We “Matter Mattress” are happy to announce that we have arranged an annual mattress scholarship to increase the awareness of best quality mattress and its importance in our daily life to maintain a perfect day.

​A perfect sleeping hour helps to keep maintaining a great health condition, concentration in work, physiological satisfaction. Perfect sleeping hours can be ensured only by having a great time of sleep on the best mattress.

​Whereas having a qualification in higher education is becoming expensive every day, There as “Matter Mattress” comes forward with the idea of providing the scholarship to the students to help them have the knowledge and share it among the nation to make awareness of the importance of best mattress.

​That student, who will be eligible and will be given an award for successful completion of the course, will be given $1000 to help them to pay college/University fees. The scholarship will be announced and given just once in a year.

​The scholarship is completely open to any students who is living in North America and meet all the admission criteria of “Matter Mattress”. Canadian student also can apply through following the admission criteria and will be eligible to receive $1500 CAD (Equivalent to $1000 USD) upon successful completion.

​Eligibility of Enrolment

​Those students will be eligible for the program of “Matter Mattress” who is currently studying senior school level course in the United States or Canada. Also, those students are applicable for the scholarship of “Matter Mattress” who are studying an accredited U.S or Canadian post-secondary level.

​U.S or Canadian citizen’s entry requirement

  • Holding higher secondary certification or higher secondary diploma certification completion. Even high school diploma/GED certificate holders can apply.
  • A student who is studying or already completed U.S or Canadian post-secondary certification.
  • Have minimum CGPA 3.00 or equivalent grade on average.
  • *** If you are unable to find “Matter Mattress” scholarship program on your institution list, please do not hesitate to speak to our financial officer to help you to find your list. ***

​Application Deadline

​Scholarship deadline closes on October 30th on every year. “Matter Mattress” scholarship announcement program get done on 15th of November every year. Every “Matter Mattress” scholarship winner will be notified about the status of their contact details.

  • To be entitling in “Matter Mattress” scholarship, the candidate must need to fill up the form below of the page.
  • To make application process in forward please create a short video (Maximum 5 minutes) That will answer the following questions:-

*** How mattresses play roles in a good or bad sleep?

​Assess the amount and the quality of your own sleeping time and discuss and provide some tips that you think you can improve it.

Make your creative, innovative, entertainment video. The best video depending on attributes, creativity and capture modes will win this year’s “Matter Mattress” scholarship.​

To apply “Matter Mattress” scholarship, please upload your video to YouTube and include the link to your video when you will submit your application.​

By submitting the form, you are completely aggressing that “Matter Mattress” use your video for the professional and promotional purpose.​

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