, meets or exceeds the CFR 1632/33 Federal Flammable Materials Standards and the ASTM Standards. It’s hypoallergenic; it’s tightly sealed in order to help keep out bugs; it’s water-proof, which helps to retard bacterial and mold growths; and it is made to be firm, which reduces chances of suffocation.

Portability & Handling

This mattress is unexpectedly light, considering how well it’s made and the fact that it isn’t made of cheap foam.  Consequently, this mattress is easy to handle, manage and carry about.

Maintenance & care

It’s always a worthwhile goal to keep these types of mattresses germ-free and clean.  After all, you will have to deal with many spills and accidents that can easily translate in the long run into the development of stains and bacterial/mold growths.  The last thing you want is to add to this opportunity for trouble.  This mattress, though, has many qualities that will help you keep it clean:  being hypoallergenic, tightly made, well vented, and water-resistant.

Water Resistance

This mattress’ laminated covers help fight off stains, mold, bacterial and mildew growths, bad odors, and other nasty things that can deter from its being enjoyed by you and your child.  To boot, it’s also water-resistant.

Weight & Dimensions

Weighing only about 12 pounds, this mattress has the dimensions of 27 by 51 inches.   It is also a slim 5 inches thick.

Springs vs. Foam

Unlike some foam mattresses, especially the extra cheap ones, this mattress is nice and firm and stays so for years to come, provided that it is properly maintained and not abused.

What Makes This Mattress The Best?

Here are some of the features that make this mattress special—it is:  fire resistant, hypoallergenic, water-resistant, well-air-vented, springs/coiled-made (about 80, to be exact), made to last from child to adult, easy to keep clean (by regularly using a soaked cloth with warm water and a mild cleaner), and proudly made in the US.

What Sets This Mattress Apart?

The other things that set this mattress apart include:  it’s incredibly light weight (considering how durably it’s been made); it resists bad odors and stains; it meets government flame and safety standards; and it has a unique reversible mattress design.


The fact that many people keep this mattress for years is a testament to its durability.  Simply put, the Dream On Me is constructed using the highest quality of materials available and a high level of pride-propelled workmanship.  The 6-gauge steel border around the border of this mattress is only one of the reasons you will hold on to this mattress for years to come, provided it’s properly taken care of

Warranty & Quality

These mattresses carry a 10-year limited warranty applicable toward any manufactured materials and make deficiencies, faults and defects.

Type of Coils (if any)

This mattress has been made using 80 heat-tempered, inter-woven coils that easily provide for a strong, firm foundation and over-all support that should keep your child safe, secure and well-supported.


This mattress boasts of having a well-secured, lock-stitched binding that will keep the edges from coming apart or creating potential safety problems (i.e., loose threads).  This same lock-stitched binding is waterproof, antibacterial and mold, bacteria and mold resistant/repellent, which helps to keep the inner cotton binding well-protected.


If this mattress has a weakness, it is that you may sometimes hear your child if he/she tosses and turns violently or vigorously—in other words, there is a little bit of noisy bounciness to consider.  Putting a cover on the mattress, though, can eliminate most of this problem, slight as it may be to begin with for most people.


This mattress has border wires that help keep its shape and add strength and durability.  They also help to keep up good, strong corners.  Sturdy corners help the mattress fit snugly and can protect infants by making it unlikely of getting a limb (or a small face) caught in a gap created between a sagging corner and rails


A good baby mattress should provide enough firmness so that a growing infant will get the resistance he/she needs in the development of muscles and ligaments and coordination.  Well, the Dream On Me is made to provide that very important firmness, while at the same time being soft and comfortable enough for a toddler.

Crib Fit

With its strong corners, this mattress is made to fit snugly inside cribs and on toddler beds.  Make sure, though, that your crib or toddler bed is best suited for US standard-sized mattresses.


According to most input from the public, this mattress is said to be affordable, in comparison to mattress makes and models offering approximately what this mattress offers.  This can be a matter of opinion, though, so feel free to make up your own mind on this matter.

Size Variety

Unlike its more pricey competitors (and even cheaper ones), this mattress comes in a variety of sizes, some of which are suitable for Playpens.

Sleeping Position Ratings For Toddlers & Infants


Although not marketed as a dual-sided mattress, the Dream On Me’s two hypoallergenic layers are firm, comfortable and supportive for both infants and toddlers—in essence being “dual-sided” without your having to flip the mattress over.


Many customers report that this mattress has help up for use by more than one child over the years.  This wouldn’t be possible if the Dream On Me didn’t offer the support all children need as they grow up.


This mattress lets children know how comfortable it is rather quickly and convincingly.  Customer after customer has provided testimony of how well and how eagerly children went to sleep after being placed on this mattress.  For the price, this mattress provides all the comfort your child could possibly need.

Edge Support

The quality materials used in this mattress, as well as the all-around border wires, ensure that this mattress doesn’t sag, including at the edges.  This is a great safety advantage you should not take for granted.

Sleeping Ratings

This mattress appears to rate highly when it comes to sleep quality for most kids.  First of all, it’s comfortable enough for a toddler—secondly, it’s firm enough for a toddler.  Whatever else some people may complain about, this is one thing that there seems to be wide consensus about.

For Whom Is This Mattress Suitable?

Temperature Control

Although this mattress isn’t marketed as a temperature-controlled product, its unique air venting pockets, though, help to keep the mattress fresh and, as a consequence, from over-heating.  This can be a great quality if the air conditioning goes down or you find yourself in a hot environment.


Because of its unique air-ventilating air-flowing pockets, this mattress is reported to have great breathability.

The Final Puzzle You Need To Know

The Dream On Me, a New York based company in business for a good while, specializes in children’s wonderful products.  This is good to know since companies that specialize in children’s products are more likely to listen to consumer input over the years—they have to, if they want to stay in business.  This mattress is a good testament to this company’s commitment to helping children get that quality sleep that is so important to their development—in addition to the peace of mind of their parents.


If you are looking for a mattress that will provide the most basic comforts, in addition to characteristics and attributes not offered by cheaper alternatives, then this is definitely something you should seriously consider.  Actually, to do this mattress more justice, it has many qualities that its competitors (within the same price range) either don’t have or, if they offer them, are of a less-impressive quality.  This may not be the best mattress out there but, for the price you’ll pay, it’s a better choice than many other mattresses—it may even be the best in its price range and reported level of quality.

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