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Sealy Soybean Foam Core Crib Mattress Review [Updated 2018]

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If you’re trying to find a good crib mattress (see our list of most popular crib mattresses in 2018) without all the complicated chemicals and worrying toxins then you’ve come to the right place.

Sealy’s all natural soybean crib mattresses have no harmful chemicals and are 100% recyclable. Because it’s not just the type of bed your child sleeps in, it’s the type of world they grow up in.

Before going through the details of sealy soybean foam-core crib mattress review, let’s take a look at what the sealy mattress offers.


  • N This mattress is extra firm which makes it safe for babies to sleep in without you having to worry about them sinking in
  • N Sealy is a US based company with an all-American construction
  • N It has waterproof surface & binding
  • N Incredibly Lightweight!
  • N Airflow pockets that allow heat to seep away easily during the night


  • Q The squared corners can make fitting a sheet a little tricky

Best For



Limited lifetime warranty

Product Special

Firm, lightweight, no odors

Certified By

Greenguard Gold

Sealy Soybean Crib Mattress Reviews


Sealy’s extra-firm soybean mattresses are designed from three distinct layers. The base layer is extra-firm soybean memory foam. It provides a solid base which adapts to the contours of baby’s sleeping position offering support to their spine, neck and shoulders. It’s also nice and sturdy with a long-lasting feel to the material.

The second layer is a made from dense cotton which gives a nice cushion to the upper-layer of the mattress. Although firm mattresses are undoubtedly safer when it comes to worrying SIDS your baby still needs a surface comfortable enough to sleep on. This layer is soft but won’t sink under a baby’s weight should they roll in the night.

The final layer makes up the casing for the mattress. It uses organic cotton that is treated with Crypton Clean Sleep technology. This treatment makes the mattress fully-waterproof and, amazingly, moisture will simply slide off like rain on an umbrella. Another benefit of Crypton is that it is stain resistant keeping your mattress looking clean and white throughout its lifespan.

The outer-layer also has an Oeko-tex certificate. Oeko-tex is a global, independent testing organisation that makes sure fabrics are clean from chemicals. Materials have to pass 100 individual tests in order to be certified which guarantees a clean, toxin-free surface for your infant to sleep on.

So that covers all the base points in construction and, we have to say, the sealy soybean foam-core crib mattress is a clever design. It’s firm but not uncomfortable, odourless, fully-tested and certified by both independent and government organisations.

Alongside these three layers Sealy have also included an air-pocket that helps heat to circulate out of the mattress which will help your newborn to avoid getting too hot. The corners are squared-off which means it fits flush in all US standard crib sizes.

So far, we’re impressed with what this mattress has to offer. Let’s move on to our safety tests to see if this is a truly stand-out performer.


The number one concern for any parent is the safety of their baby. Using an old crib mattress that has become too soft increases the likelihood of SIDS. Not only that, there are millions of microbes, dust-mites and damp spots that can have bad implications for your child’s safety.

This sealy soybean crib mattress is super firm which means your baby will rest atop of the mattress rather than sink into it. That keeps their airways clear during the night and will continue to do so as they get older and start to roll in their sleep.

Once your baby reaches becomes a toddler we feel that the mattress is perhaps a little too thin to provide the same support as it did when they were a baby. After 2 to 3 years you’ll find your baby starts to sink a little into the mattress but, there is very little risk of SIDS among this age group and they will probably welcome the added comfort.

The Crypton sleep treatment to the outer-layer makes it easy for parents to keep their baby’s crib mattress clean and safe. It allows you to simply wipe away stains as they and no moisture will seep inside the mattress causing damp spots where mold can flourish. The outer-surface is also hypo-allergenic so you won’t have to worry about skin rashes or reactions to the material.

Mass production of crib mattresses has led to increasingly harmful substances being used to prevent odors, fires or damage. Most cheap crib mattresses will be treated with fire retardants that release over time causing implications for your baby’s well being.

From the organic cotton weaves to the firm base layer, the materials that Seal’s soybean mattresses use are all natural. That means that, no matter how long you own the mattress for, your child won’t be at risk of inhaling harmful toxins. Furthermore, these mattresses are completely odorless guaranteeing a clean-air environment for your child during the night.

More and more parents are seeking out natural fabrics for their baby-wares because it just isn’t worth the risk. The stand-out feature of these crib mattresses is that there is no harmful side-effects involved in owning one. That bleeds a little bit into the price but is more than worth it in exchange for your peace of mind.

Put simply, as far as safety is concerned you won’t find a better mattress for your child’s safety anywhere on the market today.


Babies need much more sleep than adults. During the first phases of childhood, your baby will need about 16 hours sleep. This figure gradually recedes as children get older but, in the early stages, it is absolutely essential to their development, growth and health.

Finding a sleeping surface that is going to accommodate them is not always easy. You need something that is comfortable, but not too soft. A fabric that can breathe, so they won’t get too hot during the night, as well as being sturdy enough to avoid having to go out and find a replacement.

The Sealy soybean crib mattress is a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to comfort. On the one hand it uses memory foam which will adapt and support a range of different sleeping positions. On the other hand, it may be a little too firm which makes getting to sleep in the first place more difficult.

As time passes, we don’t have any doubts that your baby will get used to sleeping on a firm surface although, there may be a tricky bedding-in period to think about. The quilted upper layer is nice and soft but it’s the firmness of the soybean base that makes this a hard crib mattress overall.

One of things we did like about this mattress was the air-pockets. These provide little passages of air that will help your baby to sleep cool during the night. Overall though, Sealy have to concede that this is not the most comfortable mattress you’re likely to find.

In the end, it comes down to personal choice. If you want your baby to sleep on a safe, toxin-free sleeping mattress then you’ll have to sacrifice a little bit of comfort to achieve your goal.


When we talk about practicality, we’re talking about maintenance, cleaning and lifespan. Having young children is a messy business that will keep you busy for most of the day. A high-maintenance mattress is the last thing that you want to worry about after a long day looking after the kids.


In terms of setting it up, this sealy crib mattress is very straightforward. You won’t have to buy specialized sheets made of a particular material to make the most of it and the size is US-standard so it will fit snug into all commercial cribs. Being made from a natural material means you won’t have to worry about airing it, either.

Edge Support

The only issue we could find out-of-the-box was the square corners. These have an important function in reducing the gaps between mattress and crib. They also add to the longevity as well by providing a sturdy framework which won’t lose shape over time.

The downside of square corners is that fitted regular sheets over the top can be tiresome. You’ll either have to squeeze them on, resulting in a high-tension surface, or invest in square edged sheets.

Cleaning And Waterproof

Another time-consuming duty of being a parent is having to regularly clean your baby’s mattress. Lots of breathable fabrics require long periods of soaking in the bathtub, or removing of covers to ensure a clean environment.

We found this Sealy baby mattress to be surprisingly easy to clean during usage. The outer-layer is completely waterproof which means you don’t need to worry about soaking the inside individually. There’s also waterproof lock stitching which means the inner mattress is kept safe from germs.

The finest addition to this mattress though, is the Crypton Clean Sleep treatment. It naturally repels water, is hypoallergenic and can be wiped down using a simple sponge. It all combines to create a very low-maintenance, and hygienic, crib mattress.


The final criterion for our practicality assessment is lifespan. Crib mattresses don’t come cheap and are always handy to have around even after your first child has outgrown it. The double lock stitching is resilient, the edges are firm and the base layer is pleasingly sturdy.

We just can’t see this crib mattress losing shape or stability anytime soon and are happy to award it top marks for longevity. The only problem we’ve found here in terms of practicality is fitting sheets onto it, which is a minor concern provided you make sure to buy square edged sheets.

Warranties, Payment Plans And Guarantees

When you’re spending northwards of $200 on a crib mattress it’s only natural to want some reassurances about your purchases. Sealy sell their crib mattresses through trusted retailers rather than directly from the factory. That means potential payment plans, or trial offers, will vary depending on who you go to. What they do have is an industry leading warranty.

The superb lifetime guarantee that comes as standard with all Sealy products is rare in this industry. Covering both craftsmanship and materials you won’t have to worry about a dud investment with this brand. What we really liked was the opportunity to buy replacement parts direct from the manufacture to help eek out the maximum lifespan of your purchase.

What really makes this warranty stand-out though is the US-based manufacture. There’s nothing worse than enacting your warranty only to find you’ll have to pay global shipping prices.

All communications can be done with US-based customer service staff who are both helpful and professional; available by phone and email. If you’re able to make a warranty claim you just have to box it up and send it off to Chicago for repairs.

Confirmed Customer Reviews

We always like to include a section that covers confirmed customer reviews. We can use our expertise to make estimations about how well a product will perform but there is no way for us to know for sure. To deliver the most informative reviews we head to confirmed buyer sites to find out the real experiences people had with this mattress over time.

The general consensus online seems to be that this mattress performs well against expectations. It fits snugly in a crib and is firm enough to put parents at ease when their baby is sleeping. Some users have said that it is a little too firm and their baby has had trouble adapting but this can be reduced by finding a softer cover to lay on top.

In terms of lifespan the mattress is firm enough to support young babies without sinking. Once those babies grow into toddlers the mattress, due to its thickness, becomes softer. Of course, at this age the risk of SIDS is greatly reduced and shouldn’t cause any worries.

Who’s It For?

This sealy crib mattress is for all children between the ages of 0-4. At the sharp end of that scale you may find the mattress a little too thin, not mention they’ll be more likely to climb out of the crib.

For parents who are concerned about their child’s sleeping environment this crib will take a weight off their minds. There are no chemicals in the fabric and you can be sure of a safe breathing environment. The hypoallergenic covering makes it suitable for children with sensitive skin, asthma or other respiratory problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does It Work In All Cribs?

This sealy crib mattress is designed to conform to standard US regulations for crib sizes. It measures 51.6 x 27.2 x 5 inches. If your crib is home-made or imported from outside the US it may be worth pulling out a tape measure to be extra sure, although there is a thirty day return policy should it not fit.

Is A Protector Needed?

The outer cover is fully waterproof, germ resistant and hypoallergenic. That means you won’t need to add an extra protector just a square edged cotton sheet.

Does It Work On Convertible Cribs?

Provided your crib doesn’t extend and stays with the US regulation crib size, there should be no problem fitting it into convertible cribs.

Is it dual-sided?

Dual sided crib mattress feature a firmer side which can be flipped once your little one becomes a toddler. This particular crib mattress isn’t dual-sided, although it is very firm which should make it suitable for babies and toddlers.

Does This Mattress Have A Smell?

Most mattresses tend to have a distinct odor which usually lasts for at least the first few months of ownership. If you’re putting a crib mattress in a small room this odor is chemically, unpleasant and can be overwhelming.

The Sealy soybean crib mattress is natural so it won’t have a odor except for that of compressed air. The Crypton Clean treatment that is put on the outer cover has no noticeable smell either.

How Long Does This Crib Mattress Last?

According to confirmed user reviews, this Sealy brand has an exceptional lifespan. It doesn’t surprise us given the thickness and firmness of the soybean foam. Of course, over time foam mattresses will soften and eventually lose their shape.

If you’ve owned it for a few years and are thinking of re-using it or lending it to a friend first of all check the corners of the mattress. These should be defined and firm without leaving any gaps between the mattress and the side of the crib. Afterwards, check the firmness of the mattress itself.

The main problem, when it comes to longevity is the vinyl covering. After a couple of years without proper care this cover begins to crack at the edges. It would be nice to have double stitching to prevent this. As it is, you can preserve the life of the cover by avoiding over-cleaning or using hot water to wash it with.

Do I Need To Buy A Waterproof Cover?

The outer shell of the Sealy soybean crib mattress is 100% waterproof, stain-proof and germ resistant. That means you won’t need to invest anything extra into this product to get the most out of it. All you need is square edged fitted cotton sheets.

Is This Mattress Certified?

Not only does this crib mattress have an Greenguard certificate it also has a certificate from ASTM and certiPUR-US. As far as we’re aware this product has no PVP in its make-up. If it’s a real concern for you it may be worth contacting the manufacturer directly for a definitive answer to this question.

Is This Mattress 100% Soybean?

In order to be classified as a soybean mattress, it has to contain at least 5% soybean foam. This Sealy crib mattress is listed as being 27% cotton and 73% polyurethane. The polyurethane aspect is enhanced by soybean foam and features a certiPUR-US safety certificate. It is classed as a natural mattress.

Have Problems With The Sealy Customer Service Team?

One of the issues that are commonly reported with Sealy is the difficulty in making a warranty claim. Part of the problem is that Sealy doesn’t directly manufacture this product but outsource manufacture to a third party.

That third party is called Kolcraft. If you need to make a warranty claim it is quicker, and easier, to contact Kolcraft directly. Their customer service team has been reported as being exceptionally helpful with a quick turnaround on replacement mattresses.

Can I Wash This Like A Normal Mattress?

For all intents and purposes a natural mattress will function the same way as a regular mattress. They are no specific aspects of care that you need to worry about with a mattress like this.

It is, however, made using a vinyl casing. That means you should only wash it with cool water and keep it away from radiators. Subjecting the mattress to sudden changes in temperature will likely cause the covering to crack due to quick expansion under heat.

So long as you wash it following these guidelines, you should have no problem getting a 2 to 5-year lifespan from this crib mattress.

How Does This Sealy Crib Mattress Fare With Allergies?

Being a naturally made fabric and treated with Crypton Clean technology, this crib mattress is classed as hypoallergenic. That means there is no risk of your baby developing rashes, or respiratory problems as a direct result of their sleeping surface. To further reduce risk, combine this mattress with a natural, cotton sheet.

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