Secondhand Crib Mattress – Must Know The Risk of Using a Secondhand Crib Mattress

Why a parent prefers to use a secondhand crib mattress? The answers may be-

- In order to get a high-quality crib mattress at an affordable price.

- In order to make serious savings.

- In order to get a pre-loved mattress from friends or relatives.

Obviously, new high-quality crib mattresses are expensive, but keep in mind your baby is also more precious. To cut off your budget is not wise while buying a baby mattress for your child.

Risk Of Using Secondhand Crib Mattress

Using secondhand baby clothes and using a second- hand crib mattress aren’t the same. Researchers found a link used crib mattresses and an increased risk of SIDS. Studies show that after using for the first baby, the crib mattresses are often stored improperly and may get mildew and fungus. Also, bacteria may grow in it from the first baby’s saliva, sweat, and diaper leakage. If you buy a used mattress from any shop, it’s not possible for you to know if it was cared for or stored correctly.The reasons not to buy a second-hand crib mattress are:

Secondhand Mattresses Are Unsanitary

No matter how clean the mattress appears, you don’t know whether the mattress is free of germs and bacteria. You also don’t know how the previous owner has cleaned and stored the mattress. Poop, urine, vomit and dribble- there has a chance of the crib mattress to come into contact with all of these. Residue from baby fluids may leakage. As a results dampness may cause mold, mildew, and bacteria.

Second-hand Crib Mattresses Can Hide Dust Mites

Dust mites are microscopic bugs that live in damp mattresses and feast on the dead skin flakes. Your baby may be allergic to the dust mites. Improperly washed or unclean crib mattress can be full of dust mites and bed bug. Such kind of unwashed and uncleaned, and improperly stored second-hand mattress may be a gateway of dust mites and bed bug into your family.

Secondhand Crib Mattresses May Not Last Long

You don’t know the history of the used crib mattress-how many days or years it has been used for. A secondhand mattress doesn’t last the distance. Despite the best caring, all the mattresses start to sag after a certain period of time. It isn’t a wise decision to make an investment in a product that is a lot closer to the sagging. If you buy a used baby mattress, you may need to invest on a new one anyway within a short time. But if you choose to begin with a new mattress, it will be more durable and will save your money.

Secondhand Crib Mattresses May Increase Risk Of SIDS

The Study shows a link between the use of a crib mattress and SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). The Study of Infants Deaths (FSID) suggests that the risk of SIDS is greater with a used crib mattress. The researchers have discovered that the new, as well as the secondhand crib mattress releases different types of VOC fumes. These toxic gases released from the old crib mattress, if absorbed or breathed by a sleeping baby, can cause respiratory or skin irritant even sudden infant death. Another thing is, a second-hand crib mattress may lose its firmness because of frequent use. As a result, it becomes soft. A soft crib mattress also a risk factor for SIDS.

Safeguard A Used Crib Mattress

If you still like to buy a used crib mattress carefully do the following:

Before buying a second-hand crib mattress, thoroughly inspect it to ensure that there is no mildew or mold stain

With distilled white vinegar, you can disinfect the used crib mattress.
Pour the vinegar into a spray bottle.
Spray down the mattress with it
Leave it to air dry for a few days

Cover the mattress with tightly woven wool cover or wrap the mattress with a food-grade polyethylene plastic

Use a cotton mattress pad on the mattress

It is comparatively safe if you’re planning to reuse a mattress from your previous child for your second baby as you’re fully aware how well you care and clean it for the first baby and there have been any occurrence that may put the mattress at the risk of growing mold or bacteria.

Find The Answers

Look at the general condition of the used crib mattress. Find the answers to the following questions when choosing a used crib mattress to buy:

Is there any mold or mildew stain?

Is there any gaps around the edges, when the mattress is placed in the crib?

How old is the mattress?

Is the mattress worn? And is there any foam/padding exposed on the mattress?
Place your hand firmly on the surface and remove. Does the mattress hold an indentation?

How to Clean a Used Crib Mattress

Whether you buy a secondhand crib mattress or receive it from a relative who no longer needs it, it is essential to clean it properly to remove any dirt or bacteria and thus making it safe for your baby. Keep in mind, you should use the safest cleaning products, otherwise, it may introduce harmful chemicals to the mattress.
What you’ll need to clean the mattress-
Laundry detergent
Cleaning bucket
Vacuum cleaner
Cleaning rags
Soft brush

Cleaning Procedure

To remove the light dust, vacuum the crib mattress. Remember to vacuum properly along the seams
Mix one cup vinegar and ¼ cup laundry detergent to one gallon warm water in a cleaning bucket
Gently scrub the entire crib mattress with the solution.
Rinse the cleaning rag with warm water and wipe over the side of the mattress.
Repeat the procedure on the other side of the mattress
Keep the mattress in the direct sunlight and allow to fully air dry for a few days.


Using a secondhand crib mattress isn’t recommended at all.Although, buying a used baby mattress may save your money, the negative impacts far exceed the positives.

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