Newton Crib Mattress Reviews | A Must Read Before Buying This Crib Mattress

A good night's sleep is one of the best, and rarest, things to get when you have a baby. Your baby's skin is delicate and some materials cause irritation that keeps them and you awake.

Many doctors recommend you lay your baby on its back for sleeping but babies have their own idea of what position feels most comfortable. This can cause parents to worry that the crib mattress will cause breathing problems in their belly sleepers. The Newton crib mattress addresses these problems and more, increasing the chances of peaceful sleep for the whole family.

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What’s It Made From?

Newton baby mattress is one of the best breathable crib mattresses on the market. The Newton Wovenaire is created from all recyclable materials, eliminating many of the allergy-producing components found in many crib mattresses. The company chose not to use foam, latex, springs or glue in the making of this one hundred percent recyclable mattress. So, what did they use in construction?

The core of the Wovenaire is made of food-grade polymer and air. in fact, ninety percent of the core is air. This gives the mattress it's breathable quality. Your baby can end up with its face directly against the mattress and their breathing will not be compromised. One of the biggest fears a parent has is that their baby will roll over and end up suffocating but this is not an issue with the Wovenaire. This core is also what gives great temperature control. Your child won't get overheated, causing difficulty in sleeping at night.

The waterproof cover is made of polyester. Its construction allows for great protection against leaks that could ruin the mattress. If your child has an accident, you can quickly change the cover and have everyone back to sleep in a matter of minutes.​

Allergies can develop when a mattress is exposed to dust and other allergens in the air. This mattress eliminates the buildup of allergy-creating materials by being completely washable. The cover can be unzipped and thrown into the washing machine. The core itself can be put into your tub or shower and washed and air-dried. Most of us sleep better on freshly cleaned sheets. Imagine how well your baby will sleep with a freshly cleaned mattress.​

Those who have bought the Wovenaire comment that it is soft enough to allow your child to feel safe and comfortable but is firm enough to support their weight without sinking in or becoming flat over time. The mattress retains its support for as long as you need it and your baby can enjoy the peace and comfort as much during its toddler years as when they first came home from the hospital.​

What makes this Newton crib mattress mattress Best?​

One of the greatest things about the Newton Wovenaire crib mattress is that it is easily moved from the crib to a toddler bed. The sizing is perfect. The high-quality construction keeps the mattress in shape so your child can be just as comfortable in a toddler bed as when in the crib. Being able to use the familiar mattress allows for an easier transition for your child also.

​Kids gain a sense of comfort from the familiar feel and moving to a "big kid's" bed becomes less stressful. This transition ability also offers you savings in money because you don't need to purchase another mattress for the toddler bed. This savings offsets the slightly higher price you pay for the mattress originally.

​The mattress is rated to be used by both infants and toddlers. The ease of cleaning makes this possible and the waterproof cover offers protection when your toddler makes the transition from diapers to training pants and underwear. Accidents are part of life but having to buy a new mattress when they do happen doesn't have to be.

Guaranteed Satisfaction​

​Newton is so confident you will find this mattress so perfect that they will allow you to try it out for a full one hundred days. They guarantee that you can return it during that period, free of shipping charges, if you find that it does not meet your expectation.

The company offers this one-hundre day trial period to give you a chance to get a god overall view of how it will work in your particular circumstance.In addition, the material and workmanship come with a limited lifetime guarantee. With the trial period, guarantee and lifetime warranty, you ca be sure Newton takes pride in the quality of construction of this mattress.


​The Newton Wovenaire will cost you anywhere from $295 to $350 dollars. This is on the higher end of crib mattresses but the long-lasting ability and peace of mind it offers seems to make the price acceptable to the majority of parents who purchase it. If you watch, you may be able to find this mattress on sale but if you do, you will need to grab it quickly as they disappear quickly at those times.

Who Needs This Mattress?​

​Anyone who is concerned about providing their baby and toddler with a safe, allergy-free night can benefit from purchasing the Wovenaire. It was created for children from newborn through toddler years so this mattress will be part of life for many years. Parents who want to leave the world a better place for their children will enjoy the fact that the mattress is completely recyclable, allowing a smaller carbon footprint. If you have a baby, this is one mattress you should seriously consider.



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