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Sealy Soybean Crib Mattress Reviews

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If you are looking for an excellent crib mattress for your infant and/or toddler, then the Sealy Soybean Foam Core is very much it.  With mostly positive reviews and a long track record (leading to several awards), this mattress may be what you’re looking for if you want a mattress that is comfortable, has the right amount of firmness, doesn’t have any toxic components and is very reasonably priced.


  • Its extra-firm surface is highly recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics—a “firmness,” though that seems to be soft/comfortable enough for most toddlers
  • N  The mattress weighs practically nothing (about 8 pounds), making it easy to clean, take out and expose to sheet-changing
  • N The mattress doesn’t lend itself well to too much bounce, thus making it safer, especially for rambunctious babies, toddlers and older siblings.


  • Q The square corner may auto-indent if you use excessively tight sheets, which may leave dangerous gaps; this can be avoided, though, by using less tight sheets or special sheets made with square corners

Made From The “Right Stuff”

This high-density soybean-made foam core, award-winning, and original-design crib mattress provides a just-right firmness for both toddlers and infants.  An ultra-durable yet relatively lightweight soybean-made foam core utilizes a combination of renewable and natural soy beans cultivated in the US.  The materials and special design are responsible for the crib’s well-balanced firmness and support.

No Dangerous Chemicals

The foam used in this mattress happens to be made in the US and is CertiPur-US Certified.  It doesn’t contain the lead, phthalates, mercury, PGDES, formaldehyde, TCEP or TDCPP flame retardancy harsh chemicals that are good reasons to be concerned regarding non-certifiable foams.

Waterproof & Allergen-Proof

This mattress comes with a re-enforced water-proof and stain-resistant embossed cover that keeps liquids in general from soaking through; at the same time, common allergens like dander and dust are easily wiped away instead of hopelessly hanging  around (as they do on other more porous materials) on the mattress.

Tested As “Safe”

This mattress meets the American Society for Testing & Materials Crib Mattress Standards on durability, firmness, and crib fit.  In fact, the Sealy has GREENGUARD Gold indoor air quality certification, having been extensively tested for potentially harsh chemicals that can compromise a child’s health and sleeping ambiance quality.

By Popular Demand

Reportedly, a higher percentage of children sleep on Sealy mattresses than any other brand in the US.  Understandably, the mattress has received a “Most Recommended” accolade from a large segment of its purchasers.                                                             

What Is This Mattress Made Of?


This mattress measures an ideal 52” by 28” by 5” for most standard-size toddler beds and cribs.

In spite of the fact that this mattress is only 5” deep (while some other mattresses are 9” deep), you can find crib sheets that will fit it nicely, especially because these sheets usually have elastic around the edges.  One should note that its thinness and lightness makes changing sheets easier than other styles.

Construction & Composition

Made in the US, this mattress’ high quality of construction has received for 4 years in a row the “Women’s Choice Award.”

Bad Things That Aren’t In This Mattress

  • Potentially dangerous flame retardancy chemicals (TDCPPPBDES & TCEP),
  • Formaldehyde
  • Lead
  • Phthalates (found in many popular plastic/rubber products)
  • Mercury

Packaging & Set-up

The shipping weight for this product will be about 30 pounds.


This mattress has been extensively tested, thus officially meeting/exceeding the most stringent safety/quality standards, including those addressing chemical toxicity, flammability, durability, and CPSIA & ASTM suitability.  You should feel confident about this mattress’ CertiPUR-US foam certification and the many tests it has been put through.


The water-proof pearl-embossed cover can quickly and easily be wiped off with water and mild soap or standard, mild pre-soaked wipes.  A “lock-stitched binding” helps prevent liquids from soaking into the fabric and common allergens from clinging to it.

Weight Capacity

This mattress is ideally recommended for children up to 4 years old.  The maximum weight limit is about 60 lbs.

Water Resistance

It’s not necessary to spend extra for a water-proof mattress cover for the Sealy—it’s already water-proof.

What Makes This Mattress the Best?

What Sets This Mattress Apart?

It’s a reputation built on creating children’s sleeping products out of the best of Mother Nature’s materials, while at the same time employing the latest technologies, which has put Sealy ahead of competitors, resulting among other things, in more babies sleeping on a Sealy than on other brands.

In fact, this brand offers the greatest assortment of natural, classic and innovative options in the “mattresses for children” industry.

Soybean-based foam-cores feature ameliorated durability in comparison to conventional foam mattresses—the Sealy, furthermore, utilizes renewable resources, which leaves a more responsible environmental footprint (e.g., not needing to use crude oil by-products) behind.

This should make environmentally responsible people as happy as the parents who know their offspring aren’t being exposed to anything dangerous.

Other things that set this mattress apart include:

  • Light enough to make changing sheets quick and easy
  • A unique re-enforced, pearl-embossed waterproof cover
  • Square corners style make for better crib fit
  • Liquids don’t soak through because of lock-stitched binding
  • CertiPUR-US certified foam for improved air quality & durability
  • A wrap made of cotton for optimum comfort
  • GreenGuard Gold certification promotes healthy indoor environments
  • Made in America & backed by a lifetime guarantee on materials & workmanship
  • Winner of “Women’s Choice Award” (2013 thru 2016)


With a good track record, this mattress has undergone an extensive number of on-going inspections in a number of key quality/functional performance areas.

General Support

The high density foam used to make this mattress provides the proper firmness for newborns while also giving the perfect quantity of comfort to toddlers (and the siblings who might be tempted to steal a nap here and then).


The square corners on this mattress make for easy, snuggly crib fits, thus not likely to leave gaps that can lead to unfortunate mishaps and unwelcome things ending up where they don’t belong.


Simply put, this mattress is primarily firm but definitely softer than lesser-quality alternatives.

As most people know, infants need flat surfaces that are firm so they get the tension they need to build their muscles; too much softness, though, can create grooves and indentations that can lead to suffocation and other problems.  This mattress provides that but, at the same time, the cushioning and support that toddlers, in contrast, need.

The Sealy Soybean Foam Core has both a core with high density as well as the cotton cushioning required for a well-balanced sleeping ambiance.

In addition to this, the CertiPUR-US certified, unique foam of high density is undeniably firm, durable and, most unique of all, hypoallergenic.

Sleeping Position Ratings for Toddlers & Infants

Sagging Factor

This mattress holds its own among other ways by not sagging even after extensive, long term use, as long as it is used as recommended and it weight capacity isn’t exceeded.

Sleeping Rating:

9.5 out of 10

For Whom (age, sleeper type, etc.) Is This Mattress Suitable?

Odours, Chemicals & Allergies

This mattress is reported to not contain any ostensibly toxic or heavily odorous chemicals—in fact, it is made mostly from natural materials.

Dualsidedness—Infants & Toddlers?

Although this mattress isn’t described as “dual-sided,” it is said to be uniquely suitable for both infants and toddlers.

The Final Puzzle You Need to Know

The Sealy Soybean Foam Core is definitely a good buy, especially for parents concerned about the dangers of too many synthetic, potentially toxic chemical containing mattresses.  It’s also a good buy for penny-pinching parents/guardians that can appreciate a mattress suitable for both infants and toddlers.


Many people these days spend lots of money and effort to protect their children from potentially dangerous products and materials.  This is easy to understand considering how much time kids spend sleeping.  This mattress is a good investment both in terms of protecting your children and in regard to helping to protect and preserve our environment.

Then again, you should be aware that this mattress does contain some polyurethane (as well as merely 22% soybean oil) so it’s wrong to say that this mattress avoids syntheticity by 100%.  Nevertheless, this is one of the less expensive foam mattresses for cribs out there.

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