Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer Crib Mattress Reviews

Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer crib mattress ( click here to check price on Amazon) is a dual firmness foam crib mattress available on amazon.It's a chemical free great crib mattress which you can use in a crib as well as in a toddler’s bed.This mattress scores more as it has eliminated the vinyl, PVC and polyethylene traces from it. The features are eye-catching and this mattress is surely going to catch your attention. Below, we have discussed four of Moonlight Little Dreamer mattress’s most interesting features.

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> The foam of the mattress:

The foam of a mattress in obviously the most important thing of that and Moonlight Little Dreamer scores pretty good in here. Moonlight Slumber mattress is certified chemical free and is not made using any kind of harmful chemicals. The foam as well as the outside cover is devoid from any kind of toxic chemicals and the cover does not have the common and potentially harmful flame retardant chemicals.

> The exterior and the outside cover:

One of the most distinguishable facts of this mattress is the stitching of the covers are not on top of the mattresses, instead they are in the sides. This looks to be a very basic and normal change but it helps you greatly in most of the situations. This special stitching means that any liquid that has been spilled over the mattress does not get trapped by the stitching on the mattress and the liquid just rolls around the side and gets out of the mattress without getting trapped and soaked by the mattress.

> Waterproof:

Another important feature of moon light slumber little dreamers mattress is that the cover or the exterior material is waterproof and we can regard it as waterproof crib mattress. It is pretty natural that a baby’s crib and the mattress will get dirty over time and you will find it really difficult to clean it off. The mattresses are not machined washable and we all know how tough it gets to wash them by your hands. But the waterproof material ensures you that you can only wipe the stains and the dirt off by simply mopping them, making the cleaning job fairly easy.

> Dual sidedness and the great customer service:

The mattress is double sided, making you able to turn it over when necessary. The lightweight material ensures you that you can do the turning over job all by yourself. Moreover, if you have any kind of difficulty or problem regarding the mattress, you can always call their excellent customer service and they will fix the problems for you absolutely free of cost.

> Bottom Line:

This is a budget mattress which gives you features that only a few high end mattresses have, making it one of the best  crib mattress. The material is safe for your kid and there is absolutely no reason why you should not buy it for your baby.

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