My first mattress memory foam crib mattress with waterproof coverclick here to check price on Amazon) is the most popular memory foam crib mattress brand on the market. The best thing about the mattress is that the mattress is made from memory foams. Memory foams add the added comfort to your kid and ensure him the extra safety too. The cost is also on a lower side, making it a people’s favorite. The great features of this mattress are:

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> The material:

The best thing about the mattress is that it is made of memory foam. The memory foam is the latest technological advancement in foam industry. The material is also anti allergic and mite proof mattress and does not have any kind of flame repellent chemicals used in it.

> Wash ability:

The second point of this foam is, it is pretty easily washable; along with the cover, the foam to have a waterproofing tendency. Moreover, the foam is designed to withstand light wash and does not trap water inside and make it degrade in quality.

> The shape of the mattress:

Like most of the other crib mattresses, this mattress too is designed to fit rectangular beds and cribs. This will not fit if your kid is having a round or ovular crib. The next feature of this bed is it is a convertible and can be used in both sides. Both the sides are made of memory foams to provide the extra comfort to your kid.

> Devoid of chemicals:

This foam does not have any harmful chemical in its making or as an ingredient. They are made by the regulations of the health ministry guidance and regulations. The materials will not have a negative impact on the skin and the overall general health of the kid.

> Bottom Line:

You can buy this mattress as the features are good and the price is lower too. This is one of the best budget mattresses in market. But, you have to be very careful to check your baby while sleeping in the mattress as the memory foams have a tendency of suffocating is slept in an odd position.

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