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Naturepedic Crib Mattress Review – A Best Naturepedic Baby Mattress

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Naturepedic no compromise Organic Cotton Classic 150 Seamless is one of the best baby mattresses available on the market.  Sporting 150 coils, waterproof seamless edges, excellent edge support, an easy-to-clean firm non-toxic waterproof surface, and all-around organic cotton, this mattress is an ideal choice for responsible adults that don’t want to expose their children to potentially dangerous allergens and chemicals.


  • Hypoallergenic—no harsh, toxic chemicals
  • Waterproof
  • Made from natural, organic materials


  • It doesn’t dissipate but retains heat.

This naturepedic crib mattress is made by a GOTS-certified organic material-using manufacturer (Naturepedic) which has earned the trust and confidence of parents and physicians throughout the country (and abroad).  The Organic Cotton Classis meets or exceeds all GREENGUARD certifying standards in the area of chemical emission eliminations.  This mattress is GOTS-certified.  These No Compromise mattresses are by far some of the healthiest mattresses available, as a number of many endorsements and awards loudly testify.

Concern is building up regarding children being exposed to toxic chemicals in mattresses and other products.  In fact, recently several chemicals (e.g., PBDE) have been identified and/or eliminated from children’s mattresses which are suspected of being involved in some chronic childhood infirmities/conditions.  It’s no wonder, therefore, that the concept of an organic crib mattress is gaining more and more popularity.

Naturepedic mattresses offer mattresses with natural/organic materials, non-toxic designs, fire-proof capacity, and good-health-promoting capacity.  Through extensive research, the company also promises durable quality workmanship.  It’s their opinion that natural materials are simply more comfortable (by giving parents peace of mind) and healthier than synthetic alternatives.

These mattresses, furthermore, have been designed with input from chemists, engineers, parents and pediatricians; to top it off, they are also made by highly-dedicated, extremely-talented Amish craftsmen at Naturepedic’s facilities in Ohio.  The Amish are renowned for their devotion to quality, precision and exceptional workmanship.

What Material Is It Made From?

What Sets This Mattress Apart?

The things that set this mattress apart is rather long. Firstly, Naturepedic has consulted with pediatricians in order to provide safe crib mattresses for one of the most vulnerable populations—i.e., children.

The company can boast of selling products with no toxic emissions; it is also prepared to provide scientific research data for its product research and development. Naturepedic has the most endorsements and awards of all the children’s mattresses manufacturers—not to mention the best warranty.

More specifically, this mattress stands out because of its easy cleanability, being dual-sided, guaranteed durability, comfortableness, and well-established safety track record.

Warranty& Quality

The Naturepedic No Compromise has a great warranty as long as it’s bought brand new from an authorized dealer, for the duration of the original ownership.

Naturepedic’s most important goal is to provide a healthy sleeping ambiance for children. To that end, they listen to the input of many professionals in the design and making of their products—in other words, these mattresses aren’t haphazardly mass-produced..

Type of Coils

The coils in the No Compromise have a gauge of 13.5, in addition to having a 9 gauge border wire.

Tight Seams?

The Organic Cotton Classic is seamless, meaning that there are no loose threads for kids to pull at, invariably leading to product malfunction. “No seams” also means that there are fewer areas where the mattress might split. Such a feature adds to its durability.

Beyond that, loose threads pose a dangerous threat, especially for infants; also, seamlessness also provides fewer nooks and crannies for things to accumulate or bugs to hide or breed.


It’s important that cribs have some bounce, otherwise they may be too firm for some children. On the other hand, too much bounciness means the mattress isn’t firm or supportive enough—especially important for a baby. If there is too much bounce, it can also increase a baby’s capacity to move around, which only increases the chances of their getting into trouble.

The Organic Cotton Classic has just the right amount of bounce for infants and, as expected, slightly more bounce for toddlers.


Corners can be rather important when it comes to whether the mattress will fit snugly but not tightly in the crib. For example, if the mattress is undersized for the crib, then rounded corners/edges may leave a gap—and gaps can often be the source of trouble. Such mattresses may also move around more than ideal mattresses should.

The Organic Cotton Classic’s square corners fit comfortably—thus not leading to mattress-propelled movement or gaps where things can fall or where searching little hands can get themselves into trouble–in designated cribs. The only thing to keep in mind with square corner mattresses is the potential for sharp edges—not that this is an issue for this mattress. The corners in this mattress are well-patted and soft.

General Support

Naturepedic crib mattress provides superior support for both toddlers and infants. The two-stage firmness duality provides an infant with a firmness ideal for good development and sleeping conditions, while the toddler’s side provides somewhat a firmness that is cushioned and less intense than the one for the infant.

This duality means that this mattress will provide safety for the infant (no dangerous deep grooves where suffocation can take place), as well as enough support/firmness to allow the child to develop eager muscles, tendons and nerves—as the child pushes against the surface, the surface pushes right back with just the right amount of tension. This just-right firmness/support is made possible in part by the 150 coils innerspring; this firmness complies with Consumer Product Safety’s Commission and pediatrician’s standards/recommendations. In a good mattress such as this one, you won’t notice significant indentations or sagging, which can be indications of a poorly-constructed mattress.

How Snugly It Fits into Cribs or Crib Fit

In assessing how well mattresses fit into cribs, an important guidelines is to check for gaps between the mattress’s edges/corners and the crib’s walls/rails. A gap of more than half an inch may be excessive and potentially inconvenient, if not dangerous.

Such gaps can be depositories for things you didn’t mean to leave near a child, especially when you want them to go to sleep—i.e., toys, diaper changing or skin care products, thermometers & other medical devices, medicines, etc. This mattress didn’t leave any such gaps when used with the right type of crib.

In general, this mattress will fit comfortably into USA standard-size cribs.

Sleeping Position Ratings for Toddlers & Infants

Edge Support

Naturepedic crib mattress provides above-average-quality edge support. This can be important for toddlers sleeping in no-rail toddler beds—about which falling over may be a concern. Good edge support helps reduce the possibility of “rolling over” the surface.

The coil-lined edge design gives this mattress added firmness and sturdiness. After the mattress has been in use for a while, this can become an important issue—also if adults or heavier siblings periodically sit on the edge of the mattress.

Edge support can also be important in the reduction of suffocation opportunities for babies. Bad edge support can lead to babies rolling over to the sides of the mattress, a situation potentially made worse if there are gaps. Rails may prevent falling over but they can also create places where body parts (including a small face) may get trapped.

Sleeping Ratings:

Safety: 10 out of 10

Support: 10 out of 10

Edge Support: 10 out of 10

Bounce: 9.5 out of 10

Heat Retention: 8.5 out of 10

Off-gassing 10 out of 10

Sleeping for Toddlers: 9.5 out of 10

Sleeping for Babies: 10 out of 10

Heat Retention

Unfortunately, this naturepedic crib mattress doesn’t have the heat dissipation capacity that, say, high quality foam mattresses have. In other words, this mattress will not cool off and will retain heat. But the good news is that this problem can easily be compensated for.

For example, don’t use a blanket if the room is warm enough as it is. In warmer weather, keep the air conditioning on and, if necessary, purchase and use a cooling-the-mattress pad.

Odors, Chemicals & Allergies

One of the great features of this mattress is its lack of harsh chemical smells—something that can trigger allergic reactions, especially for children with weak or compromised breathing capacity. Of course, allergic reactions aren’t the only potential health risk, especially if unseen but toxic gases are emitted—no such problem applies here!

If your child has known allergies, this mattress’ hypoallergenic and dust mite/bud bug deterrence should help out tremendously.

Final Points & Conclusion

The Organic Cotton Classic is the ideal choice for most children whose parents are determined to protect their health in the most practical ways possible. In addition to being durable and well-made, this mattress is non-toxic, constructed from natural materials and generally safe.

It contains pure organic cotton, inarguably healthier and safer than synthetic fabrics and foams. As a matter of fact, Naturepedic is said to purchase its mattress-filling materials only from certified, purity-assured US sources.

The No Compromise Classic has been thoroughly tested for potentially dangerous chemical emissions, has a dust-mite/bed bug barrier, features an allergy-accommodating design, and boasts of a two-stage firmness duality. Few companies offer all this in one product.


Author: Emma Megan

I am a mother of two beautiful girls.I know that when a mother gives birth to a child, she has to be very cautious than a father for the health of that child.Wherever I get the opportunity to write, I write about the wellness of the children because a real mother knows how to keep a child healthy.Lets’s write on the web for whatever is needed for a baby.
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