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Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer Crib Mattress Reviews

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The Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer is one of the best crib mattresses for infant and toddler safety. The Little Dreamer comes neatly, safely and sedately packed in a brown box with the words “Moonlight Slumber” pleasantly inscribed on the outside. Its modest packaging, though, belies the fact that something wonderful rests therein.

This Little Dreamer Dual Surface Mattress offers a unique 2-stage sleeping system for toddlers and infants. This allows you to utilize the plush, soft side for your toddler or the eco-friendly, superbly-firm, plant-based organic foam side for an infant.


  • It’s waterproof and easy to wipe off
  • It’s made from natural materials and no toxic chemicals/substances
  • It’s light & hypoallergenic


  • It may not dissipate heat as well as some other foam mattresses; it may, therefore, not provide a big cooling effect

The medical-grade, waterproof fabric uses stretch-durable knit fabric sporting very tightly sewn seams—thus adding durability, strength and safety. The mattress is said to have an insignificant impact on indoor air quality because of VOCs on other toxic gases not found or produced by the materials in this mattress; it is also not built using toxic flame-retardancy chemicals.

This mattress’ 100% hypoallergenic and waterproof fabric is also easy and quick to clean. It’s patented “Safe-Sewn” seams are dust mite and bed bug resistant, thus offering both safety and health benefits not offered by other mattresses.

The Moonlight Slumber is put through rigorous quality & function performance tests to make sure the product you buy is technologically up-to-date, safe, reliable, efficient, long-lasting and, most important of all, comfortable.

Made in America, the Little Dreamer is made using some of the safest, more reliable materials found in the industry. It is CertiPUR and Green-Guard certified.

To many consumers, this mattress is chock-full of features that make it ideal for most people: made in the USA by a company with the unique vision to create the best mattress in its class; it’s made of high-quality, environmentally-friendly materials; it isn’t made abroad using the cheapest (albeit most probably dangerous) materials they could find so they could offer the cheapest price; and it offers a much better option compared to other materials/designs—i.e., spring or cheap foam mattresses

The fact that it offers two surfaces (with varying levels of comfort, firmness and “sink-ability”) is the equivalent of buying two mattresses for the same price—how can you beat that?

One special feature to be wowed by is the “side” stitching, as opposed to the corner stitching at the top and bottom edges of most mattresses. This special configuration leaves fewer secret nooks and crannies where unpleasant things may accumulate or get trapped—i.e., bedbugs, spilled things, mold, etc. Of course, the water-resistant cover does wonders to prevent such unfortunate possibilities.

Safety?—you’re “covered!”

Besides being hypoallergenic, the Little Dreamer is waterproof (which can prevent mold/mildew buildup), it is side-stitched (reducing, among other things, places for bedbugs to hide in), fire-retardant (though not using toxic chemicals to achieve such), and made from some of the safest materials known to man.

What Is This Mattress Made Of

In terms of using what materials this mattress is constructed, the 4 main components or characteristics are”

Medical-grade, non-toxic nylon fabric cover:

This is what makes this great mattress waterproof. Wiping off a damp mess is both easy and quick.

Internally-built, natural fire barrier;

The internal fire-resistant layer is patent-pending and halogen-free. It uses the same type technology/materials that have been used in healthcare for years. In fact, the mattress exceeds all state and federal regulations. Compliant according to 16 CFR Part 1633 compliant, the Little Dreamer uses no dangerous retardants, additives or chemicals in the barriers.

High density, extra-firm foam (on the infant’s side):

The infant’s side is constructed using a firm foam expertly designed for infants; at about 9 months to 1-year-old, the mattress is ideally flipped over for a “toddler.” The less-firm side offers just the right amount of give-&-take to let the infant develop arm and leg strength, as they learn to maneuver themselves in bed.

High-density, firm foam (on the toddler’s side):

The toddler’s side is constructed of foam that has not only higher density but more firmness and plushness.

Safety Advantages

The mattress’s entire core is wrapped with a woven fire barrier manufactured from minerals, as opposed to toxic chemicals; it is then covered by a water, odor and stain resistant medical-grade fabric.

This mattress is certified as not having harmful chemicals by two independent laboratories, as the Green Safety Shield on the outside of the packing indicates; among other things, this seal indicates that no harmful off gassing was detected from this product. This mattress has also been certified as demonstrating:

  • High durability and performances: indicating a product made to withstand the hard, punishing uses inflicted by children.
  • Spectrometer Testing: indicating that the materials in this mattress are of the highest quality.

Special Scents

Unlike its synthetic cousins, this non-toxic, natural-materials-made mattress doesn’t emit any significant, harsh odors. Of course, it does have a scent of its own, like anything else that’s new, but it’s not anything out of the ordinary or the type of strong, strange smell that is likely to make anyone sick or uncomfortable.

Tight Seams

Since children like to pull on loose strings/threads, it’s not a bad idea to check on how well any mattress is stitched and how well the seams connect. Other than the pinched seams on the bottom and top of the mattress, there don’t appear to be any problems in this regard. The seams on this mattress appear to be tight enough.


A mattress with too much bounce is a recipe for a disaster when it comes to children—especially if older siblings get anywhere near such a “toy.” Fortunately, the Little Dreamer gets high grades in this department by getting a low grade on bounciness, even for tossing and turning issues.

Temperature Control

Heat Retention

Some children’s temperature rise when they sleep, especially if they like to sleep covered, tend to sweat, or are running a slight fever. For these reasons, it’s important to get a mattress that doesn’t retain heat but, rather, dissipates heat and stays relatively cool.

Unfortunately, this is an area where the Little Dreamer may not rate as highly as some competitors. This mattress may not be as cool as some mattresses but you can compensate for this, including by investing in a cover or sheets that help crib mattresses stay relatively cool

What Makes This Mattress the Best?

Among the many things that make this mattress a good choice are the following:

  • This mattress is light as a feather, comparatively speaking, a “big” deal when it comes to changing sheets, taking the mattress to air out, or simply moving it around. At 10 lbs. this mattress may be just what the chiropractor ordered.
  • The material used in this mattress has just all the right features and characteristics: high safety, durability, quality and performance.
  • This mattress doesn’t add to indoor air pollution and doesn’t use flame-retardancy chemicals.
  • The Little Dreamer is PVC free, lead-free, phthalates-free, vinyl-free, antimony-free, non-toxic and waterproof.
  • The dual-sided Little Dreamer utilizes eco-friendly, just-the-right-density, medical-grade foam.
  • It has a snug fit with both sheets and the crib, when used inside a standard-sized crib or bed.
  • The dual-sided (infant and toddler) option is a definite deal maker.
  • The quality of a mattress can affect children’s moods and behavior—just as it can affect adults. This mattress can reduce early morning crankiness, having trouble going to sleep at night, and tossing-&-turning bouts.
  • There is less worry for both kids and parents when a mattress is waterproof—in case of often unavoidable “accidents.”
  • This mattress is environmentally friendly.
  • This mattress is also hypoallergenic, meaning that it’s unlikely to trigger allergic reactions or exacerbate them.
  • This mattress is relatively inexpensive (especially when you consider that you are getting two mattresses in one!)
  • The Little Dreamer is easy to wipe clean after messes.
  • Does not sag or sink too much.
  • Offers just the right amount of support, firmness and comfort for your baby, infant or toddler.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty in regards to any manufacturer’s defects.
  • This mattress appears to work in USA-made, standard-sized convertible cribs.

Sleeping Position Ratings for Toddlers & Infants

Edge Support

Although the concept of an “edge” may be nebulous on a crib, it is certainly pertinent with little beds. Besides, even on cribs babies and toddlers will often gravitate toward the edges. It’s best if, when they do this, the mattress doesn’t sag anymore than it does when they lay in the center of it.

It is also less likely that a child will fall off the edge of a mattress if said mattress supports his/her weight well. It is also less likely that the child will become wedged between a crib’s walls and the space left unfilled by a sagging or poor-edge mattress.


Of course, the “comfort” issue is more important as kids grow—accordingly, the Little Dreamer focuses more on comfort for the toddler’s side. All in all, though, even an infant can feel the effects of a uncomfortable mattress—maybe they won’t deduce or consciously think about such but, certainly, their bodies will react to the discomfort with such things as crankiness, impatience and a generally bad mood.


The Little Dreamer gives just the right kind of support for each child, infants and toddlers. The infant’s side has the extra firmness they need, thus giving them just enough resistance (but not too much) when they need to stand up and roll—a resistance that helps them develop strength in muscles, ligaments and bones.

Babies, lets face it, need a flat, steady surface, and one that won’t sink in or sag too much—thus potentially preventing SIDS or suffocation. A mattress that is too soft or fluffy may prevent their being able to turn their face once they get into a sagging hole, which could end in disaster.

On the other hand, the toddler’s side, while softer, is still firm enough to give them the resistance and comfort they need.


Corners may become an issue if they leave gaps between the crib/bed and the mattress. Exploring hands can get caught or things (like toys or things that don’t belong in the hands of babies/toddlers) can fall into these gaps, remaining hidden until unauthorized users (the kids) find them.

As a general rule, look for mattresses with corners that snugly fit into the crib. The Little Dreamer has square corners (as opposed to round) that do exactly what the best mattresses are supposed to do.

Sleeping Ratings:

Over-all Rating: (8.9 / Out Of 10)

Safety: (8 out of 10)

Support: (9 out of 10)

Edge Support: (9 out of 10)

Heat Retention: (8 out of 10)

Off Gassing: (10 out of 10)

Toddler Sleeping Rating: (9 out of 10)

Baby Sleeping Rating: (9.5 out of 10)

For Whom (age, sleeper type, etc.) Is This Mattress Suitable?

This mattress was custom made for parents that want the most basic characteristics in a mattress: comfort, safety, durability, dependability, and value. It’s made for children that need a good sleeping experience (and what child doesn’t) while they develop from an infant into a toddler.

This mattress is also ideally made for people who are environmentally conscious and respectful—enough to not allow, if they can help it, their children to sleep in anything but a mattress that is made from safe, natural materials, that is fire retardant, stain-resistant, odor resistant, and harsh/toxic chemical free.

The Final Puzzle You Need to Know

Although this mattress is waterproof, for extra protection you can also use a water-resistant protector.

People who’ve had this mattress for a while have testified that the mattress holds out for years without tears, rips or sagging. Additionally, it doesn’t make strange or creaking noises, warp, sag develop air pockets, or produce any peculiar odors.

This mattress is special because it is simplicity itself—i.e., no highfaluting seams, designs, zippers, packaging or fabrics. Instead of adding unnecessary, glitzy frills, the company just made a good, safe, useful, dependable, sleep-inducing, and, most important of all, affordable product.


The Little Dreamer isn’t a fancy product without any flaws but, for the price, it has the most important features you would want—and then some. Yes, you can probably find a better mattress but you will have to pay much more and don’t be surprised if what you end up with is actually missing one or two of the things in this product. For the most part, this mattress is a good, safe and dependable buy.

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