Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Crib Mattress Reviews

Are you having a baby anytime soon? Are you finding it hard to shop for a top quality mattress for the baby? As a new parent, it is wise to shop early for baby stuff. It can be a daunting task when it comes to selecting a high quality mattress.

There are a few things you have to consider. They include type of core, weight, price, color, wet resistant cover, GreenGuard certification, lead-free and phthalate free. Today, there is concern of possible chemical effects on babies especially among parents, public safety officials, health professionals and environmental advocacy groups. Several brands have been banned due to suspicion of containing toxic chemicals. It has been found to play a huge role in rise of childhood disorders. As a parent, it is wise to shop for a trusted brand. I highly recommend the No Compromise mattress. Here are its features to help you understand what your baby will benefit from.


Deluxe Organic-Cotton Wet Resistant Fabric:

According to Naturepedic-No Compromise Organic-Crib mattress review, it is designed with luxurious cotton fabric which is easy to clean. It is covered with polyethylene wet resistant material which is said to be so natural that it has achieved high food contact standards. As a parent, a luxurious cotton-fabric is perfect for your baby. When he or she drools when sleeping, you can clean the cover afterwards. The wet resistant capability prevents liquids from coming into contact with the core. Furthermore, it is praised to be an ultimate-stain resistant cover.

It is common for pests to invade your home. When they do so, they find dark and dusty places to hide. One location pests like to hide and breed is a bed, mattress,covers and pillows. To prevent pests like dust mite and bed bugs, the manufacturer has fitted it with a cover that acts as a barrier. You don’t have to spend extra on a dust mite encasing. Let your baby enjoy the deluxe-organic finish.

Organic-cotton filling:

Cotton has been a preferred garment making ingredient thanks to its purity and reliability. Naturepedic uses organic-cotton which is a natural by-product of nature of cotton. The company invests in US full-grown and certified cotton.

It has been cultivated without use of pesticides to prevent pest infestation. Final products will not have traces of pesticide toxins which are known to cause a wide range of diseases like cancer. Naturepedic, manufacturer of No Compromise crib-mattress fills all its products with certified organic-cotton bought from USDA approved sources. It helps to increase its purity, provide reliability and support US farmers.

Seamless wet resistant edges:

Sweating and drooling are a few most common events that occur to a baby when sleeping. Sweating occurs as a result of increase in temperature while drooling…well,it is an ordinary occurence. For past mattresses,sweat and saliva would end up being absorbed by its cover finally coming into contact with its toxic and chemical rich core. When it happens over a certain duration of time, it would lead to growth of mold. This is not pleasant as mold has been found to cause serious respiratory problems.

Thanks to modern manufacturing technology, they are designed with seamless wet resistant edges. The heat sealed wet resistant seams helps to provide a contemporary look while also preventing moisture penetration. It helps to maintain high hygienic standards. Same technology ensures that dust mites and bed bugs have no place to hide. This feature is more durable and helps to reduce tearing of seams or thread breaking.

GreenGuard Certification:

Past products were made with crude oil by-products especially its core. These were chemical and toxic rich thus posing a danger to a baby. Its manufacturer adheres to safety standards ensuring that it lacks chemical emissions. It improves indoor air quality of your baby’s nursery plus it reduces chemical exposure by eliminating them.

According to Naturepedic-No Compromise review, it has received a GreenGuard Gold certification. It portrays that a crib-mattress has met all standards thus promoting a cleaner, more chemical-free sleeping environment for your baby.


a.It is certified by GOTS. It assures you that all healthy non-toxic standards have been accomplished plus it’s truly organic.

b.It has passed all Federal and State flammability standards. No fire retardant-chemicals or flame barriers are used. Raw materials like organic-cotton, its fiber and non GMO potato based PTA battling have been used.

c.It is designed with square corners. It assures you of a snug fit at all times. Furthermore, it makes changing sheets to be a breeze.

d.Has 2-stage dual firmness. One firm side is for infants while another cushion firm side is for toddlers. It is tailored to ensure safety of an infant and comfort of a toddler.

e.It is covered by a lifetime limited warranty so you can rest easy knowing that you are in great hands.


a. It is not made with breathable material. Sweating is the end result

b.The plastic cover makes loud noises when a baby moves around. It often interrupts the baby’s sleep.

Final Thoughts

When shopping for this brand, you may be disappointed by its high price but when you check out its features, you will know its price is completely worth it. It is fitted with wet resistant fabric, organic-cotton filling, seamlessedges, allergen friendly build, optional 2-stage dual firmness and limited lifetime warranty. As a parent who loves their baby, these and many other features are complete proof that No Compromise is a top quality product. I highly recommend it to all parents.

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