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Newton Crib Mattress Reviews | A Must Read Before Buying This Mattress

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Newton baby mattress is one of the best breathable crib mattresses on the market. The Newton Wovenaire is created from all recyclable materials, eliminating many of the allergy-producing components found in many crib mattresses.The Newton Wovenaire Crib Mattress promises to deliver a superlative sleeping ambiance for your precious child.  For starters, this mattress isn’t chock full of toxic chemicals, nor does it smell as if it were.  In fact, this mattress is full of safety, friendly-to-the-environment features.  It doesn’t contain HDPSsPETs, vinyl, PPs, PSs or LDPEs. Additionally, this mattress is made to help prevent instances of SUDS and SIDS—in other words, it’s made to keep your children comfortable and safe.


  • N It has great breathability (which can help control heat buildup
  • It’s uniquely 100% washable
  • It has the right balance of firmness/support for both infants & toddlers


  • It may be considered expensive by some people

Every aspect of this mattress yells “caring” and “healthy” and “comfort!”  The unique design of the Wovenaire makes for great mattress breathability and temperature control.  Its no-hassle washability inhibits bacterial and mold growth; it’s also easy to rinse off when the need arises.  Its center is made from trapped air and food-grade polymers.

Because of its unique trapped-air design, this mattress is able to stay cool no matter how hot it gets (within reason).  Finally, the mattress is wrapped in a 3-dimensional, breathable fabric which, in addition to adding to the comfort level, easily comes off for washing.  This mattress has no latex, foam, glue, coiled springs, or dangerous allergens.

Construction & Composition

This mattress is rather simplistic in design (in that it has very few layers and no long list of chemicals) but, at the same time, it’s innovative and trend-setting (or could be).  Firstly, it has a 3-dimensional space cover that makes for a very breathable spacing fabric.  Secondly, the layers have been sewn together into exciting pockets of air.  Thirdly, there are holes in the design that makes possible a wonderful circulation of air, thus reducing heat buildup. Essentially, this mattress is a big, comfy, sofa-like block of food-grade polymers and, as hard as it may be to believe, air

Packaging & Set-up

Not surprisingly, the box that this mattress comes in is covered with messages and marketing/consumer information.  Then, when you look inside, you will find the mattress neatly and securely tucked inside a protective plastic cover.  The insert that comes with the mattress provides all the information you may need, and then some.


Some people think that the Wovenaire is one of the safest mattresses out there.  For one thing, it supposedly has a much lower risk for suffocation than many competitors.  Secondly, this crib mattress is GREENGUARD Gold Certified, 100% washable, and, to boot, hypoallergenic

Portability & Handling

If you fear having to move a mattress around too much, then this mattress will help allay your fears.  It’s relatively lightweight and extremely easy to maneuver, whether it’s to change sheets, air the mattress out or simply to clean up a big mess.

Maintenance & care

If all you’re worried about is a minor “accident,” then you can just wipe such off with a damp cloth and mild soap; otherwise, you can take the cover off so that you can put it in the washing machine.  It’s a simple as that!

Water Resistance

The cover on this mattress is water-resistant.  Any fluid spilled stays on the surface, ready to be wiped away or soaked with a paper towel or cloth.  Because large or concentrated amounts of fluids may eventually seep through, though, it’s best if you wipe such off ASAP

What Makes This Mattress The Best?

This mattress may be your infant’s “home-away-from-home” for some time—as such, it’s important that you see to it that it’s one of the best possible options out there.  It’s your right to ask the right questions and to do all the research necessary to make sure that the crib mattress you finally choose is everything it should be. Well, this mattress has all the qualities you could possibly expect, with a few more good qualities to act as sort of “icing on the cake.”

What Sets This Mattress Apart?

Right now there is a push to go organic—this includes in the area of crib mattresses. Well, that’s not such a bad idea, either for your kids or the environment.  The problem is, though, that the word “organic” is sometimes misrepresented or, what’s worse, not represented at all.  First of all, many mattresses out there—even some labeled as “organic”—contain toxic chemicals (and you can usually smell the worst of them) or are so tightly packed in a poor-breathability cover that air can’t circulate around it or through it, to the point that the thing eventually becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and mold (which can survive on very little oxygen).  Well, the inside of this mattress doesn’t only have good breathability, but it is made primarily from fresh air.


This crib mattress is so well-made that you can be sure to still have it in your  possession years down the road, perhaps passing it down to family members who themselves will need a crib mattress.  Of course, this assumes that you will take care of the mattress and not neglect its upkeep, but that goes without saying.

Warranty & Quality

Wonderfully, this mattress comes with a limited life-time warranty.


The quality of the seams on any mattress is one of the first things you should check. For one thing, you are looking for loose threads that inquisitive fingers may latch on to and start playing with.  Of course, even without those fingers, a loose thread can lead to a nasty tear or hole where bugs can hide or insects can burrow into.  The Wovenaire, though, seems to have appropriately tight, well-stitched seams.


If a mattress has too much bounce, then it could affect a child’s sleep quality; it can also beckon to naughty older siblings that might start think that this mattress is a fun trampoline.  Well, the Wovenaire has some bounce to it, but nothing that appears to be able to disrupt sleep or cause problems.  A little bounce is okay since it simply means that it isn’t as hard as a rock. You definitely want firmness in a mattress for an infant but a “rock” just wouldn’t do.


Square corners are generally better since they make mattresses fit better into cribs—the only exception being square corners that are so sharp and rigid as to pose a problem.  Well, the Wovenaire has such square corners but, then, the cover is so tight that it almost turns the corners into round ones—actually, that’s exactly what happens but this doesn’t seem to be as big a problem as it can be for some rounded-corner-by-design mattresses.

Crib Fit

A crib mattress should not leave much of a gap (if any) once placed inside a crib.  If it does, then you may have a problem, which you can resolve either by returning the offending mattress or buying another crib.  As far as the Wovenaire is concerned, though (if you have a US standard-sized crib), this shouldn’t be a problem.  This mattress fits into the crib while not leaving any gaps that might lead to an injury or some other problem.

Mattress “Feel”

Crib “feel” may not be anything you will find alluded to in a technical information source or even the instructions that come with a crib mattress but, yet, it can be very important.  Never mind that a mattress is made from the most durable, best made materials on earth—it can still come down to how well it feels to your touch and, more importantly, the sensitive, fragile skin of a n infant.  Incredibly, the Wovenaire is soft-to-the-touch even without the use of crib sheets.

Sleeping Position Ratings For Toddlers & Infants

Mattress Protector Needed?

Although a mattress protector can only enhance a mattress’ performance (even when one isn’t called for), in this particular case, it’s best if you don’t use one on the Wovenaire.  In fact, doing so will only mean reducing the mattress’ wonderful breathability—it may even cause it to overheat


Unfortunately, this mattress isn’t dual-sided, but it has been made with the idea of “growing with” your child—meaning that, with some modifications (such as maybe thicker covers), this mattress may be good enough for a toddler.  Or the toddler in question may find this mattress comfortable enough as it is.


This mattress is unique in that it’s been made to provide both enough firmness for an infant but, also, an adequate amount of comfort for a toddler.  Of course the proof of the pudding is in the eating, but you will likely have a favorable ending for any creative uses of this mattress.


As anyone who’s been a parent knows children can communicate their feelings and desires even before they formulate coherent speech. That goes for how well they like the surface they have to sleep on.  It helps if such a surface doesn’t compel your child to give you a hard time.  The good news for the Wovenaire is that it shouldn’t contribute to a mutiny on your watch; this mattress provides comfort, if nothing else.

Edge Support

Some people may not give edge support a second thought but it can, nevertheless, be very important.  Such a thing is very important for a toddler bed because, in addition to sleeping on their mattresses, they also sit on the edges of it.  This means that if the edges start to sag, then kids may fall off, especially after they fall asleep on it. Well, the Wovenaire isn’t likely to put your child in harm’s way by sagging on the edges so badly that your child will run the risk of rolling into a gap between the edge of the mattress and the rails.  Kids shouldn’t end up at the edge of the bed anyway and having strong edges will make this unlikely.

Sleeping Ratings

Safety:  10 out of 10 Support:  10 out of 10 Bounce:  9.6 out of 10 Edge Support:  9.6 out of 10 Heat Retention:  10 out of 10 Durability:  10 out of 10 Off Gassing:  10 out of 10 Baby Sleep Quality:  10 out of 10 Toddler Sleep Quality:  9.6 out of 10

For Whom Is This Mattress Suitable?

Temperature Control

This mattress has wonderful heat controlling capacity.  The Wovenaire is, first of all, full of strategically placed holes able to enhance breathability, reducing chance for overheating and making suffocation unlikely.  Many mattresses are covered in water-resistant plastic that can greatly curtail circulation of air and pose a risk of suffocation.  The Wovenaire is made in a much safer fashion.

Heat Retention

Heat retention can be a problem for any mattress.  This is why mattress manufacturers find different ways to dissipate, mitigate and reduce heat buildup.  The Wovenaire excels in this department—so well, in fact, that fearing that your child will overheat while sleeping on this mattress should be the least of your worries.


This mattress has a rate level of breathability.  Both its design and the materials within it help to make that a reality.

Odors, Chemicals & Allergies

Fortunately for both you and the infant, this mattress doesn’t emit any strong chemical smells.  Having an odor, though, isn’t the problem but, rather having an odor that won’t go away and one that springs from toxic chemicals—but the Wovenaire doesn’t seem to suffer even from benign odor problems.

The Final Puzzle You Need To Know

Is this mattress the right choice for your child?  If you want an organic choice, something that is good for the environment as well as good for your child, and something that is a good all-around deal (for the money), then this mattress is the right choice for your needs and desires.


Newton wovenaire is the best of all the crib mattresses we’ve tested. This is a great choice, whether you get it for an infant or for a toddler or for both.  This mattress is made in wholesome ways from wholesome materials, it doesn’t offend the nose, it’s easy to keep clean, it isn’t super expensive, and it comes with great reviews from both experts and families that own one.


Author: Emma Megan

I am a mother of two beautiful girls.I know that when a mother gives birth to a child, she has to be very cautious than a father for the health of that child.Wherever I get the opportunity to write, I write about the wellness of the children because a real mother knows how to keep a child healthy.Lets’s write on the web for whatever is needed for a baby.
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