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How To Choose 100% Non-Toxic Organic Baby Mattress?

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Not many of us would be aware that crib mattresses are often sprayed with toxic chemicals. They can leak out when the child is sleeping and cause problems. Though unpleasant, it is a fact.

New born babies spend almost 10 to 12 per day sleeping which means that 50% of their early days are spent sleeping on mattresses. If they are not safe and are sprayed with chemicals it could cause lot of health problems for the new born babies. Hence it is important to look for some organic crib mattress solutions.

There are quite a few of them available and this article will help us to identify the right outlets which stock and sell them. However, before choosing such outlets you should be sure that the ones which claim to be organic are actually so. Further there are some points to be kept in mind when choosing safest crib mattress and here are a few of them.

Points To Keep In Mind When Choosing Crib Mattresses

There are a few points to be kept in mind when it comes to choosing the right organic mattresses for your newborn baby. The four important points to be kept in mind are comfort, safety, durability and the type and quality of materials used. Further there are some ways by which it is possible to identify if a crib mattress is actually organic. Put in plain and simple words organic mattresses are classified based on the manner which they are raised, grown and ultimately processed.

 If natural fibers like cotton or wool are used they are considered to be organic as per standards set by agriculture experts. If synthetic materials like plastic or innersprings are used then they cannot be considered to be organic. For cotton to be organic it has to be grown with fertilizers and toxic pesticides being used. This is vital because the pesticides and other such agents tend to stick to the cotton fiber.

In the same light when wool is derived from sheep which are fed on only organic foods can the end product be termed as organic in nature. Further the sheep should not have been raised with hormones and other such synthetic agents. Further the producers are required to go through management practices which are ethical in nature. This will help in ensuring good health of the animals apart from keeping the environment clean. The wool is also processed and made fit for use without using any chemicals which are toxic in nature.

USDA Standards

According the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) standards, there are strict guidelines when it comes to processing various agricultural products which are eventually sold in the US and other markets. There are around 50 organizations which have been mandated by NOP as organic certifiers. If any agricultural producers would like to get the tag organic, they must follow certain procedures and practices for three years. Only after this will they be eligible for a certifications process with one of the 50 NOP certifiers.

It also would be pertinent to mention that mattress in itself cannot be categorized as an agricultural product. Therefore getting an organic certificate as per the USDA National Organic Program would be impossible. However there are some standards which have been developed to ensure that the finished products are made with organic textiles and fibers. These include mattresses, shirts and jackets.

These standards are referred to as GOTS or Global Organic Textile Standards. They have become the benchmark when it comes to processing organic textile for mattresses and other products. The standards are quite stringent and the fabrics and fiber which is being used in a mattress must meet the norms sets by NOP or National Organic Program. Further if there are some protection materials and innersprings being used, the same must also be compliant with strict non-toxic standards. Though there could be many such GOTS approved certifiers across the world, OTCO or Oregon Tilth Certified Organic is the most reputed and largest certifier as far as USA is concerned.

How Do These Mattresses Get Through Fire Standards?

A number of organic mattresses also contain chemicals which enhance fire retardant nature. Such mattresses are also often called as organic because of use of organic cotton. There could be many websites which could be claiming that the fire retardants which are being used are PBDE free. However, the fact is that there has to be some component which helps the product to pass the fire testing. Chemicals other than PBDE might have been used. It may not be easy to get the information about the chemicals being used because such information will not be forthcoming from retailers or manufacturers.

Wool which is resistant to fire is perhaps the most commonly used fire retardant material which is natural. If one comes across a mattress which has been wrapped in wool and passes the fire retardant standards, it can be sold as an organic mattress. Hence it is quite common to come across many manufacturers who use pure wool for this very reason. However, there could be others who could mix wool with chemicals which could enhance fire resistance.

Use Of Borate Powder

Boric Acid or borate powder is also used to increase the fire resistance of mattresses. There are many such mattresses which use borate powder so that they are able to meet Federal fire resistance standards and they can also be bought without doctor’s prescription. Opinions are divided when it comes to use of borate in mattresses. At the end of the day borate is an insecticide and therefore potentially toxic.

Understanding More About Greenguard Certification

Greenguard basically is a third party certifier which sets emission standards for various products. They follow stringent testing standards and this is borne out by the fact that only one crib mattress company has been able to get the required GREENGUARD certificate. However, the bad news is that Greenguard has been bought over by Underwriters Laboratories who have diluted the stringent certification standards. The Gold Standard as it exists today is much lower and almost any mattress company can get a GREENGUARD Gold Certification. The unfortunate part is that those who use fire retardant chemicals and use polyurethane materials also are able to get this certificate easily. Thus there is a feeling that Gold Standard as it exists now has become meaningless.

Not-Toxic Does Not Encompass All Mattresses

It might be naïve to believe that all mattresses which are labeled as “organic” are not organic in the real sense of the term. There are many mattresses which have very little amount of organic cotton and they are also referred to as being organic which is misleading to say the least. Further mattresses with organic cotton filling could also have a covering made from vinyl, which is unhealthy to say the least. Those using wool covering could also be mixing it with chemical flame retardants. Therefore it is important to research and get to know the full material listing used in the mattress before moving forward.

The Best Organic Crib Mattress

According to experts we will tell you more about the best organic crib mattress that is available in the market today:

Naturepedic No Compromise Crib Mattress is a very rare brand of mattress which contains 100% organic cotton both for the outer fabric and for filling. It comes with a waterproof covering which uses polyurethane. The thin layer of polyurethane meets standards that are food grade. Hence it is not toxic. It also helps in providing the mattress with anti-mite and anti-dust & bed bug properties.

Unlike many other mattresses, this brand uses 100% organic cotton which is USA grown. The cotton has the approval of USDA. Hence this is perhaps the safest material which could be used for making baby mattresses. It also meets the fire safety standards in a safe and smart way. In the absence of foam inside, it is not prone to fire accidents when compared to typical mattresses. Naturpedic also uses the best quality materials and manufacturing process and avoids the use of chemicals for improving fire retardant properties. Parents can be sure that their baby is sleeping in a mattress which is free from harmful chemicals.

Further this is a 2-stage mattress. In other words it performs both as a baby mattress and also a toddler bed. Hence it is a smart and economical choice with convenient features. It also can fit perfectly in any standard crib. There is hardly any doubt that Naturepedic is a reliable and popular mattress manufacturer. They also offer the best of customer services if there are any problems associated with it. It comes with a lifetime warranty and free replacement will be made in case of any manufacturing defect. Hence there is hardly any doubt that it is one of the best organic crib mattresses which you will find in the market.

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