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Sealy Posturepedic Crib Mattress Review

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Let your child have a mattress that will give them endless nights of restful sleep.  The Sealy Baby Posturepedic has the firmness and comfort that you demand as basic requirements.  At the top of the list of extraordinary qualities is the superb water-proof cover that comes with this mattress.  Such a thing has to be one of the important things for a mattress. After all, any spill or accident could permanently stain an unprotected mattress—more importantly, it also opens the door for bacterial or mold growth and, possibly, the introduction of bugs.  Bugs, like microbes, love moist, messy spots.  This mattress, though, in addition to being protected from spills and messes, is also hypoallergenic.


  • This mattress is filled with safe, efficient polyester
  • This mattress is hypoallergenic
  • This mattress is anti-microbial


  • This mattress may be a little bit heavier than its competitors and, therefore, perhaps not suitable for people with back problems

Sealy has come a long way as a manufacturer of fine mattresses for a number of years.  What’s great about this company, though, is that they are innovators and leaders, not just followers. Their product lines are sold all over the world and they have won numerous awards accordingly.  Their success no doubt has come from using only the highest rated materials and substances to make their mattresses.  To top it all off, they generally ship their products for free, which can save you lots of money.

Packaging & Set-up

The Sealy Baby Posturepedic comes neatly and securely packaged ready to be set up and made ready for you little one.  In general, manufacturers take care that these mattresses are well contained so that these products aren’t damaged in transit—after all, these mattresses will face enough challenges in the “trenches” once deployed in the field.


Sealy spares nothing in their quest to provide superlatively safe mattresses.  Here are just a few of the things this mattress has to offer:  EPP compliance, CPSIA compliance, JPMA certificationGREENGUARD certification, General Conformity Certification, CSA Certification, and ISTA 3A Certification.

Portability & Handling

Since this mattress isn’t particularly heavy, it’s easy to maneuver and handle.  Accordingly, it shouldn’t be a struggle to flip over or take out in order to clean or air out.  This is only one of the many features you can be thankful for.  Then again, how heavy something depends on the health of the individual, how strong they are, and how well they can lift things—in other words, even 5 pounds might be too much for someone with serious back problems.

Maintenance & care

Keeping this mattress clean isn’t too burdensome.  If there is a spill or a mess, then someone will have to employ some elbow grease—that goes without saying, until they invent a mattress that cleans itself.  But the fact that this mattress has a water-proof surface means that you don’t have to worry about permanent stains or damage to the product.

Water Resistance

This is excellent at handling spills and wet messes.  You will be thankful, therefore, when you find that such trouble won’t permanently damage your investment.  You won’t be thrilled at having to clean things up but that’s not anything you can blame on Sealy.

Weight & Dimensions

This mattress weight 17.63 pounds and it measures 27.25 by 51.63 inches; its thickness is about 5.75 inches

What Makes This Mattress The Best?

Some of the qualities you will be happy about include:  border rods that go around the mattress for corner, side and edge support; a “mini fleur” laminate, the capacity to also be used in toddler beds; rip-resistant covers and a vinyl binding that can be easily wiped with warm damp cloth and a mild soap; having 2 layers of non-allergenic layers insulating this mattress; Meets/exceeds lead, phthalates, CPSIA, and flammability testing standards; etc.

What Sets This Mattress Apart?

Other things that make this mattress superior to many other models and makes include:  having stainless steel vertical bars helping to evenly distribute your child’s weight over the whole surface of mattresses; proudly made in the US; being able to be easily and quickly wiped clean with; a lift-time warranty on materials and workmanship; etc.


Unfortunately, the concept of “durability” can be a subjective one, especially since environments differ and how well things last greatly depends on how they’re treated, especially in the long run.  It should suffice to say that the Sealy Baby Posturepedic is made to last for a while and, if treated right, may last for much longer than is reasonably expected of most mattresses.

Warranty & Quality

This mattress comes with an impressive life-time warranty on dysfunctions, mishaps and shortcomings involving manufacturing workmanship, materials and function.

Type of Coils (if any)

This mattress is made using 15 gauge innerspring coils.


Because of its tight, well-secured, water-proof cover, the quality of the seams does not become an issue.  It’s reported, though, that this mattress has well-sewn, tightly-sealed seams—but, fortunately, you won’t get to test this quality unless the cover is hopelessly damaged


Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to make a coiled springs mattress that doesn’t give into some bounciness; in fact, it’s fair to say that bounciness is more a problem for innersprings mattresses than it is for most high-quality mattresses.  The Sealy Baby, though, is strategically made to reduce that natural bounciness attributed to such mattresses.


The corners on this mattress are as steady and firm as the rest of the mattress—consequently, lend themselves to helping this mattress fit neatly and snugly into most standard-sized US cribs and toddler beds.


For the record, this mattress is firm enough for an infant but soft and comfortable enough for a toddler, as the many people who comment on this mattress will testify to.

Crib Fit

Because the corners on this mattress don’t readily sag, the mattress fits snugly into standard-sized US cribs and toddler beds.  This is important in that it can prevent injuries due to kids getting limbs (or their small heads) caught in the gaps left by cheaper, lower-quality mattresses with weak, sagging corners.


As must be said about most mattresses, whether this mattress is affordable or not depends on the financial means of the purchaser and whether they believe that what they are paying for is worth what they got.  Most reviewers, however, attest that, in their opinion, this mattress is a good deal—which is probably one of the most important criteria in determining “affordability.”

Sleeping Position Ratings For Toddlers & Infants


The Sealy Baby Posturepedic is, reportedly, dual-sided—as such, it provide a good solid surface for the growing muscles, bones and ligaments of infants while also being supportive, comfy and pleasant enough for a toddler.


This materials used to make this mattress help give it the excellent support that both your infants and toddlers need in order to sleep soundly, have their backs protected appropriately, and get up without feeling tired and worn down.  Why else would they call this mattress a “posturepedic?


Many people report that their infants and toddlers slept soundly on this mattress.  This is a testament to the fact that kids love or at the least well tolerate the surface and structural support of this mattress.

Edge Support

As was stated earlier, the strong structure of this mattress cannot but bring about good edge support—something almost impossible to achieve without an over-all well-made mattress.

For Whom Is This Mattress Suitable?

Heat Retention

Although not marketed as a heat retention-resistant mattress, heat retention isn’t reported as a problem by the many people that take the time to make comments about this product.  Apparently, this isn’t a problem with this mattress.

The Final Puzzle You Need To Know

This mattress is a good buy for the following reasons:  it has a good reputation for lasting for a reasonable amount of time; it’s hypoallergenic; it’s antimicrobial; it’s lead free; it’s extra firm, supportive and very comfortable; it’s fire resistant; it’s odor resistant; it’s mite resistant; it’s water resistant; it’s bed but resistant; its dual sided; it has cooling air vents; it’s machine washable; it’s dryer safe; it’s eco-friendly; it’s easy to keep clean; it’s made in the US; etc.  Does one really need to say more?


The Sealy Baby Posturepedic may only be 5.75 inches thick and less than 20 pounds but it is nevertheless a power-packed, impressive product that will bring you and your kids years of faithful, safe, restful and satisfactory service for years to come.

Author: Emma Megan

I am a mother of two beautiful girls.I know that when a mother gives birth to a child, she has to be very cautious than a father for the health of that child.Wherever I get the opportunity to write, I write about the wellness of the children because a real mother knows how to keep a child healthy.Lets’s write on the web for whatever is needed for a baby.
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